Our Do Nothing Legislature!

Down in DC all the pundits talk about how the Repubs are the "Party of No". But it just galls my ass to no end to see that two faced thing we call president sit there talking to Ms Couric and straight faced LIE out his mouth and ass about how he is reaching out to the Party of No to drag them into the aisle to get their ideas on this health reform bull! What an ass. He can't possibly be that stupid that he hasn't known that there were three (3) count them, 3 different bills introduced by those NO-GOODs all the while his two goons Pelosi and Reid were doing their closed door, back door,whoring of their offices! Probably was done in one of Harry's legal joints out in NV. Nancy was probably mattress-backing for him too!

So right here in RI our own do nothing legislature refuses to act on the Govenors Supplementary budget and we slide deeper into the money abyss. All these local asses need to go also. It amazes me that so many dumbass people can continually get themselves elected to public office. Oh yeah,its not THEM that elect themselves, it is WE dumbasses!!!!

So here was a chance for Ms Katie to show that she really did want to be a top of the line Journalist instead of an aging model, and jump right on him with both feet and ask him outright about those three attempts at bi-partisanship! Did she? Hell no, she went right into her simpering ass kissing mode and blew a perfect chance to expose once again what a lying bastard this "Idiot Savant" in the Whitehouse is. I'm sure you all know what an I S is right? That is someone who can do extraordinary things but doesn't know how or why they do them! A perfect example is Barry-o!

I'm just a grumpy, pissed off, disgruntled old man at what these commy/socialistic bastards are doing to this country. all the way right down to the state level.

Throw ALL THE BUMS OUT! VOTE FOR NO INCUMBENT! Well at least we won't have to worry about the last of the Kennedy Crooks. THAT dynasty is finally dead, dead, dead! How would you like to have that guy in a fox hole with you? When things get to looking bad, he gets up and runs like hell! Oh he has done SO MUCH good over the last two decades! Looking out for the middle class my dying ass!

Time to go load up another 100 bullets. TIFN
PS: Sorry about the use of the word ASS so much. It is either that word or lots of worse "expletives deleted" ones!