Windpower Redux

I under stand from this weeks BIT, that there was a poll out there waiting to be taken regarding how local folks felt about the possibility of quite a few windmills mushrooming offshore between here and Montauk. I don't have the paper in front of me, but as I recall, 216 is the number of respondents participating in the survey. Out of that number, 74 were dead set against the possibility. I would venture to say that that particular group were the ones with the deepest pockets to whom(?) a $800-900 a month electric bill is chump change. I would further suggest that they are the ones who rail against ruining their "view-sheds". Now there is a yuppie word that I heartily detest!
The rest of we "poorer denizens" of BI would welcome a less greedy grab into our more shallow pockets at he expense of having to see a few (score?)WECS off to the southwest of the Island.

It has continued to amaze me that the majority of the people of this town, and the US as a whole, cannot see or WILL NOT see the writing on the wall as regards use of the good old fossil fuel for electricity. I am heartened to note that there are folks out there who continue to look for new ways of generating electricity. How about the one by a scientist trying to develop a way of delivering radioisotopes to cancer cells in order to save his wife's life, and accidentally separated ordinary sea water into it's two main component parts, Hydrogen and Oxygen? Then he funneled the resultant gas to a small Stirling steam engine and made it run and produce that greatest in demand of commodities, electricity!! The story is out there on the Internet with pictures and text. I wonder just which of the big oil companies have already bought the rights to that invention that we'll never see in production!!

So don't let anyone tell you that wind power is just a fad that will soon fade away. Not anytime soon! I have had a WECS, Wind Energy Conversion System, sitting in my yard and running virtually continuously for the last 26 YEARS! There have been short down times because of maintenance and blade replacement(2), and one major PREVENTATIVE event where it was sent back to the manufacturer for a good overhaul. In that time, it has generated according to my meter in the cellar, over 320 some K's of electricity! We have used most of that right here on the premises. We have NOT been attentive to the strict conservation of the juice, because it was being made far faster than we could use it! Even using all the electric appliances we had on particularly windy days. The excess went back into the grid to be used by others. BIPCO pays us a rather minuscule amount for what we put back, and then charges other users, and myself the exorbitant rates to buy it back when the wind, she no blow eh? Translate that 320+ K figure into dollars at the rates over the last 26 years and you can see where wind power is an absolutely viable commodity, as the people of Scandinavia and the Low countries of Europe have discovered a long time ago. They are so far ahead of us as to make our efforts to catch up look pitifully and painfully inadequate to say the least.

So come on all ye who are sick and tired of, and becoming more unable to pay the high rates for juice, break out your computers, typewriters?, pens, and pencils, and draft a letter of recommendation to the Town Council to go forward as fast as is possible with the implementation of the wave generators and the installation of as many WECS as possible! Get rid of the WECS ordinance as it is presently written because it benefits NO ONE except those aforementioned deep pocketed people who really don't give one good shit about YOU, or me!!!


It's Not about Marriage

I got this from a friend in New Mexico and it expresses my sentiments totally. I also don't CARE about your sexuality or lack thereof, but please do not shove it in my face! As I said, I don't care! Enjoy the read. The author, Dave Stoddard, is retired U.S. Border Patrol. He lives in SE ARizona.

Ordinarily I write about border related issues. But late last year I wrote a satiric article about Arizona's Representative Jim Kolbe and I included a letter I had written to him in which I claimed that I wanted to marry my horse.

You would not believe the hate mail generated. It came from all over the world, so I am sure it struck a homosexual nerve. This article should really fire them up.

I could not care less what two consenting adults do behind closed doors. It simply does not concern me. But, keep it off my T.V., out of my schools, away from my family and out of my face. Keep it to yourself. I don't want to know about it.

It seems that in every direction you look today the homosexual agenda is plastered everywhere promoted by the courts, the National Education Association, the ACLU, sundry special interest groups and even some apostate churches.I am sick of it. It is not normal. It is a perversion, an aberration, a deviancy and it is repugnant. It is a behavior that is dangerous and simply out of sync with natural and spiritual values.

Yet, if you are repulsed by homosexual behavior, (Notice I haven't mentioned homosexuals. The few homosexuals I have known were and are amiable, pleasant and even likeable), but, their behavior is simply appalling.

