One Year of the O-man

In 20 days we will have been infected for one solid year of The Great Black Hopes decidedly Marxist, Socialistic, COMMUNISTIC, agenda to destroy this country as we know it and have for the last 230 plus years! This narcissistic, totally self absorbed, idiot has brought us right to the brink of financial disaster that I'm not sure we can recover from.

Ever hear of a Nobel Prize winner, ( not that that means anything anymore) by the name of Milton Friedman? He died 3 years ago, but he wrote a book about what circumstances would bring this country to its knees and finally put it in its grave. It is called Money Mischief: Episodes in Monentary History. Well folks this book that he wrote in the 30's has become a fulfilling prophecy! All the markers and circumstances he enumerated have now all come into alignment and we are right on the verge of becoming the Zimbabwe of the western hemisphere. You know, the country in Africa where a loaf of bread yesterday sold for $10 billion Zimbabwe dollars, and tomorrow it will be $20 billion, if you can even find one to buy.

That is where we are headed when the inflation finally has reared its ugly head and taken a huge bite out of our asses! Your $100 bill may as well have the last two zeros crossed off it right now and it is only going to get worse. SO says the Oracle of BI? Me? Not likely! This all comes from people who are one hell of a lot smarter than me and Timothy Geithner! Every single economist of repute, who does not have his head firmly jammed up the ass of obama can see it coming! And yet our jet-setting president and all his," oh so smart Havard/Yale/Princeton etc.elitist advisers" cannot or rather WILL NOT recognize the indicators and do something about them. Mainly I think, because they don't have a frigging' clue! And besides Barry boy is TIRED from all his duties of playing golf, flying all around the world bowing and scraping too all the despots and other associated scumbags out there. Work? In the Oval office? What's that? I don't have time for that! I have to go to Peoria so that I can read another of my enlightened speeches off the teleprompter, to the great unwashed out there. I'll use my head swing from left to right and back with my oh so perfect chin raised "just so", so that they can admire my oh so perfect profile! God, I really do love myself!

Virtually every single promise that this ass-wipe made during the run-up to the last election has been negated or swept under the rug, or thrown under the bus! Remember the "partisan working together" one? That really happened during the Health Care thing didn't it"? How about the "I will veto ANY bill that come before me laden with pork"? The Defense Bill had only a minor amount of porky stuff in it, to the measly tune of $42 BILLION I believe it was! He signed that one so fast the pen flew out of his hand and stuck in Joe Bidens ass! BTW whatever happened to that dude? Looks like he got stowed under that same bus.

So finally back to the business at hand. Time to IMPEACH this turkey before he can do much more damage to this country.
What grounds to impeach you ask? How about a very basic premise that has yet to be resolved by ANYONE INCLUDING BARRY HIMSELF? HE still HAS NOT come up with a VALID birth certificate that says he was born on US SOIL!! The one touted to be the real one by all the non-birthers is nothing more than a real photo copy of real Hawaiian certificate that had been filled in sometime in the very recent past! This by the same people that determined that Dan Rather's witch hunt papers were fakes to!

Why has Barry boy spent over $900 million on lawyers etc. to keep people away from all his Education records from every school he has attended? What the hell is he hiding? Oh I know, during attendance taking he shouted out, "Present" then ran like hell out of the classroom and on down to Alinsky's pad, or over to Jeremiah Wright's House of God to listen to another diatribe against America!

Okay everybody, go out and join the local Tea Party or at least register as an Independent, and NOT one of either of the two parties of corruption!! Remember also, VOTE FOR NO INCUMBENT FOR THE NEXT THREE CYCLES!!! TIFN


Whitehouses' Senate floor speech

I couldn't stand to watch this asswipe making speech's when he was running for office just because of the way he appeared to talk down to all we retards who live in this state. But after his despicable rant about all of us who don't approve of the OHC bill as being a bunch of rightwing zealots, Nazi's, birther's, Aryan nation adherents, and other assorted nasty types of people, this 'THING' has to be gotten rid of at the first opportunity! This outright socialistic SOB HAS TO GO! He NEEDS to be a one term senator. This guy is a no good scumbag of the first degree, and we certainly DO NOT need any more "leaders of his ilk" in office any more.

I can't believe that one of our Senators from what used to be a great little state would say such a thing! The idiot has a law degree! You'd think that would make him a little smarter than the average guy, but look at his apparent role model, BHO! The jerk that thinks we have 57 states in this Union! Well maybe we do if you count the "states of, confusion, corruption,elitism, spendthrift ism, sorry-assed-ism" and a few more that escapes right at the moment.

The people of this State really do need to get their heads out of their asses and check out just exactly what the last 50 years of dumocrats have done to this place. They will vote for ANY corrupt, crooked, thieving bastard that decides he needs his turn at the public money trough just because he has a big capital "D" in front of his name! What have they done FOR us in the last 50 years that did not also line their pockets to the tune of millions?

Take a good look at the infrastructure of this state and ask yourself why a bridge or an overpass or a piece of road gets built and then there is never a single damned bit of preventative maintenance done to it? Take a ride over the new Newport Bridge and take a good look at all the rust that is already apparent to anyone who would look. Guess the people whose job that is are all too busy up at the state house lobbying for higher wages instead of actually doing their jobs.

Governor Carceri tries to do something about reducing the out of control budget and all the mayors do is complain about their piece of the dole that is going to be taken away or reduced. They do nothing about it from down at their level. They and all the state senators and reps are the cause of the problem so let them fix it! Yeah right! Don't hold your breath or you'll die of suffocation!



A White Christmas

Well if anybody is still checking out this site, today the Island looks just like the picture in the upper right hand corner!! Just beautiful.

