Fire in the Wheel Well!! err, On the beach anyway!

Well now, two blogs down from here, I was lamenting about how a lot of our ponds were being overcome with nasty assed bushes. And that this presents a hazard to ALL homeowners out here as there are only a dozen or so fire hydrants on the Island and they are mostly all located in the downtown area.

So last night about nine o'clock all the pagers carried by all firemen and rescue workers blared into action to announce that there was a house on fire over on Coast Guard road. So we rolled every piece of equipment we owned and the first truck was on scene within four minutes of the pagers going off. By the time they got there the place was fully involved as the saying goes. There were flames pouring out of every window in the place. The house is situated on a small semi peninsula and has the Atlantic on one side about 50 yards away, and the New Harbor, (known in recent arrivee's vernacular as, "THE GREAT SALT POND") on the other side about the same distance to the water.

Now even with the the Atlantic to try and empty, which we did try to do for three solid hours of pumping, 'twas all to no avail. The fire just had too much of a head start. So the best we could do was to contain the grass fires that threatened to spread to other houses out there, and watch the place be reduced to a pile of ashes worth exactly nothing. Previous to the fire, it was a brand new two story house worth about three and a half million bucks or so I'm told!! It was within a few days work of being ready to move into. All gone in three or four hours!

It was not owned by any of my family or even close friends, but for some reason, a "frisson" ran through me and it was as if I could feel the incomprehensible loss of all those folks in La La Land at the loss of their homes in the recent fires out there. Having one so close to home happen, it brings home the reality that it CAN happen to you with startling speed! It gives you a whole new perspective on how devastated those folks must have felt at the loss of every damned thing they owned!

It was a beautiful house ,outside as well as inside. My sympathies go out to the Raymond family. They were a long time gas customer of mine and are a very nice family!


I Can"t Stand it Any Longer!

Have you noticed that Mr.& Mrs. DoomandGloom have been noticeably and conspicuiously absent from the airwaves in the last month or two. I refer to Brian Williams(NBC) and Her Doomness Katie Couric (CBS). And also the ABC guy whoever he is. I never watch him. You may have noticed that the War in Iraq has become yesterdays old news now that there are 80 to 90 percent less attacks on Our military, the Iraqi police, and mostly on the citizens themselves. Seems like Al-Queda(sp) is on vacation and has been for a good long time! Every night for the last three or four years all those MSM talking heads who have lead off virtually every evening broadcast with some horrific tale of our guys being torn to shreds by the latest IED blast. Oh my God, our youth, every one of them, to hear those poor mourning, and devastated TH's (Talking Heads) tell it, are going to be killed in the next few months for having the temerity to join our military and doing something that most of them are too chicken shit to do themselves! Remember that big footprint of a foul/fowl they use to emblazon on their shirts? Describes them most accurately.

So what is going on Mr. and Mrs Doomness? Why aren't you on the air now that the "surge" is doing exactly what The "most dishonorable" Gen. Patreaus said he hoped to accomplish with it? Where are your lead stories telling the people of this country about all the good things going on over there now? Why are you NOT now linking up with one of the only honest reporters over there to cover his story about the Christian church in Dora, a suburb of Baghdad? That church just recently reopened after the Al-Queda crew had been run out of town, after killing most of the Christians and a good part of the Sunni and Shiites also? Why don't you tell of people of the neighborhood, all Iraqi's who are asking publicly for their previous neighbors to please come home!! "We are holding your homes in trust waiting for you to come home and claim them". These people, all denominations went before cameras located INSIDE this Christian church and are deliberately letting their faces be shown. Something they would never have done a few months ago. How come you have nothing to say about the fact that some of the American soldiers that sat through a full two hour Catholic Mass with those Shiite's, and Sunni people have been thanked a thousand times for getting rid of Saddam and the Al-Q hoodlums. This is a BIG story that has been covered in most of the European press, but seems to have been totally missed by you and your compatriots in mis-information! NOT ONE WORD by you folks! Try hooking up with this link if you are at all interested in performing truly unbiased news stories not colored by your own heartfelt desire for this country to slip sideways and hard too the left and into a socialist state.
Micheal Yon : Online Magazine.com

Then back here on the home front, we have the Dumocrats trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the American Public by AGAIN putting forth a bill that would in effect stop all funding for the war effort. This, to make all you folks blindly following the "Axis of Evil" in our congress, Clinton, Pelosi, Kennedy, Murtha, Reid, et al, believe that they are going to stop this war by hook or by crook. Well it is the Crook part that won out. In a little secret caucus that they had, they figured out where they could "steal" the money needed to continue the fighting by taking from pete to pay paul. This was all on the sly so that all the "sheep" out there in heartland America wouldn't be aware of what was going on. You would be lead to believe they were living up to their claims before the last election to "STOP THIS UNLAWFUL WAR" But there is at least one honorable man in DC and that would be Mr. Gates of the DOD. I believe he made known to the "Axis" powers in a rather forceful manner yesterday that he was not going to let them gut programs that are deemed essential to the security of the US without a fight in order to deceive the American public. When he told them that he would be sure and let the American public know just where the money was coming from to continue the fight after they had so loudly told the people they would stop the war, the vote in the Senate failed to pass the proposed bill! Again!! The perfidy of these people is just unbelievable! When Gates told them that if the bill passed, he was going to have to start laying off thousands of civilian DOD workers just before Christmas to "find" this money to continue the fight with, that announcement caused the dumocrats to go into full "Cover Our Asses" mode! So here I am wondering just what spin the dumocrats are going to come up with in order to cover their asses in this little fiasco. OBTW, Have you seen any of this on the MSM? NO, and you won't either. You have to go the Blogosphere to get real answers. Try this link for starters: "http://www.pajamasmedia.com">www.pajamasmedia.com. Just highlight the link, right click, press copy, then go to Google or whatever and paste it in the search bar. I'm not smart enough to embed these links into this post.Or maybe this one:IBDeditorials.com. Once you get to this one, Scroll down to the Editorial called, "Progress, Progress, and more Progress" You will be amazed. BTW, this site puts up editorials from the left and the right so everyone can find one to their own liking.

Does anybody out there care about this anymore?