Don't Watch the News!

Watching the news on any channel is sure to give you indigestion for one reason or another. And most of the actions taken by Mr. Egregious are just incomprehensible! I sure as hell don't want to be owning a part of 72% of GM that's for sure. So if you can stand it, see where the Great Bullshitter stands on your list of all time liars.

Sorry about all the weird spaces. Can't seem to make them come out right!

George W. Bush was president for eight long years...and if you believe he
got dumber and dumber the longer he remained in office, how do you feel
about the following?
Had George W. Bush made a clumsy joke at the expense of the Special Olympics
(viz., helping the intellectually handicapped), would you have dismissed it as a non-issue?

If George W. Bush had given an iPod to the Queen of England containing
videos of his speeches, would you have thought "how cute!"

If George W. Bush had bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, would you approved?

If George W. Bush had visited Austria and referred to "the Austrian
language," would you have brushed it off as the understandable slip of a Harvard law

If George W. Bush had appointed people to high places whose flawed character impaired them to the extent that they had difficulty remembering to file, much less pay, their income taxes, would you have dismissed this as minor cock-up that will all work out for the betterment of the nation?

If George W. Bush had ordered the firing of the CEO of a major corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority to do so, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had taken a cue from Hugo Chavez and politically dragooned
a Republican Congress to allocate 5.6 Billion dollars for the creation of a
civilian volunteer security force as strong and well equipped as the regular Army, mandating that this quasi-military force fall under his personal command and control, would you have been concerned?

If George W. Bush had proposed doubling the size of the national debt, would
you have approved?

If George W. Bush had then proposed doubling the national debt again over
the next 10 years, would you have dismissed it with a "tsk, tsk"?

If George W. Bush pushed the passage of a $785 Billion Stimulus bill and
promised transparent tracking to reveal precisely how monies from the bill would be spent..then postponed oversight until 2010, would you approve or would you think something "fishy"?

If Bush had promised 48 hour advance posting of the same bill on the internet but only released it to the public two hours before congressional approval, wouldn't you have questioned his ethics?

If Bush's White House Staff had spent over $300,000 flying Air Force One low over New York (for a publicity photo fly-by) scaring the hell out Of the city's residents, wouldn't you have expected Bush to make the pictures public? Would you have approved? Obama won't give them up, but he saw fit to release the secret "torture memos".

If George W. Bush had been "addicted" to using a TelePrompTer, and seldom gave a speech without having one, would you have approved ? Would you think he was intelligent? Intelligent would have had one of your minions put one straight ahead to read once in a while. As it is, his head swings from right to left and back like Arlen Spector changes political parties!

If George W. Bush had pre-approved/pre-picked the list of reporters allowed to ask questions at his press conferences and refused to call on the correspondent from MSNBC (FOX with Obama), would you have approved? Is that a fair and balanced news conference?

If George W. Bush and a Republican Congress had given hundreds of millions of dollars to a group (the right-wing equivalent of ACORN) after its members had been convicted of voter registration fraud, would you approve of them to doing the 2010 Census, which will determine congressional districts for 10 years? Will you trust ACORN in 2010?

Would you have approved of George W. Bush moving the census from the Department of Commerce into the White House and putting his Chief of Staff in control of the counting?

In the aftermath of 9-11, if you knew George W. Bush prohibited the CIA from water boarding Islamic extremists who possessed information we needed to prevent attacks that could potentially killed millions of Americans, would you have approved?

Oddly enough, Barack Obama has committed all these faux pas in just 17 weeks
-- so brace yourself sit back and enjoy, we still have approximately three years and eight months remaining for more surprises.

If you got through all the If GWB's and finished the list What do you really think about your boys veracity now? Come on C sniper, be honest now! TIFN


Old NFO said...

Well the DID post one picture from the fly by of the Statue of Liberty...

Sam said...

Gosh Everett, I think you're grasping at straws here. Everyone makes little mistakes and goofs.

As to the Obama spending, nobody likes it but even conservative economists say the only way to prevent a major melt-down is to spend your way out of it. That is classic Keynesian economics. The problem is that Bush didn't save any money, so we're deeper and deeper in the red now.

Matter of fact, I like seeing "leftie" people squirm because on many issues, Obama is just like Bush. The only difference is that Obama is a prolific talker - like talking about national health insurance, but he'll never get his way with Congress because there's too much money on the table.

I think you just hate the sumbeach! Im saying that while laughing, Ev, don't get mad at me.

Anonymous said...

It is clear the media in general is in love with Obama and is willing to give him a pass on just about anything. Sam you are so wrong about the economy. This guy doesn't give a shit about fixing this, it's all about advancing his agenda. His rosie predictions of 4% growth is a joke, you might see 2%, as the CBO says, in our booms we didn't see 4%.

Everett said...

Sam, LITTLE MISTAKES ? GOOFS? Besides just the economic question, What about all the rest of them? Some are picky but the ACORN one is the main one that drives me up the wall. He is putting the Census, that will redraw a lot of constituencies, directly in their handS! GIVING THEM BILLIONS OF $$$ TO INSURE HE GETS REELECTED IN 2012!!!They are a bunch of crooks and are being investigated for fraud an prosecuted in a couple of states but still he continues right along down his road to socialism and the stupid fu***** press just gives him free rein! WTFIU with that? I hope when he goes to Egypt this week or next, he forgets to come back.

Sam said...

Ha-ha-ha, nice try gents. Maybe you should be glad that Governor Tim Pawlenty (Minnesota) is going to quit his day job so he can run for president in the next election. He's got something the Republican party doesn't have, which is a dose of realism and populism. As long as you have blithering fools like Cheney, Limbaugh, and Gingrich running the show (that that freak show Steele at RNC), and Republicans taking their clues from them, you'll most likely see a second Obama term.

I think Governor Tim Pawlenty would be a great candidate, and since I'm an independent, I'd really like to hear what he has to say.

But is you're going to get all pouty and girlie about Obama, well, that's a personal problem!

LOL, wish me a happy birthday, Ev, I'll be 53.