Now I would like to wish all the most Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well, forget the Happy New Year part because Obambi and his band of Crooked Socialistic bastards will have taken care of that by the end of the day on Tuesday. Yeah Mr. head crook Reid has scheduled the vote on cloture for 0100 AM Monday night!

Why do these assholes all think they are immune from being voted out of office when they clearly go AGAINST the will of 85% of their constituents?

Time to teach them all a lesson in 2010, 2012, and 20014! VOTE FOR NOOO INCUMBENT!!!!!! Get rid of the whole crooked bunch including our own four, "Gang of Thieves!"

Anyway have as great Holiday as you possibly can!


Fear for your lives all you 40 and 50 somethings!

Deadly Decline (editorial from Investors Daily)

Posted 11/30/2009 07:05 PM ET

Health Care: As the Senate begins to debate reform legislation, the deadly disasters inherent in socialized medicine in the model nation of Britain should make the discussion a sober one.

While Washington lawmakers, accustomed to the comfort of top-notch medical treatment, consider a federal takeover of the health care sector, patients in Great Britain are dying because that government's system is a mess.

"Up to 10,000 people," the British Guardian reported Sunday, are dying needlessly of cancer each year "because their condition is diagnosed too late, according to research by the government's director of cancer services."

Britain is home to the sort of government-run health care that the political left has tried to push on this country for decades. It is also the home of government-rationed medical treatment. So the sad story of 10,000 needless cancer deaths a year doesn't surprise.

Not every needless cancer death can be blamed, of course, on Britain's National Health Service. In some cases, patients themselves are responsible for the late diagnoses of their diseases.

But the rest can be blamed on the system. Researchers at Durham University have identified four other types of delays patients encounter in receiving cancer care: doctor delay, delay in primary care, system delay and delay in secondary care. All are part of a state-operated system that has a poor record of keeping its trapped patients alive and healthy.

The unnecessary cancer deaths are not the only recent example of the rot in Britain's system.

The Times of London reported Saturday that the health secretary has ordered an immediate probe into "claims that patients are dying due to poor care in at least 27 hospitals around the country."

These are just the latest stories. The poor care that has become the hallmark of Britain's public medicine goes back many years. The long waiting times to see a doctor in the British, Canadian and Swedish government-run systems, as well as the denial of some drugs and what seems to be an institutional neglect of patients, are not new problems.

More government involvement won't correct the ills government has already created. Yet the Democratic leadership in Washington is determined to force more federal control over health care on a public that doesn't want it.

The left wants to be responsible for providing care for all. But what it will be responsible for, if it gets its way, is a deadly decline in the quality of American health care.


Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:
U.S. 65%
England 46%
Canada 42%

Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:
U.S. 93%
England 15%
Canada 43%

Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:
U.S. 90%
England 15%
Canada 43%

Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month:
U.S. 77%
England 40%
Canada 43%

Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million people:
U.S. 71
England 14
Canada 18

Percentage of seniors (65+), with low income, who say they are in "excellent health":
U.S. 12%
England 2%
Canada 6%

Sen. Harry Reid recently said, "Elderly Americans must learn to accept the inconveniences of old age."

And oh Yeah, don't forget who is doing this too us and VOTE FOR NO INCUMBENT in the coming election cycle! Reed, Whitehouse, Langevin, and Kennedy have been doing we TAXPAYING folks no favors!!


And People thought Nixon was a Crook!

Here I go again! It seems that every single day there is a new revelation of some sort of skulduggery going on in the wonderful Hope and Change halls of the obamanation administration! There are just too many to list here one after the other but they are out there to see and find if you only go looking. Geithner,This guy is so deep in all the dirty deals that went on with AIG, that if he was anyone else but an obama flunky he would be buried in the basement of the worst jail in the country! Holder? If Ashcroft had had the temerity to bring some of the 9/11 terrorists to NY for trial, he'd have been run out of town on a rail by all those wonderful libtards that infest DC and NY.

I have no idea how we will ever recover from all the bullshit that that these treasonous bastards in the Whorehouse have put in place. Just what EXACTLY, is the real name that these people who have been illegally installed as policy makers called? Czars? Wonderful connotation there don't you think? They were put in place without ever having been confirmed by the Senate! These Socialistic, Communistic,(read, Van Jones), Maoists,(read Anita Dunn)SOB's are dragging this country down the drain on an Express train bound for hell.

Fort Hood! All the libtards all have their panties in a wad trying to decide what kind of an act it was that was perpetrated out there, ALLEGEDLY,(my dieing ass)by Major Asswipe Hasan. Should it have been called a criminal act they ponder? Should it be called an act of, horrors, terrorism? Geez what can we do to make this sound oh so politically correct without using that banned "T" word? Ah yes,obama has replaced the "T" word with,"OVERSEAS CONTINGENCIES OPERATIONS!!! Overseas? In Texas? What an ass!! Oh yeah they have finally settled on something to call it. It shall be henceforth know as "the manifestation of the conflict of his inner soul and religious beliefs with the actual facts of his life"!IT IS NOT HIS FAULT! IT IS OURS!!!

Well let me put it to you in the light that I perceive it. He is a natural born United States citizen serving in the Military of his country. He took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States. He did that wearing the uniform of the US. He then picked up a couple of guns,went to a place where he knew there would be lots of undefended people,climbed up on a table and began killing as many of these folks as he could! About ten minutes of uninterrupted murder!

There is NO PROBLEM naming his actions, it was purely and simply and act of premeditated TREASON!! That was easy huh? Now the penalty for treason when this country is at war is DEATH!! NO EQUIVOCATION!!! DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD! That's after his Military Tribunal. And tell you what, I'll supply the bullet, the gun, and the person to pull the trigger on the low life, no good Son Of A Bitch! TIFN


Representatives Must Pledge to Represent the People ---A good Place to Start!!

