And People thought Nixon was a Crook!

Here I go again! It seems that every single day there is a new revelation of some sort of skulduggery going on in the wonderful Hope and Change halls of the obamanation administration! There are just too many to list here one after the other but they are out there to see and find if you only go looking. Geithner,This guy is so deep in all the dirty deals that went on with AIG, that if he was anyone else but an obama flunky he would be buried in the basement of the worst jail in the country! Holder? If Ashcroft had had the temerity to bring some of the 9/11 terrorists to NY for trial, he'd have been run out of town on a rail by all those wonderful libtards that infest DC and NY.

I have no idea how we will ever recover from all the bullshit that that these treasonous bastards in the Whorehouse have put in place. Just what EXACTLY, is the real name that these people who have been illegally installed as policy makers called? Czars? Wonderful connotation there don't you think? They were put in place without ever having been confirmed by the Senate! These Socialistic, Communistic,(read, Van Jones), Maoists,(read Anita Dunn)SOB's are dragging this country down the drain on an Express train bound for hell.

Fort Hood! All the libtards all have their panties in a wad trying to decide what kind of an act it was that was perpetrated out there, ALLEGEDLY,(my dieing ass)by Major Asswipe Hasan. Should it have been called a criminal act they ponder? Should it be called an act of, horrors, terrorism? Geez what can we do to make this sound oh so politically correct without using that banned "T" word? Ah yes,obama has replaced the "T" word with,"OVERSEAS CONTINGENCIES OPERATIONS!!! Overseas? In Texas? What an ass!! Oh yeah they have finally settled on something to call it. It shall be henceforth know as "the manifestation of the conflict of his inner soul and religious beliefs with the actual facts of his life"!IT IS NOT HIS FAULT! IT IS OURS!!!

Well let me put it to you in the light that I perceive it. He is a natural born United States citizen serving in the Military of his country. He took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States. He did that wearing the uniform of the US. He then picked up a couple of guns,went to a place where he knew there would be lots of undefended people,climbed up on a table and began killing as many of these folks as he could! About ten minutes of uninterrupted murder!

There is NO PROBLEM naming his actions, it was purely and simply and act of premeditated TREASON!! That was easy huh? Now the penalty for treason when this country is at war is DEATH!! NO EQUIVOCATION!!! DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD! That's after his Military Tribunal. And tell you what, I'll supply the bullet, the gun, and the person to pull the trigger on the low life, no good Son Of A Bitch! TIFN


Old NFO said...

Actually Ev, I'd rather see him do life in Leavenworth... If he got the chair, he would be a martyr, and I DON'T want that...

Sam said...

One of the comments I heard was "how did that killer ever get promoted to the rank of captain?"

Good question, I thought.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've seen this, but it seemed relevant (somehow) to this post.

Anonymous said...

Time for a rant on the dodah hitting the fan on the global warming scam isn't it? Maybe that swine Gore will come crashing down like Husseins statue in Iraq. Maybe now the greenies will stop using the gobal warming excuse to pillage our lifestyles and economy. What do you think Ev?

Sam said...

Well good point, people were recently polled and support for climate change regulation has dropped from 80% to about 70%, and the list of "the 10 most important issues in the USA" doesn't even include climate change anymore.

I'm not going to get technical about it, because there is some science behind climate change theory - just not as exaggerated as the Al Gore types want you to believe.

Suffice it to say, public opinion is changing!

Everett said...

Hi All, been kind of down and away from the 'puter for the last 5-6 weeks or so. First was a about a four week sojourn with a dose of double penuemonia, walking about type. Due to taking all sorts of meds for the hacking etc. I neglected to keep up with the meds that keep the old kidney stones from aggregating and they had themselves one hell of a ride with me for the last two weeks. Multiple trips in and out of the hospital while waiting for the ESWL (extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy) machine to arrive back in RI from its trip up to Maine.But as of yesterday all those little bastards have been blown to dust and are in the process of being ejected from their sweet little digs!

It really never ceases to amaze me that the MSM is so G.D. far up Obamas and algore's butt on this climate warming farce that has been going on for years. The walls are coming tumbling down now and just how much coverage are they putting on this? Not one damned iota that I have come across! Jeez even when the head perpetrator of the whole frigging lie, Phil Jones, has been forced from his position of director of the CBU, STILL not one word on the tube at night!!! Isn't that at least as newsworthy as the fact that Sara Palin's daughter got pregnant before she was married?? No? Not even a little? A farce shoved down the throats of the whole world by a bunch of self serving elitist assholes who want to screw up the economies of most countries including ours with this Copenhagen bullshit? If that idiot obama goes there and signs that thing or even sends Shrillery to do the deed because everyone knows he is too chickenhearted to do it himself, he had probably be better off being the first President in our history to defect to France, Belgium, Sweden, oh I know, How about extending his hand AGAIN to AMADINNERJACKET or PUTIN of Russia? They would be glad to have him 'cause he is such a swell fellow and such a great "grinner"!! I'm done for now!

Sam said...

Looks like Everett is feeling better now!

You have to admit, ClimateGate is quite a fiasco these days, kind of fun to watch.

Hey it's warmer up in RI than in Texas, not fair! You liberals up there stealing all that global warming? It's snowing in Houston and 40 darn near to Mexico.