Obama's coming to town! Obama's coming to town, Oh Dreck!! !!

No, really!! I kid you not! I have a direct line from the, "all retired military personnel are terrorists" (ala Janet Napolitano the head of Homeland Security) that he is on his way to disgrace our shores with his presence! He has a good friend here on the Island who helped him get elected! You know Mr. Parsons over on Coast Guard road. The guy with the biggest house and the biggest most expensive Helo? I've heard he runs Time Warner or some such entity. You know, all those MSM companies that gave "The One" a free pass when it came to vetting him as has been the norm for the last 200 years?

Anyway, I have heard through the jungle vine that it will be around the 23rd of this month. Man it is going to be fun to watch all the kiss asses run out of the bushes and embrace the "Anointed one"! They will be falling all over themselves trying to suck up to him. I expect he will want to take a walking victory tour of the downtown area just like his Uncle Billy did a few years ago. Playing slap and tickle with the great unwashed and uneducated adoring multitudes, they still not suspecting just what he has in store for them in the future. What was that saying, and who said it about, "There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see"!

SO I guess I will just stay home for all the time he is infesting this burg, in order to spare myself the stench of socialism that, that man reeks of, and a possible heart attack from having come too close to that negatively charged being.
But all you infatuated folks will probably have unlimited time to photograph he of the rolled up sleeves,(his working man image/mode), and of the tilted,"just so" chin! You know the pose that makes him look so dignified, questioning,and god like in his own estimation!

If you get a chance to ask him just one question, don't make it about health care reform, or the economy, or the cash for clunkers mess, or the TARP money, or the trillions in dollars of debt he has saddled this country for the next 50 years. Please don't mention the housing fiasco, or ACORN, or his private army he wants to start, don't even think of the letters, AIG, GMC, CHRYSLER, or any other acronym.
Just ask him this,"When the hell are you going to go back too Washington and STAY THERE and do presidenty stuff?" Jesus Jenny, He is on the road more than Ghengis Khan was!! TIFN


Anonymous said...

two questions Ev ..

Why do you hate our president ? Is it because of his race? ..... or is it because he whoomped your candidate ?

...and will you try to shoot him?

Everett said...

No I don't hate him because of his race!! Why do you keep bringing that up? YOU must be a race baiter. Some of the absolute best people I ever met are black people. When I was a kid I slept in the same bed as two black kids, they also slept in mine
! I am the LEAST concerned with his ethnic background! His way left political leanings, his cadre of friends, relatives, and spiritual leaders and his communistic parents? Well THEY are what I am most concerned with. "Whomped" MY candidate? I didn't have a real horse in the last race, but whoever ran/runs against that America hating SOB has my vote even if it is someone as disjointed as was Senator McCain. He at least did not try to dismantle the country and the way of life, that I defended for 20 years! Yeah Mr. Anonymous I went out there and hung my ass on the line for the people of this country. I didn't think of it as so much doing it for all of them as I did it for the good and well being of MY FAMILY! Why do you look down your elitist nose at all of us? If it wasn't for us and all the folks who came before and those who will in the future, stand up for what is right and defend to the death YOUR RIGHT to be a complete ass, You'd probably wind up in an American Gulag someday! Ah I can only hope!

Will I shoot him? Are you again trying to put words in my mouth or deeds in my head? Why do you want me to shoot him? If you are so GD brave and macho and oh so smart, grab your pellet gun and get at it. Jesus, you are a dumb shit! Go crawl back in your hole!

Sam said...

Meh, Obammie on BI is like Obammie on Martha's Vineyard, no big deal, lots of secret agents and some handshakes, nods, and winks and he's solid gone.

And Ev, we can debate about how Obammie is very similar to George Bush Junior, an interesting insight. Bush did add lots of national debt on his Medicare drug program, for example. Much of the deficit spending was started by Bush. I know you personally don't like Obammie, or maybe even George Bush, but there are similarities. For example, Obammie is a war hawk on Afghanistan, much more than you'll admit.

Maybe it would help to lay off on the Glen Beck shows, huh? That doofus has been spouting some major misinformation lately. I know you enjoy folks like him, but he ain't no Paul Harvey, Walter Cronkite, or respected journalist - he's a political shock jock just like his brother Rush Limbaugh. Facts be darned, let's here another boner of a story man!

Just remember that it's more complex than you think. The medical and pharmaceutical industries love Obama for lining their silk purse with 80 billion dollars just for starters. Those nice Michigan Republicans sure liked the bail-out of a few car manufacturers. And to think Obammie made those liberal Wall Street financial liberals cringe by forcing bail-out money on them and making them stop burning up millions on parties. Nanny-nanny boo-boo.

I'll pay ya fifty bucks if you fly some remote model aircraft when Obammie comes to town though. LOL, I could moon the ferry and watch the Feds shoot down your RC all at once!

Old NFO said...

Stay home Ev, it's not worth the BP rise to try to do anything...

LOL! WV- goattent That is where we're going to be if this administration stays in power!

Everett said...

I never said I didn't think oman was a hawk on Afhganistan! It fact I am sure he is because it is "his" war. He virtually went to court and adopted it!!

Glen Beck? I have NO clue and nothing to base that erroneous assumption on! I have NOT EVEN ONCE sat down and watched the program! Caught 5 min piece one time. I watch about 1/2 hour of American Newsroom in the morning on Fox and that is it! I don't have time to sit in front of a tv ALL day!

I have also NEVER watched the Limbaugh show on the tube! I do click on Utube links when someone sends one too me though.

I do have a model of a Predator drone that I could put into the air to scare the poo out of them, and I usually fly the planes about a half mile from the airport. Maybe they'll think Osamma Bin Laden is keeping an eye on THEM!

Sam said...

Snooping on the Fed? I love it! I do have a friend who uses a Kite Cam and I imaging if you could handle the weight of a small camera as payload on an RC it would be cool.

Anonymous said...

What happened? He didn't post.

Everett said...

I guess he just got scared of all us rightwing terrorist rednecks and wouldn't come over!

I was SO ANGUISHED over the loss of teddy boy, I just couldn't write a thing. RIT (torment) teddy!

Sam said...

Well ... have a great Labor Day Weekend.

Oops, isn't that a socialist celebration of unions, collective bargaining, and minimum wages?

Nevva mind...

Hey Ev, how did that low part of Corn Neck Road do during the last storm waves?

And why does the Word Verification say "commie"?

Everett said...

Hey Sam, Was one of the stories Beck was slinging all those lies and bullshit about, that commie,"all republicans are assholes",America sucks and must be brought down, Van Jones? Seems he must have got one thing right! Wonder who he is working on now? He has at least 28 other targets that need outing also. If you want a little light reading to get through these cool fall nights, pick of a copy of Michelle Malkin's, Culture of Corruption! By just checking out a few of the hundreds of sources she enumerates, you can hardly deny that barry was raised and lived in the midst of, and actively associated with, many of the biggest crooks in the USA, primarily those of the Chi town ilk! Have a good 'un!

Robohobo said...

Everett - Just ask the 0bamanation's local admirers how his winkie tasted.