A phobia is defined as an "unreasonable fear". You can have an unreasonable fear of practically anything and many people have phobias. Yet, if you are disgusted by homosexual behavior you are "homophobic". How so? Not only are you homophobic you are a bigot. Why? Since homosexuality is a behavior there is no way to look at someone and determine he or she is homosexual. It has to be communicated by word, action or clothing. The orientation must be communicated, confessed or flaunted. How can that be bigotry? It is not likely that a homo will suddenly appear and terrorize anyone. Again I ask, "Why is failure to embrace homosexual behavior a phobia?" Let's not equate disgust, aversion, and repulsion with unreasonable fear.

I received an email from one fellow who actually believed that I wanted to marry my horse. He chastised me and stated that I couldn't morally engage in bestiality because animals can't give consent. However, all humans can give consent, even children. Wrong, moron! Pedophilia is not just morally wrong, it is a crime, and it is sickening and disgusting.

Another individual pointed out to me that homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom and that it is natural and therefore normal and acceptable. He used, as an example, two male penguins in a New York zoo that fell in love and hatched out an egg. (As I remember, some dude used this event to write a children's book touting the homosexual lifestyle). Wrong Twinkletoes! It is the male penguin who spends weeks in the Antarctic cold hatching the chick while the mother forages for food. When the mother returns, the baby penguin is already hatched and then the father walks to the ocean to feed. It is the male penguin's job to hatch the egg. Nothing homo about that.

Then I was told about the phenomenon of bulls mounting one another as evidence of "gayness" in animals. Wrong, Donkey Breath! Nothing unnatural about that either. Cattle can't tell by sight which is the opposite sex. They are not bright enough to see a difference. Bulls are stimulated to mating behavior by pheromones. Cows in heat emit an odor that drives the bull crazy. The same is true with most mammals. Simply because a pen full of young bulls engage in mounting behavior does not mean they are homosexual bulls. It does mean that there is at least one cow close by who is in heat.

Then another told me about love. Love between humans is beautiful, natural and to be celebrated. This includes homosexual love. Wrong, Rump Ranger! Unnatural sex between humans is lust. There is huge difference between love and lust. It is so easy to get confused when values are blurred by predators and perverts preying on emotionally disturbed and vulnerable individuals. Many are damaged for a lifetime.

Then I had an example of fish that change gender. It is true that there are fish species that will literally change gender when confined in a small pool where there are none of the opposite sex. This is a mechanism provided by nature to preserve the fish specie in pools of water that have become isolated. These fish actually change their sex and they reproduce. They do this without hormone injections and surgery. It has nothing to do with "gender identity disorder".

There is not one example of true homosexuality in the animal kingdom despite what the liberal media is telling you. But somehow, if you do not accept, endorse, and applaud homosexual behavior, you are excoriated as some kind of bigoted, homophobic Neanderthal.

It has become an issue of civil rights. They want a "civil right" to expose hetero-Americans and children to immoral, unnatural and dangerous behavior. A homosexual has every civil right I do. So, it is not about civil rights. It is not about diversity and tolerance. That is unless diversity and tolerance means that we sacrifice our convictions and beliefs on the altar of political correctness and accept homosexuality as equal to heterosexuality and not at all unnatural or immoral. To homos we must endorse it, applaud it, accept it and we cannot teach our children that it is wrong or we are bigoted homophobes and people to be scorned and ridiculed.

Recently the House of Representatives passed HR-1592, the so called "Hate Crimes Legislation". It is currently being considered and strengthened in the Senate. Senator Kennedy, as expected, has some amendments. Soon it may be against the law to write what I have written here. It might even become illegal to voice Christian beliefs, since the Christian God has stated that homosexuality is an abomination.
President Bush has indicated that he will not sign the legislation. If he follows through and vetoes the Hate Crimes Bill, what about the next President?
Massachusetts has already legalized same sex marriage. Immediately hundreds of homos flocked to Massachusetts to get married. Then many of them went back to their home states and filed for divorce hoping that other states would recognize a same sex marriage from another state thereby legitimizing same sex marriages. If it were solely about marriage, why don't they just stay married and be happy?
It's not about marriage. It is not about civil rights, diversity or any related thing. It is about recognition, validation, acceptance, legitimizing and embracing homosexuality and eliminating existing values and mores. Homosexuals want to feel good about themselves. They want to be celebrated and applauded based on a behavior. They can't feel good about themselves until they leave that behavior. It is not genetic. If there were a genetic factor, it would have been eliminated from the gene pool many generations ago. It is not a hormonal imbalance, (unless hormones are being injected).
Homosexuality is a spiritual disease. It can be cured spiritually and there are many former homosexuals attesting to this fact.

Amen Brothers and Sisters, TIFN!!!