I came across this post this AM on PJM and it looks to be a viable way for we the people to again gain control of the Congress and get rid of all the deceitful, dishonest,dumb and debilitated(mentally) deadwood, oh just say it, CROOKS that have the gall to tell us repeatedly how they are there to serve us. The author, a Mister Jeff Pope owns a manufacturing company in the mid-west somewhere. He has come up with this idea and I think it is a great one.

I would like to add some comments at the end of his piece. Just click on the link and read the story and then come back here. It will only take about five minutes of your time, but it could be a way for you to assure yourselves that your children/grandchildren will not become slaves or serfs to an elite group of people who care absolutely nothing about you!! Representatives Must Pledge to Represent the People

I sent a comment too him after reading the post and told him I was in total agreement with the article. But, I think it should be taken one step further in each in every city, town, burg, in the nation. When these people step forward to put their name on the pledge sheet, a video and still photo record should be implemented on the spot. Then let them know that these photos will be posted in very visible locations as well as here on the Internet and every interested political website that will do it. This just to assure them that there will ALWAYS be eyes on him/her!

I think it would be possible to locate at least one person in every city, town neighborhood who would be willing to keep track of the Representatives voting record on every bill that he does vote on and post it on their website on a monthly basis. If he/she strays from the straight and narrow, send the woman/man an email, letter whatever saying "that's one"!After the next one you will be gone!

And you know what? I'll volunteer to be the one to do it here on the Island, as it is very easy to find out the voting record of each of our present Disrepresentatives! It takes about 4/5 clicks of the mouse! And I would be most happy to turn this blog and its responsibility to some one of a like mind when I begin to drool to much on the keyboard! TIFN.


Things are getting Edgy?

I don't know how a lot of you folks out there are feeling about the status of this country and just where it is headed, but I continue to feel more and more apprehensive!

We have been sliding down a slippery slope since January and if you can't see the writing on the wall, I have no idea where you would have been for the last 9/10 months.

Everywhere you look there is one or more disasters in the making! The economy is still in the tank and well respected economists like Thomas Sowell are still saying we haven't hit bottom yet and when we do old Mr. inflation rears his ugly head. I do believe it was back in the Wiemar Republic that all the same indicators prevailed as are now showing themselves now in this country. Their inflation ran so high that you had to take a wheelbarrow full of cash to go buy just ONE loaf of bread! Don't believe that? Do a little googling!

It becomes more and more apparent to virtually anyone possessing at least one half of a brain that the "Idiot in the Whitehouse" does not have the inkling of a clue as to what in hell he is doing! I saw today in the news that his "job approval" ratings were up a couple of percent over last month. How in the hell can that possibly be true when the narcissistic ass has been EVERYWHERE ELSE but in Washington? He spends more time in the air than a migrating bird heading for Patagonia from the Alaskan tundra! But I guess that is really a good thing as he does less damage in the air than when he is home with michelle.

About all I can do to ameliorate the problem at this level is to keep on stocking up on those survival rations and trying to figure out who the ones are that will be pounding on my door demanding that I give up some of my "stuff" to them just because they say they are entitled to it! Hey man! It is just like those tax thingies I keep sending to the government, they take it and give it to some lazy bum who thinks is entitled to it just "because"!

Well folks, if I were you, I'd be out there with a rasp, roughing and dulling up the ski's so that long glide down the slippery slope will be somewhat slowed up! Remember, vote for NO INCUMBENT next two times around!! TIFN


We need some of that Jack Reed Porkulus!

Hey!!! If the congressional crooks from California, Georgia, and Florida can get hundreds of millions of dollars sent to their states from earmarks, to have the sand on their beaches replaced, only to have it disappear during the next storm, Then I can't understand why Jack Reed and S. Whitehouse can't grab a little money for, "one of the last greatest places on the Earth"! Why do we need it? Not to 'replace" the sand on our east beaches but to preserve it! How are we going to do that you may ask? Well just look at what appears off the starboard side of the ferry when pulling into Pt.Judith next time you go to the mainland. It is a great big long breakwater from here to there and it stops the Block Island Sound waves from obliterating the shore from the channel all the way over too the USCG Light house and station!

So if we were to get one placed from the end of the present breakwater to Clay Head, with a couple of gaps in it, It would be the salvation of our easterly facing beaches, which even the naysayers who used to read this cannot now deny the need for! That is if they have been down to the beach at high tide and with the wind blowing as it has been for quite a while. Check it out domani,(tomorrow) when the wind is supposed to be huffing at about 30-40 knots! It will probably do a fair job of covering your car with a nice crust of salt!

See? I can talk about something other than barry once in a while although he is still a lying two,err make that four faced,insufferable bore, and a low life thoroughly crooked Chicago thug, and a dyed in the wool SOB! Now all you Libs, in the inimitable words of "The One", don't go getting all "we-weed up" at my erudite ramblings!! TIFN


Obama's coming to town! Obama's coming to town, Oh Dreck!! !!

No, really!! I kid you not! I have a direct line from the, "all retired military personnel are terrorists" (ala Janet Napolitano the head of Homeland Security) that he is on his way to disgrace our shores with his presence! He has a good friend here on the Island who helped him get elected! You know Mr. Parsons over on Coast Guard road. The guy with the biggest house and the biggest most expensive Helo? I've heard he runs Time Warner or some such entity. You know, all those MSM companies that gave "The One" a free pass when it came to vetting him as has been the norm for the last 200 years?

Anyway, I have heard through the jungle vine that it will be around the 23rd of this month. Man it is going to be fun to watch all the kiss asses run out of the bushes and embrace the "Anointed one"! They will be falling all over themselves trying to suck up to him. I expect he will want to take a walking victory tour of the downtown area just like his Uncle Billy did a few years ago. Playing slap and tickle with the great unwashed and uneducated adoring multitudes, they still not suspecting just what he has in store for them in the future. What was that saying, and who said it about, "There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see"!

