More money for the helpless and those that refuse to work!

Well the State of RI has finally gotten around to putting their hands deeper into your pockets. This time I'm talking about the pretty stiff increases in the cost of registering a car. For the last few years on my old 1994 Dodge caravan it has cost $21 for two years. Today I had to do it again and this time it was$61.50 for one year. Or at least I saw nothing that indicated it was for two. OH well folks, it ain't going to get nothing but worse for quite some time to come. See any new business' trying to relocate to this 'tax friendly' state? Thought not.

One of the local eatery owners mentioned to me that his business was down about 75% a day from last year! That is incredible and does not bode well for the rest of the summer. Of course the weather has been abyssimal for months and that could be a big part of the problem. Maybe better days will be coming, financial as well as weather. Here's hoping! TIFN


Sam said...

Golly, I remember cool, windy, and rainy Junes before, but usually by the first week of July the sun would break out and everyone would complain about how hot it was. People would come to BI in droves just to escape the heat! Oh well, ain't that global warming something?

On the registration fees, I pay the same for a half-ton pickup truck, one that's getting quite rusty. But I can still get a hotdog for a dollar!

Have a wonderful 4th and don't let the bahstids get you down. -sammie

Old NFO said...

It's going to be a long year... Even Hawaii is hurting, they are down between 35-50% depending on whom you believe, and THAT is their only real industry. Hang in and hang on Ev!