The Council of Governors

Has anybody out there heard anything about this new Council of Governors that the Omaniac created with another executive order? It has something to do with appointing ten state governors to this council to oversee the mechanics of AL THE "57" states National Guard troops! Sounds to me like he is getting ready to institute martial law at the first sign that he is about to be ousted! If anyone else knows anything about this, we'd be glad to hear what you have heard! Keep those guns shiny, clean, loaded and cocked! I wonder just how many police men and military will back him up when he gives his "unlawful order"? TIFN

PS no more OHD posts unless something new happens!


The Revolutionary Holocaust

Tomorrow evening at 5pm till 6pm, on channel 360 Fox News, the Glen Beck show will air a documentary called, "The Revolutionary Holocaust, Live Free or Die"

If you have kids that are in the age group from 14 on up, and if they have graduated from either High School or College in the last ten years or so, You should urge them to sit still for an hour in front of the TV and absorb just what is being presented to them. It will destroy all the revisionist history that has been foist on them during their years in school!!

This program will present the TRUE facts about all the Tyrants, Dictators, Megalomaniacs and other assorted murderers, and genocidal people that have infested this globe for the last 80-90 years. And will not be shown as some sort of misguided leader who was just not nice to his people! Presented in their true light will be the likes of, PolPot, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Amin, Saddam, and I can't forget Anita Dunn's favorite Philosopher Mousey Dung, doing what they did best, killing their own people and wiping out whole populations of "lesser and undesirable" people. BY THE MILLIONS!!

This will most probably be their first exposure to what happened REALLY happened in these countries, as opposed to the bullshit revisionist crap they were fed in school since all the progressivism has taken over in the US Education System!!

I really hope all who read this will try to get a young person or two to watch!! TIFN


OHD update #3

Here we are again, another week into the process and we are retrograding! Literally! The original hole is filled in and they have moved to the opposite end to begin there. I suppose this means that by the time they get back to the original hole it will have mysteriously "fixed" itself! I understand that the dock crew wanted to be doing 50' a day and so far they got "0" done.I guess those test borings that the town had done were just so much useless expenditures of the tax payers bucks. Time will tell. TIFN Oh Damn! If you've gotten this far, read the comments. Number 3 does some explaining about the recent updates to this particular post!!!

Brown vs Coakley

I am waiting with bated breath for the interim election in Assachussets on Tuesday. I want to see if the people of the state where the first Tea Party was held, has FINALLY pulled their collective heads from those dark reaches of the "netherlands" and come face to face with the reality of just exactly what it is that their so "revered" elected ass wipes have wrought upon them and the rest of us! You know of whom I speak of course, two thirds of the Three Stooges, teddy and barney. The other third from CT. has already thrown in the towel.

For the last four or five days, you cannot have turned on the TV and not seen at least five to ten per hour, of the attack ads presented to us by the Coakley Conspiracy against Scott Brown. I try not to sit mesmerized by the tube for more than an hour or two a day, but in all the time I have in this aforementioned time period, I have yet to see ONE of the negative attacks directed TOWARD Ms Coakley! Have I just missed them all, or has Mr Brown been running a campaign based on what he has done, and will do instead of denigrating his opponent at every opportunity? I'll tell you right out, it would be no contest as to who I would vote for if I were so UNFORTUNATE as to be living in Taxachussets!! TIFN On to the Old Harbor Dock update blog.

OBTW, Anybody out there on this little Island interested in having a third alternative to the two established parties? We could, those of us interested in total fiscal responsibility, Constitutionalists, small government, etc., join the growing legions of disaffected voters in this country and become the next generation of Tea Party members! Yeah I know, the name doesn't have the "ring of respectability" that the other two USED TO HAVE, but that may not actually be a bad thing. Comments anyone? Anonamouse or otherwise? Now it is TIFN!


2nd update of Dock Works

The above pictures show the extent of the work after 8 days of being on the job. They have about 20 feet of trench opened and have started installing the new bulkhead sheathing. They have been trying to get the first piece in the ground but apparently there is some either springy old wood or a big assed rock down there. An update to later this same morning, They must have figured out how to get past the obstruction, because I watched them finally pound the first sheet right down to where they needed it to go. Be back Next week! And no more taking pictures till it gets really light out!


Rats deserting a sinking ship!

Just a short one this time. I see two more of the "faithful" have jumped off the fantail of the ship of state headed by the o man! That makes four now by my tally and I hope it is wrong and way too low.

I guess old Chris Doood, er Dodd,can feel the heat from the on fire engine room reaching up and warming his ass! I hope the few honest people left in the Connecticut State Attorney Generals Office actually do their job and prosecute this outright crooked SOB. Hold his feet to the fire as well as his ass! He and is ass buddy Barney Frank are the two MOST RESPONSIBLE for the disaster we are now experiencing! Hang the bastard and hang him high. I know The Bush regime did it all, all by themselves with no help from the dumocrats. But if you go back and look, you'll find that the oh so nasty GWB warned those two clowns not once, twice, or even a dozen times about what they were doing, but 17 TIMES!! All to no avail as you can see.

Oh well, I can't wait for tomorrows news reports! Maybe we'll get real lucky and 'The Nancy" and Reid will do the "right thing" and either retire, resign or at least DIE! TIFN


The Old Harbor Dock before renovations begin!

Well I am going to try and take photos of the dock throughout the renovation process and post them here once a week. I might even add some unsolicited comments.
This way all you folks who voted for, and even those against, can see just where the millions of dollars are going too. They are supposed to get started on this project this week I assume. We shall see what happens.