SO I guess I will just stay home for all the time he is infesting this burg, in order to spare myself the stench of socialism that, that man reeks of, and a possible heart attack from having come too close to that negatively charged being.
But all you infatuated folks will probably have unlimited time to photograph he of the rolled up sleeves,(his working man image/mode), and of the tilted,"just so" chin! You know the pose that makes him look so dignified, questioning,and god like in his own estimation!

If you get a chance to ask him just one question, don't make it about health care reform, or the economy, or the cash for clunkers mess, or the TARP money, or the trillions in dollars of debt he has saddled this country for the next 50 years. Please don't mention the housing fiasco, or ACORN, or his private army he wants to start, don't even think of the letters, AIG, GMC, CHRYSLER, or any other acronym.
Just ask him this,"When the hell are you going to go back too Washington and STAY THERE and do presidenty stuff?" Jesus Jenny, He is on the road more than Ghengis Khan was!! TIFN


Windmills and other Hot Air emmissions

Well I am a huge proponent of windmills, and at first blush am all for the two wind farms off of our coastline. But now the "powers that be" (read: corrupt ass wipes) up state and also I assume the builders, Deepwind, of said farm are trying to saddle us with the cost of the transmission line to the Island and the mainland! They want us to pay $3.43 every month for the rest of eternity, all 1700 of us, while the main beneficiaries of the farm, all 538,000 of them will only have to pay. $.38 cents a month? Is there something drastically wrong with this picture? It appears to me that we are about to be screwed again by the wonderful legislators that you folks all elected the last few hundred times around! When are you all going to learn that neither the dems or the repubs, are in that business for the good OF THE PEOPLE? This is just one more glaring example. SO I would say to the town Council to just tell them to run their line right on past the Island and we will continue on our own as we have for the last 350 years. We don't need that kind of "help"! OBTW you folks up there in PVD, be sure and expunge that "plantation" word from our name 'cause I just feel so friggin guilty for having lived in this country that used slaves a 150 years ago! The white guilt is just about to drive me over the edge! I don't think of anything else but that 24/7/365! Oops! Just slipped over so look out for me!

Hey! How about the fact that Uncle Obama is going to give us some of that stimulus money to get Old Town Road repaved? AND WOW Senator Reed is getting us money to fix the dock! So they are going to give us a few hundred thousand dollars for some asphalt and a a few sticks and metal sheathing with one hand, and with the other hand deep in your pockets and/or squeezing the actual life out of you, they are going to completely dismantle the absolute best health care system in the free world so that we may have the wisdom of the mindless bureaucrats to tell us when we can be sick, who to see and when, or whether we even "qualify" to be seen by a doctor. If it wasn't for the fact that this is going to adversely affect my children and grandchildren, I'd say go ahead and get it in place! Then see how long before you would be SCREAMING to get the old "broken" system back in place!!

I'm trying to get my name on the presidents list of undesirable people! The son of a bitch is even exhorting my neighbors and friends to log on to the Whitehouse blog site and report me to his minions so that I can be put on a watch list! Does anybody out there who has lived through all the commie bullshit of the last 50 years see any parallels going on here? They want you to become an informer on your family and friends! What a guy you are!

Come on now, tell the truth everyone, how is that hope and change working out for you? DO you really like and encourage where that loser in the whitehouse is taking this country? Is this what the "Greatest Generation had in mind when they went to war in the 40's? How about all those guys out there putting their life on the line for all you folks during the years of the "Cold War"? They did this to sustain the way of life we have all become used to in the last 250+ years. And a lot of you are willing to sit back and let some communist oriented scumbag take it all away from you in four years! The republicans may have been and probably are just as bad as the dems, but they HAVE NOT been actively engaged in dismantling this country! You people need to open your eyes before it is too damned late for all of us! TIFN


Why am I so Dumb?

There must be some kind of new flu strain out there that is affecting the brains of hundreds of thousands, make that millions of people in this country! The funny part is that they, the affectee's all seem to be of the most liberal persuasion!

I only have a twelfth grade education received here on this Island in the 40's and 50's. But somehow I am able to figure out that if you tax the very people who provide the capital, the ingenuity, the chutzpa, the guts,the brains, and most importantly the JOBS, if you tax them to the point they have no money left for R&D, new factories etc., there are going to be NO,NO new jobs available or created! Why does that very simple fact of life and business escape recognition by these folks? Just where the hell do they think all this money and new expertize is going to come from? Probably China and India and numerous other countries trying to fill the vacuum of scientific degrees that we used to provide to the world.

Our Universities and colleges have become so overloaded and packed with mentally corrupted, left leaning professors and teachers, that the last two or three generations of graduates have no idea of what the world is really about and how it works! You can't rewrite history on a daily basis and have young people try to sort the chaff from the wheat,(truth) when the people manipulating the thresher controls that sorts it out, all have a dementia problem! They all STILL think, contrary to scads of failed examples, that socialism in its purest form IS THE SALVATION OF MANKIND!! They still will not face the fact that it DOES NOT FRIGGIN' WORK!!! How many friggin' times are we "doomed to repeat the lessons of history" because of all the idiots we have in teaching positions continue to perpetrate the myth of Socialism? When are the rest of us going to rise up and throw the assholes out? Oh yeah, 'Tenure', the salvation of the halt, destitute(mentally), and corrupt! Well in this environment we are in now, it might be a good time to let the chaff be blown away in the winds of "Hope and Change"!!

