Does any one still read this thing?

Been quite a while since I've written anything. Garden is all done, Pigs have gone to piggy heaven, and half of the turkey's have all attended a Thanksgiving dinner. The last batch is waiting in the wings for the week before Xmas.

I keep waiting in vain for the people of this country to open their eyes to just what is going on and just how fast they are losing a lot of their rights. This administration continues to trample the Constitution on a daily basis.

I am very disheartened, and if the next election cycle goes the way of the last three or four, we can all put our heads between our knees and kiss our asses goodbye!  The people need to go to the polls and do away with every single person in both Houses of the Congress. All the old RINO'S need to be dispossessed as well as their counterparts on the other side of the aisle!

Oh by the way, just why is it that seven to eight percent of the people who are atheists, get to dictate to the other ninety three percent  about how we have to life our lives?  When are we finally going to stand up and tell them to just shut up, sit down, and be quiet? This PC crap is rapidly undermining the whole social structure of this country.  I'm not a religious person per se, more of the agnostic bent, but as I was growing up I was exposed to people who lived their lives according to the golden rules, and much of any morality that I do posses came to me through the interactions with these people. Friends, Neighbors, Family members all had a hand in shaping who I am today.

OBTW it really is OK to say "Merry Christmas"!!! So do it, a lot!! End of today's rant. TIFN