Back on the Island again--Almost!

I was reading the BIT today and came across Marthe B's column. In it she make reference to the fact the the ocean waves were breaking over the rocks by the Trustum Dodge monument and splashing up onto her car. SO to all those who so doubted my comments about the humongous loss of beach along that stretch over the last 50 years I say, "So there"!!!. Someone else has finally realized just what is happening. In fact if you go down there and take a look along the beach all the way too Clay Head, you'll see that a whole lot of beach is gone and that the waves on a NE wind day are starting to wear away the dunes just past the aforementioned monument at an alarming rate. Now there is not a whole lot we can do to stop that erosion short of building a breakwater offshore about a mile, just like over at Pt Judith! But shouldn't our local government be in the process of pursuing this line of endeavor? Isn't mr obama handing out money to anyone with a shovel in their hands? I say we should all line up and get some of that TARP money to preserve the business entity here on BI!! Damn, we NEED that road down to the north end so that all those rental mopeds will have someplace to go to crash! That hot dog business down there will in all likelyhood have to go out of business if the Neck road is cut.

But then if it does cut the Island in two, I'm sure Interstate will jump right into that void and start a high speed ferry service from town to the neck! Heck a 4-5 second ferry ride shouldn't be to inconvenient. After all we are all hardy Islanders and are accustomed to adversity.

But seriously, if they want to hand out tons of money to every Thomas, Richard, and Harry, we will be more than willing to accept some of it as long as it doesn't come with Barney, or Teddy, or Big John, the Marine hating man, attached TIFN


Sam said...

We checked into the Obama Stim Fund and recommended a billion or so for restoring beaches and eroded coastlines. The next word we got was that none of that would be funded, although there are two other Congressional funds that could be used, with very little money in them. The Office of Management and Budget put the kybosh on coastal erosion projects for the Obama Stim and TARP because each project would have required significant engineering, and was no longer "shovel ready."

Poor Block Island, melting into the sea. But just think, Everett, your son could get a landing craft and ferry folks from Payne's Dock to up by Andy's Way! Big money there, I recon.

Old NFO said...

Smore and mirrors, er... stimulus... yeah right! By the time you get any help Ev, the "island" will be "islands" plural...