BTW all you Obama lovers, How IS that Hope and Change working out for YOU? Up to your expectations? His already failed policies and lack of much of any meaningful accomplishments, has already vindicated my feeling that this guy is just a first class bullshitter and an empty suit that has made a career out of duping people. It amazes me that some "right wing whacko" hasn't already tried to clean his clock for him, permanently! Oh well, there is always 'Hope' for that needed 'Change' And oh yeah, just how many of his loudly proclaimed campaign promises has he negated, and/or not lived up to? About the only concrete one was to begin the clousure of Gitmo only now he can't find new homes for the bad boys down there. I wonder if it ever occured to the idiot that where they are is probably the best place in the world for them other than six feet under!! No crooks in my administration he said! (forgot to mention tax evaders, 5 or 6 of them), No Lobbyist's either,( got a few of them).The guy makes GWB look like a choir boy!This guy has lied and waffeled so much no one really knows where he stands on ANY subject! Iran? Irag? Isreal? NORK? Palastine? Honduras?, Venezuela?,He is in the process of countermaning the diplomacy of the last 40-50 years! The guy is a walking disaster!

So keep on stocking your larder and loading your arms 'cause it looks more and more each day that arnarchy is just around the corner! I DO HOPE that never comes to pass! TIFN


More money for the helpless and those that refuse to work!

Well the State of RI has finally gotten around to putting their hands deeper into your pockets. This time I'm talking about the pretty stiff increases in the cost of registering a car. For the last few years on my old 1994 Dodge caravan it has cost $21 for two years. Today I had to do it again and this time it was$61.50 for one year. Or at least I saw nothing that indicated it was for two. OH well folks, it ain't going to get nothing but worse for quite some time to come. See any new business' trying to relocate to this 'tax friendly' state? Thought not.

One of the local eatery owners mentioned to me that his business was down about 75% a day from last year! That is incredible and does not bode well for the rest of the summer. Of course the weather has been abyssimal for months and that could be a big part of the problem. Maybe better days will be coming, financial as well as weather. Here's hoping! TIFN


Cap and Trade

I can't believe that the people of this state keep on sending the four idiots we have an Reps. and Senators back to DC. I would hope that after the fiasco that is the Cap and Trade bill has time to sink into their brains and pocketbooks, they will finally come too their senses and realize just who it is those four turkeys are working for.It certainly is NOT US! Our Rep, Jim Langevin actually spoke on the floor about how happy he was to see this bill arrive on the floor for a vote and what a wonderful person the Nancy is for ramrodding up there. Doesn't he realize that Algore has gone underground? Probably to never be heard again on the subject of global warming? All of a sudden, every liberal person I know doesn't want to even talk about it, except for the rabid ones! What an ass! I hope he has other prospects for employment after the truth of this abomination sinks in. Reed, Whitehouse and Kennedy will, or already have fallen right in behind Jimmy L. The thing that really pisses me off is the fact that, NOT ONE SENATOR OR REP. has read this thing all the way through. They have no idea what it completely entails. They have speed readers to read it for them and give them a synopsis of its contents. Yeah, THAT really works! The ones, flunkies, who wrote the damned thing are telling the boss how to vote! How G.D. corrupt is that? And what a complete message of total disregard for the people of this state it sends! It is a total abrogation of the oath they swore too when they took office.

Well folks, besides the tea parties sweeping the country, there is another wave building momentum that we all need to join in on. It is called ABI and it means Anybody But the Incumbents!! It is a notion I fully and devoutly subscribe too and I would urge anyone who is fed up with this particular bunch of do nothing, care less, useless asses to adopt it also!

I think I will now go to bed and dream about thoughts of starvation and privation for all my grandkids as the reality of what these bums has wrought upon us ALL. TIFN


Back on the Island again--Almost!

I was reading the BIT today and came across Marthe B's column. In it she make reference to the fact the the ocean waves were breaking over the rocks by the Trustum Dodge monument and splashing up onto her car. SO to all those who so doubted my comments about the humongous loss of beach along that stretch over the last 50 years I say, "So there"!!!. Someone else has finally realized just what is happening. In fact if you go down there and take a look along the beach all the way too Clay Head, you'll see that a whole lot of beach is gone and that the waves on a NE wind day are starting to wear away the dunes just past the aforementioned monument at an alarming rate. Now there is not a whole lot we can do to stop that erosion short of building a breakwater offshore about a mile, just like over at Pt Judith! But shouldn't our local government be in the process of pursuing this line of endeavor? Isn't mr obama handing out money to anyone with a shovel in their hands? I say we should all line up and get some of that TARP money to preserve the business entity here on BI!! Damn, we NEED that road down to the north end so that all those rental mopeds will have someplace to go to crash! That hot dog business down there will in all likelyhood have to go out of business if the Neck road is cut.

But then if it does cut the Island in two, I'm sure Interstate will jump right into that void and start a high speed ferry service from town to the neck! Heck a 4-5 second ferry ride shouldn't be to inconvenient. After all we are all hardy Islanders and are accustomed to adversity.

But seriously, if they want to hand out tons of money to every Thomas, Richard, and Harry, we will be more than willing to accept some of it as long as it doesn't come with Barney, or Teddy, or Big John, the Marine hating man, attached TIFN


On The Road Again

Jesus,Obama must think he is related to Willie Nelson! Why? 'cause he is "On the Road Again" Doesn't this turkey ever stop flying for more than three days? He has spent more time visiting all of those Muslim friends that he denied ever having anything to do with during the run up to the election. "I am NOT a muslim he declared to one and all, but then a couple of days ago he was telling someone in Egypt how the years he spent in a muslim school in Indonesia were the best of his life. What a lying, no good SOB this guy is! When the hell are all the 'enablers' of this loser going to hold him accountable for ALL his ongoing lies? "I will stop the wars" he says out of one side of his mouth while out the other side, he is sending 'surge' troops to Afghanistan. "I'll close Gitmo he says, but they just can't seem to find a better or more appropriate place for these guys. They will in all probability still be in Gitmo when this lying bastard is a forget-able footnote to history. It goes on ad nauseum,(sp) with no end in sight. Think I'll go strangle myself. TIFN


Don't Watch the News!

