Back To Locally, after being duly Chastised!

I haven't been taking care of business here cause I've been busy getting the inside of the house back in shape after replacing every window in the place and giving it a completely new sheathing look. Hardee board and Azek trim on the outside and lots of elbow grease on the inside and it is still not done! Still have a set of steps or two to go on the outside and some sort of small decking to put the garbage cans on.
Well, that picture is NOT the house, but the one that we renovated with all the left over house siding and trim.

I'm going to have about 36-48 new residents living in there and I don't mean any illegal aliens! This one is called "Chez Galena" in honor of the Red Ladies from Rhode Island. That would be chickens of the breed RI Reds for all you folks not indoctrinated into chicken lore. Man I'm going to have the snootiest birds in captivity! The beds inside,(nests) are even made of leftover Azek pieces! The full length window in the door, and the door, is a recycle from the greenhouse!

Now it is time to get the fence put up to keep the little pesties out. That would be stray dogs, coyotes, little kids, and hungry humans with larceny on their minds! Then it is time to get going on the garden! See ya in the not to far away future, I hope. TIFN


Now below the original input!

Well it has been a month since the last post, and that particular turkey didn't garner much interest. Or if it was only those in education who read it, they knew when to keep quiet!

So in regards to the header, It was back in 1975 that I took the money that I had been putting into a retirement fund and got it put in a 401k account. The amount of dollars at the time was about $65K. That was a hell of a lot of money then as well as now. Over the intervening 34 years I have watched it go as high as $237k and I figured that my four kids would have a nice little nest egg to divide up after I had gone to the big "Hangar in the Sky". Well then along came the dot com bust and there went a little over one half of it. Over the last few years due to a lot of reasons that I'm not smart enough to figure out, it has finally dropped to a figure somewhat less than the amount I originally started with! Pretty soon as it finally gets to zero, I wonder if they, the Vanguard group, are going to have the balls to call and ask if I will be putting in the highest amount allowed this year. I think it is $3k. Well I'm pretty sure that I WILL BE getting a call from the big O telling me that I had better make my annual contribution or else! He needs the money I keep giving away so that he can hand it over too some lazy SOB hanging around on a street corner in Chi town or Detroit selling drugs to his "friends and relations"!

Oh did I say something politically incorrect? Silly me. Tough! I'm sick and tired of all the pussy footing around. The guy is a complete dip shit! I see now that he is telling everyone that ALL the problems were caused by GWB and he just inherited them. Well if he keeps on believing that his presidency is going to tank just about the same time as my non-existent "retirement fund". Does this ass KNOW ANYTHING about economics? I sure don't but all those people who do just keep right on saying this stimulus bullshit, err, make that "pelosi" instead of bull ****, is not going to work. As proof we all watched as the stock market fell below the 7k mark yesterday. Even me with my little pea brain has figured out that is not good. But The O thinks it is good as it will eventually be the death of the free market system and the beginning of the "Elites of America's" new order of Socialism that they have been so assiduously working towards for the last 50 years or more.

I think I'll go strangle a chicken and have it for dinner. Maybe I'll make believe it is a guinea hen and release some of my pent up emotions. TIFN