Hopey Changey!

I never thought I'd see the day I would be willing to see Slick Willy back in the Whitehouse, but after 18+ months of Barack Hussein Ohemorroid I would welcome him back on bended knee! NOT bent over, but on bended knee! He may have been an idiot about a lot of things in his personal life, but when it came right down to it and he had a good crisis of some sort on his hands, he took the time to get in a room with people who actually knew how to handle the problem and get it sorted out! He actually knew how and where to go to get too the people who could solve the problem.

Where does idiot child go to do the same thing? He, as well as I, have no clue! Because neither of us has ever had the kind of real world experience in handling that kind of crisis. Where could he go? Back to Chicago to Saul? Richie Daley? The Right Rev. Wright? What the hell do any of them know but how to preach hate and discontent? So Idiot child has not even a faint glimmering of an idea as to how togo about the Gulf Oil problem, not smart enough to suspend the Act that prevents the help from foreign countries from temporarily helping. Keeps Bernanke on board to keep on printing money, Keeps all his know nothing, tax cheating, Marxist, community organizer cohorts on board,to send this country as far down the tubes as they can in four years! I will never live long enough to see us rise up out of this quagmire that Ohemorriod has dragged us down into.

The people that I feel the worst for are the kids born in the last 10-15 years and all those too come in the near future. They are going to see the life style their parents and grandparents worked so hard for go down the toilet, and their own standard of living reduced to something less than Third World countries like England, France, Spain Italy, and the rest of Europe, Scandinavia, and the eastern countries of the Med. We have been truly screwed by this misguided, misanthrope ass wipe and his minions in the WH.

Hey all you Hopey Changey folks who voted for them, HOW IS IT ALL WORKING OUT FOR YOU???? I'd sure peel all those bumper stickers off my car were I you!!!