Watching the news on any channel is sure to give you indigestion for one reason or another. And most of the actions taken by Mr. Egregious are just incomprehensible! I sure as hell don't want to be owning a part of 72% of GM that's for sure. So if you can stand it, see where the Great Bullshitter stands on your list of all time liars.

Sorry about all the weird spaces. Can't seem to make them come out right!

George W. Bush was president for eight long years...and if you believe he
got dumber and dumber the longer he remained in office, how do you feel
about the following?
Had George W. Bush made a clumsy joke at the expense of the Special Olympics
(viz., helping the intellectually handicapped), would you have dismissed it as a non-issue?

If George W. Bush had given an iPod to the Queen of England containing
videos of his speeches, would you have thought "how cute!"

If George W. Bush had bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, would you approved?

If George W. Bush had visited Austria and referred to "the Austrian
language," would you have brushed it off as the understandable slip of a Harvard law

If George W. Bush had appointed people to high places whose flawed character impaired them to the extent that they had difficulty remembering to file, much less pay, their income taxes, would you have dismissed this as minor cock-up that will all work out for the betterment of the nation?

If George W. Bush had ordered the firing of the CEO of a major corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority to do so, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had taken a cue from Hugo Chavez and politically dragooned
a Republican Congress to allocate 5.6 Billion dollars for the creation of a
civilian volunteer security force as strong and well equipped as the regular Army, mandating that this quasi-military force fall under his personal command and control, would you have been concerned?

If George W. Bush had proposed doubling the size of the national debt, would
you have approved?

If George W. Bush had then proposed doubling the national debt again over
the next 10 years, would you have dismissed it with a "tsk, tsk"?

If George W. Bush pushed the passage of a $785 Billion Stimulus bill and
promised transparent tracking to reveal precisely how monies from the bill would be spent..then postponed oversight until 2010, would you approve or would you think something "fishy"?

If Bush had promised 48 hour advance posting of the same bill on the internet but only released it to the public two hours before congressional approval, wouldn't you have questioned his ethics?

If Bush's White House Staff had spent over $300,000 flying Air Force One low over New York (for a publicity photo fly-by) scaring the hell out Of the city's residents, wouldn't you have expected Bush to make the pictures public? Would you have approved? Obama won't give them up, but he saw fit to release the secret "torture memos".

If George W. Bush had been "addicted" to using a TelePrompTer, and seldom gave a speech without having one, would you have approved ? Would you think he was intelligent? Intelligent would have had one of your minions put one straight ahead to read once in a while. As it is, his head swings from right to left and back like Arlen Spector changes political parties!

If George W. Bush had pre-approved/pre-picked the list of reporters allowed to ask questions at his press conferences and refused to call on the correspondent from MSNBC (FOX with Obama), would you have approved? Is that a fair and balanced news conference?

If George W. Bush and a Republican Congress had given hundreds of millions of dollars to a group (the right-wing equivalent of ACORN) after its members had been convicted of voter registration fraud, would you approve of them to doing the 2010 Census, which will determine congressional districts for 10 years? Will you trust ACORN in 2010?

Would you have approved of George W. Bush moving the census from the Department of Commerce into the White House and putting his Chief of Staff in control of the counting?

In the aftermath of 9-11, if you knew George W. Bush prohibited the CIA from water boarding Islamic extremists who possessed information we needed to prevent attacks that could potentially killed millions of Americans, would you have approved?

Oddly enough, Barack Obama has committed all these faux pas in just 17 weeks
-- so brace yourself sit back and enjoy, we still have approximately three years and eight months remaining for more surprises.

If you got through all the If GWB's and finished the list What do you really think about your boys veracity now? Come on C sniper, be honest now! TIFN


Busy Times

I have been neglecting this thing pretty badly for the last month or so. To damned many things going on and not enough time in the day to get it all done! Or so it seems.

Well lets see, a few weeks ago it was a rush to get the chicken coop done in time for the new arrivals. Went down to Brooklyn CT two weeks ago today and picked up 36, 18 week old RI Red chickens. After acclimating themselves to the new digs, they have rewarded me with my first dozen eggs over the last three days. Well, actually only 24 of them have been on watch. The other 12 went to a friend for whom I picked them up!

In the mean time, a couple of the older grand kids wigged me to the point of distraction so I up and ordered for them, from McMurray hatchery in Iowa,4 Red Frizzle Cochin's and 4 Buff Cochin's along with 18 Cornish X Rocks. These, the X Rocks are the birds that generously donate their used body parts to the deli counter down at the BIG. You know, those whole legs that look like they came off of a 50 lb turkey? Anyway we have been in the throes of raising these little cuties for one week today. They showed up as one day old's in the USP Office last Monday. The little Cochin's race around the pen like NASCAR drivers gone crazy! You know, go fast, turn left? Those X Rocks just sit in front of the feeder, literally SIT with their heads stuck in it and munch pretty much continuously! Once in a while time out for a drink of the special kick-a-poo juice I'm feeding them. In ten weeks or so they go into the freezer to show up on the table for Saturday night, or Sunday dinners!

