We are now, "Truly Screwed"

Well I guess it's official now, the obamacrook signed that piece of s*** bill and now we have to live with the consequences of all the crooked, underhanded, sneaky and outright unlawful procedural tricks that they engineered to get it passed. Pretty damned nasty of that botox infected bitch to take all those nice new one year in office Reps. into her office and tell them that they had damned well vote for this monstrosity or they would all be sitting out the remainder of their terms doing JUST THAT! Sitting in their offices with absolutely no responsibilities in Congress. So I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens to the other longer timers who voted against it. I just wish, I really do, that some one would lower the hammer on her. Just as long as it wasn't someone from the right side of the aisle.

So I wonder how things are going to be playing out here on this little Island in the next few years? How many more folks are there out there that will have the money to be building houses out here? How long before this economy goes so far down that nobody comes out here to sit in their million dollar homes? Anybody been counting houses up for sale in the newspaper? It isn't just a few! With the unemployment as bad as it is here in RI, I wonder how many folks are even going to be making day trips over here?

Don't know if anyone looks over at my yard as they pass by but there is another hunk of dirt being chewed up in preparation of a few more long keeper veggies being planted. Hope they come up this year as last year was a bust for a few of them. No winter squash, tomatoes, turnips etc. It was too damn wet.

I'm going to quit for now 'cause every thing I write wants to lead me right back to obama and his crooked band of
losers! TIfN