And Lets not forget This TWO Faced Bastard

That Was Then, This Is Now

John Kerry on the campaign trail, in December 2003, before the Council on Foreign Relations:

I fear that in the run-up to the 2004 election, the administration is considering what is tantamount to a cut-and-run strategy. Their sudden embrace of accelerated Iraqification and American troop withdrawal dates, without adequate stability, is an invitation to failure. The hard work of rebuilding Iraq must not be dictated by the schedule of the next American election.

I have called for the administration to transfer sovereignty, and they must transfer it to the Iraqi people as quickly as circumstances permit. But it would be a disaster and a disgraceful betrayal of principle to speed up the process simply to lay the groundwork for a politically expedient withdrawal of American troops. That could risk the hijacking of Iraq by terrorist groups and former Ba'athists.

Kerry was against cutting and running before he was for it!


Mr Lincoln Chaffee- NOT in his fathers image!

I have been following all the votes of our junior senator and am very dissapointed in what I've seen. He seems to have fallen right into the clutches of the good old Libs. He was the ONLY Republican to vote today, for the "re-deployment" of troops in Iraq. The only one of 39 others all dems. Sounds like he wants to be one.

He has also been sitting on a bill, in his committee, that would end forever that wonderful "death" tax wherein your family has to pay a tax to the government because you had the bad luck or audacity to up and croke out! Bad enough you're gone from them forever, but they rub salt in the wounds by making you sell the house you live in to pay the damned tax! I tell my kids that when it happens to me and they can't pay the money, burn the friggin' house down and ship them some ashes! House ashes that is, not me!

Then there is the issue of him voting for bills with all those wonderful things called "earmarks" whereby any senator can just add on ANY AMOUNT of money they wish for some project in their district and there is NEVER any debate on the subject! Even if voting against such a bill would deprive your own State from gaining some money for a project,I personally think that it would be the right thing to do! Also the MORAL thing to do! Maybe if enough of the people in the Congress had the intestinal fortitude to do this and to hell with the consequences, maybe the people of this country might begin to gain a little more respect for the politicians who they sent down there to look out for their intrests! But NOT at the expense of other folks in the country. Because of people like Congressman Jefferson, Patrick Kennedy and his dumbshit father and quite a few others of questionable integrity, the faith of millions of people in the ability of these bent people to govern us equitably, has been irrepairably damaged. I have absolutely NO regard for nine tenths of the people down there. Chaffee has to go and that is why I WILL vote for Laffey in the primaries. If he doesn't live up to his promises, out he goes on his ass in six years. That should be long enough for anybody anyway. After that, to many "good ole boy" alliances get formed to the detriment of us all. Any bill that comes before them should be debated and voted on strictly on it's merits and not because you 'owe' someone a vote from a previous bill of your choices passage.

So come on all you sinners! Out with the old and corrupt! In with the new and not-quite-so-corrupt!! Another rant to follow some day. TIFN


New Houses and Old politicians

I took a tour, unauthorized, around the lot where the West Side Road Housing Project is being built. The foundations are going in steadily and I think some of the modular units will be arriving this fall sometime. These houses will represent a dream come true for 21 families, or is it 20? Anyway there are a lot of happy folks going to be living there. Yeah we all know that, so you're asking why am I spouting off about it again, right?

Remember when the project was still in it's infancy and our most illustrious,(in his own eyes)councilor tried his best to short circiut the whole process? Well guess what? That self same person wants to become our firt warden so I'm told! This person who didn't care one whit that he was trying to disrupt 20-40 peoples dreams, now wants to have control (imagined) over all of us with his jaundiced decision making processes! If his past performance is a manifestation of what is to come if he gets elected, hold tight to your hat, your wallet and your ass 'cause they are all going to be in jeopardy!

I think it is going to behoove all of us, to take a very close look at all the players who want to be elected to office this fall, and specifically WHY they want to. I don't know who all the people are just yet, but it seems a few from the past want to re-join the fray with their same old tired non-fixes, to the same old problems and to continue the same old croni-ism(sp) that went on for years. You cover and protect my ass and I'll do the same for you no matter how bad you screw the pooch!!! They need to be asked some pointed questions about specific problems and what exactly would they do to fix them! What is THE most glaring and obvious problem staring us in the face? I say it has been the mis-managment or should I say the "non" management of the town. It has been run by seat-of-the pants, off-the-cuff, act-alone, egregious decisions by the Town Manager with little to no input OR repercussions from the GOVERNING council! Where has their oversight disappeared too? Everything is being decided by two or three, and mostly behind closed doors. Why is it allowed to continue? This is not just my feelings about this stuff. I hear it everywhere I go in some form or another.