The garden has finally dried out in enough places for the planting of selected things to go to ground. Onions and three kinds of spuds are in and plant tops are up about six inches. Just hilled them all up today for the next to last time. Peas, turnips, 4 kinds of lettuce, beets, carrots,tomatoes and peppers are all in and up and doing well, but only after I got halfway smart and wrapped some floating row cover around the peppers and tomatoes as they were all getting wind whipped pretty severely. Put in the pole beans yesterday along with 4 hills of Zucchini, and two of yellow crooknecks.(I don't like those little yellow bastards but Mama-san does so-oo-oo!) A nice big row of Cilantro and one of Cumin for all those Latino dinners we should be getting used to. Read about a trick for the tomatoes I hadn't heard of before. Drop a handful of crushed up fine egg shells in the bottom of the hole first and then the plant. It stops the blossom end rot for the most part because it, the end rot, is caused by calcium deficiency.

Spent about a week this winter sandblasting and painting my old 35 years, Kemp Hammer mill Shredder to get it ready for another 35 yrs of use. Well one hour into the first usage, ENGINE SEIZURE! It broke a ring and that was the end of that! New replacement engine came to about $300!! That was about half the cost of the shredder all those years ago. Can't complain though, it has been well used in the intervening time!

What else is going on? All kinds of crap from the O man that I cannot deal with anymore! I'll just leave it up too the future generations to see if they can ever recover from the damage that this one individual is doing to this country. Oh yeah, please don't forget about Petrified Pelosi's help and lies!

And on the local level, I see that we have two much more qualified personnel looking out for our welfare than the biologists etc. from the EPA! Not that I am very much enamoured of that particular group, but one would tend to think that if so august a body should declare a particular herbicide to be safe when used as directed, then who are the locals with somewhat less ability to do the studies that preceded the EPA's declaration, to tell us that they are extremely dangerous to us all and prohibit the use of same? Smacks of demagoguery no?

I guess this is enough to get a few folks started on the usual round of put downs, so I'll be down in the cellar, "girding my loins" as it were to be ready to forestall all the slings and arrows. Actually I'm going to load a couple hundred rounds of super hot .45 ACP!!


A Nod to "Right" Thinking

In the following pictures you get a nice view of the new Airport complex, but you may also get some insight into how the beauracratic mind works. For the life of me I cannot figure out why they reversed the usage of the two new parking lots. Can someone give me a rational explanation for why it was done like this? You may have to click on the pictures to read the writing or use a magnifying glass! I couldn't figure out how to make it bigger.


Back To Locally, after being duly Chastised!

I haven't been taking care of business here cause I've been busy getting the inside of the house back in shape after replacing every window in the place and giving it a completely new sheathing look. Hardee board and Azek trim on the outside and lots of elbow grease on the inside and it is still not done! Still have a set of steps or two to go on the outside and some sort of small decking to put the garbage cans on.
Well, that picture is NOT the house, but the one that we renovated with all the left over house siding and trim.

I'm going to have about 36-48 new residents living in there and I don't mean any illegal aliens! This one is called "Chez Galena" in honor of the Red Ladies from Rhode Island. That would be chickens of the breed RI Reds for all you folks not indoctrinated into chicken lore. Man I'm going to have the snootiest birds in captivity! The beds inside,(nests) are even made of leftover Azek pieces! The full length window in the door, and the door, is a recycle from the greenhouse!

Now it is time to get the fence put up to keep the little pesties out. That would be stray dogs, coyotes, little kids, and hungry humans with larceny on their minds! Then it is time to get going on the garden! See ya in the not to far away future, I hope. TIFN


Now below the original input!

Well it has been a month since the last post, and that particular turkey didn't garner much interest. Or if it was only those in education who read it, they knew when to keep quiet!

So in regards to the header, It was back in 1975 that I took the money that I had been putting into a retirement fund and got it put in a 401k account. The amount of dollars at the time was about $65K. That was a hell of a lot of money then as well as now. Over the intervening 34 years I have watched it go as high as $237k and I figured that my four kids would have a nice little nest egg to divide up after I had gone to the big "Hangar in the Sky". Well then along came the dot com bust and there went a little over one half of it. Over the last few years due to a lot of reasons that I'm not smart enough to figure out, it has finally dropped to a figure somewhat less than the amount I originally started with! Pretty soon as it finally gets to zero, I wonder if they, the Vanguard group, are going to have the balls to call and ask if I will be putting in the highest amount allowed this year. I think it is $3k. Well I'm pretty sure that I WILL BE getting a call from the big O telling me that I had better make my annual contribution or else! He needs the money I keep giving away so that he can hand it over too some lazy SOB hanging around on a street corner in Chi town or Detroit selling drugs to his "friends and relations"!

Oh did I say something politically incorrect? Silly me. Tough! I'm sick and tired of all the pussy footing around. The guy is a complete dip shit! I see now that he is telling everyone that ALL the problems were caused by GWB and he just inherited them. Well if he keeps on believing that his presidency is going to tank just about the same time as my non-existent "retirement fund". Does this ass KNOW ANYTHING about economics? I sure don't but all those people who do just keep right on saying this stimulus bullshit, err, make that "pelosi" instead of bull ****, is not going to work. As proof we all watched as the stock market fell below the 7k mark yesterday. Even me with my little pea brain has figured out that is not good. But The O thinks it is good as it will eventually be the death of the free market system and the beginning of the "Elites of America's" new order of Socialism that they have been so assiduously working towards for the last 50 years or more.

I think I'll go strangle a chicken and have it for dinner. Maybe I'll make believe it is a guinea hen and release some of my pent up emotions. TIFN



Time to raise hell here on BI

How long is it going to be before our education gets back to doing what it was originally set up to do? You know, teaching the kids how to read and write. I am talking here about penmanship. I can't read any of my grand children's writing! Well to be honest, mine is not so great either. But none of them use cursive. It is all printing! When the cursive looking letters are used, they are not connected together! It is a bunch of mostly unrelated letters marching across the page.

