obama gets the shaft instead of us for a change!

Well it looks like after five or six years of constant lying, cheating and trying to steal peoples rights, the chickens are coming home to roost for the crookedest president in the history of this country. We've had some pretty well bent ones, but none have been as nefarious in their actions as this useless turd!

The only thing this man does well is to board big old jet planes and fly all over the country still in campaign mode. He spends all his time perpetrating his idiotic ideas to a group of people who don't have two brain cells to rub together. If they did possess those cells, they would be distancing themselves from this lowlife as fast as they could.

It looks like that although the head of CBS has a sibling who works in the Whitehouse for obummer, and who has been in wholesale cover-up mode for the thug-in-charge, he has finally come to his senses and is letting his minions begin to report on some of the most disastrous shenannigans of this idiot. Although I did hear today that he is trying to fire Sheryl Atkinsson for doing it to well I guess.

For the first time in five+ years we are seeing reporters actually wondering if the obamamessiah has come to the end of his run, and that it may just be time to abandon this sinking, stinking, ship of fools!

I am sitting here every day, turning on the TV early in the morning, only to hear of some other scandal in this administration. "Scandal"is too soft an adjective for the egregious actions of many of these people who barry o. has put in positions of authority. "Treasonous" fits the deeds much better. Firing squad would be the correct  end if the charges all prove to be correct.

Already the first head has rolled as the head of the IRS has been fired, as he should rightly have been. Hopefully they will remove his oh so willing subordinates as well. The whole place needs a hoeing out and all the entrenched bureaucrats need to be put out on their asses! As is the case with all the long time government workers!

Can hardly wait for the next treasonous act to be uncovered! TIFN