The towns infra-structure is beginning to fray badly and will soon start to unravel at a faster rate. This council and a few before it have neglected to do anything meanful, about the care and well being of most all of it's buildings. They have got to take the bull by the horns and hire a competent person to spend 40 hours a week performing the required maintenance and upkeep to keep them from falling apart. And you have to pay the person who does it an equitable wage! Minimum wage doesn't cut it. NO ONE can support a family out here on that income!

There are a lot of problems ongoing with the management and running of this berg. Change, and I mean significant change is needed to head off anymore disasters in the making. For starters, a PROFESSIONAL Town Manager! TIFN


Graduation Day at B.I. High

Well here it is another Graduation day on Old BI. Another batch of kids off on their journey through the rest of their lives. I haven't been to a graduation since the last of my four kids began their journey. I was the Chairman of the School Committee at the time, or maybe had just quit after twelve years of doing that job. Can't remember that far back. Anyway it was twenty years ago. So it occured to someone in the school to check and see who the people were who graduated fifty years ago. This is something they have done for quite some time,e.g. mention their names at the present graduation. Every once in a while I would see the names in the paper or have it mentioned in passing. Imagine my chagrin when my name turned up on the list for this year! For the first time in quite a while it really got hammered home just exactly how damned ancient I have become in the intervening period! Damn! 50 years ago! Plus the 17 I spent before that event! Evn i wid mi nw lemitid metal cipassidy caan mak that coom oud two 92! err, 62? 67! thas id!!

So anyway I have been invited to attend this year and will be going. If for no other reason other than to re-inforce to myself that I'm still here on top of the dirt, looking down! I expect that one other of my classmates will be in attendance and that would be Marcelene Conley Mazzur. Of the other three, I know not where two of them are, but the third one, Bob Cyr is somewhere in RI. Hope he makes it. I kind of hope this post will give you reason, as it did me, to think back to a time when things were a lot less hectic than this frenetic time that we now live in. I find myself rushing about doing all the things I want to do before the man with the black hooded suit and the scythe catches up with me! Go too your local school graduation, even if you don't know any of the graduates, and just look at the faces of all those young faces, filled with exuberance and joy, as they head out on their trip through life. It will re-energize you mentally, at least until it's time to take your afternoon nap!! TIFN


Letters! We get Letters!! We get lots and lots of letters!!

I just love fridays! It's when the newspaper comes out and I get all kinds of inspiration to run my mouth. Again this week, there are all the concerned citizens of the west side up in arms about a non-existant TOXIC cloud hanging over their heads. All the time that High Street was all plowed up and torn to hell, everybody pissed and moaned about it and whined about when was it ever going to be finished! Well it is finished, almost! And of all the absolute most treacherous things that could have befallen the the Island, SOMEONE allowed a toxic spewing, lung choking, eye-watering yellow monstrosity, dripping and oozing a contaminating sheet of stinking, sticky, groundwater polluting, concoction of fermented, millions of years old animal guts, bones, and skin, into our sacrosanct water table!! Now I think we should all start packing up our belongings and moving to Nebraska where we can join the masses of deluded and uncouth middle Americans. But back to BI. Mr DuPont, if I were you and I was running an illegal BUSINESS in a residential A zone, I don't think I would be quite so vocal in my criticizisms of a very temporary edifice erection. After all they WILL be gone in due time. I doubt very much that Mr. Miozzi is going to let a many hundred thousand dollar plant sit here for longer than necessary. I believe it is called economic un-viability to let it sit and rot. And so what if was brought here to do the Town Road? Nobody at that time had the foresight to think that others might see these asphalt trucks driving up and down the road and say to themselves,"Jeez, maybe I can get my mudhole driveway paved while it is here"?
And too all the other letter writers who lecture us on what comes out of that plant, why didn't you take the time to go over there, and look at what was going on before you so sanctimoniously pontificated on what YOU KNOW to be the absolute end-all explanation of the emissions coming from the plant? You folks are just going to have to get a grip on reality one of these days. Or maybe not. Lots of people drift thru life with their head up their ass and wonder why they have such a shitty outlook on life. TIFN