What ever happened to the the math programs where you learned the times tables, and how to do long division, subtraction et al? Now they teach them to use their fingers in various configurations as some kind of "digital" computers. After learning all these varied "new age" means of computation, they find it doesn't work so good in real life, and I am asked to help with a problem. Their reasoning process is so far removed from mine that I am useless as a tutor of this new crap, and I try to show them the way I was taught and which has served me well for 70+ years. Admittedly, I have to take my shoes off now and then when the numbers get above ten.

Most of the kids have no concept of money except on how to spend it to get more ipods and blueteeth and satellite radios. Where does money come from? Where can I get some other than Mom and Dad? You mean they have to GIVE money to someone for all this stuff we are eating and the clothes I've got? Damn, I thought it just appeared if I wigged and whined long and loud enough!

Science? What is that? Geography? Now there is an UNKNOWN AND FORGOTTEN subject! Kids 14 and 15 have NO IDEA where most countries are located in the world! Half of them are not really sure where Canada or Mexico is located!! Iraq? Iran? Isn't that over there in Europe some where close to Costa Rica or Brazil?

It is time for the teaching profession to go back to doing what they were supposedly trained to do, and lay off the self esteem classes and making sure the kids are "in touch" with themselves and their "peers". Peers? when I was a kid the only peers I knew anything about were spelled a little differently and had a lot of water all around them!

Teach the kids how to balance a check book instead of handing them a credit or debit card. Show them on a big-assed map just where they are located, and where other countries are located before you try to indoctrinate them in to trying to eradicate all the known problems of the known world at 8-18 years old! Let them discover and absorb all that esoteric information when they are really old enough to give a rats ass about it! Grade and High school is not the time for that stuff.

We fill our kids heads with a lot of crap that they really don't need to know, at way to young an age, and I really believe it gives many of them hang ups of all sorts!
Teach them how to survive day to day, and after they graduate you may send them off to a nice Liberal college where they will become totally brainwashed into the wonderful attributes of Socialism. Come to think of it, that may be just the thing to do to insure their well being as this country is well on its way to that form of government with the Obamamiester at the helm!

Oh hell, forget all that stuff I wrote above and just practice bending over and kissing your ass goodbye!! TIFN


What Now?

So the Obomamessiah is now installed in office and holds all of our lives, dreams, and hopes for our kids in his and the Pelosi/Reid/Dodd/Frank/Schumer cabals hands. So what's the outlook for all of we little Joe the Plumber types? I have no idea what the hell is going to happen to us all here on BI. The way everyone talks, the economy is going to deteriorate even more over the next year or more. So what are we who live on an Island whose sole reason to exist is predicated on the premise of catering to people who have lots of cash they want to spend? Or at least that is my perception of what has been going on for the last 30 years! My business, the ferry, every shop owner and restaurant, every single construction worker/owner,we are all here for one reason. Does anyone in their right mind think that we could sustain the annual budget we have incurred based solely on the income that would be generated by our people if there were no "tourists" to come and feed our coffers? What industry of any sort is there here on BI that could generate that sort of taxable income? The answer is ZERO! Fishing is dead and gone for the foreseeable future, and "Forward looking" entities in power want to limit even more so that only the large corporations would be able to field a fleet of boats. Farming? Who has the land to do that anymore on a viable basis? Who is going to buy the produce of that farm? Where are they going to get the money?

Maybe by the end of this coming summer there will be some telling indications of just how bad it is going to be. But I tell you I am NOT optimistic about the future of this Island as a viable community! It seems to me that one whole hell of a lot of these McMansions that have been built, or are being built on the money all those 'smart' banking investors made are going to start defaulting on their loans unless they were all paid for with cash right from the beginning! I just can't seem to swallow the fact that only the well monied folks who chose to buy and built out here will be exempt from all the problems now being incurred. I just can't believe that ONLY these folks who came here, were astute enough not to be embroiled with these loser banks!

I asked a real estate broker the other day, facetiously, how the rentals for the coming summer were progressing? What he said kind of astounded me! He told me, I know not whether truthfully or not, that his firm only had a couple of places that were not totally rented for the entire summer! I just found that hard to swallow, and didn't know what to say except that I hoped that the same was true of all his peers rentals. I just kind of find it really hard to believe that the people are still going to be coming in the numbers of the previous years when all around us hundreds and thousands of workers are losing their jobs as big name companies are closing their doors and going out of business!! All these folks with NO JOBS are going to have the disposable income to come over here on the boat and buy $5 hot dogs and $8 dollar hamburgers? NOT!

I continue to see only slowly increasing gloom and doom until all these wonderful leaders and officials who got us into this mess turn the tide and reverse the trend. And THAT is not going to happen! It was these Idiots, Frank and Dodd, who had oversight of the two committees that were supposed to keep a tight rein on the banking community, instead completely released their hold on them and in fact encouraged and demanded that they go ahead with their ruinous plans to let every person who wanted a house could have one, even those with NO ABILITY to pay for the damned thing! All so that they, the Idiots could stand there and say, "look at us, we are doing great things for the 'little guy'! Well thanks a lot assholes! We all notice that you ran and hid under a rock when the shit hit the fan, and there you cower to this day, denying any culpability in the mess we are in! Yes we know your mantra by heart, "BUSH DID IT"!

So here we are on our little rock, up to our necks in poo while we wait for the Pink Unicorns farting stacks of cash to arrive from the Obama cabal! (I stole that line). Well I'm waiting but not holding my breath. In the meantime, I'm planting a big arsed garden and sharpening up my shooting skills in anticipation of depleting the deer herd next winter to feed my family! We are not going to see the end of this disaster for years I do believe. Hows it going with all you folks out there? TIFN