Gun Grabbers at work again

Well I listened to Brian WIlliams on NBC news last night ranting about AZ having to re-think their gun laws after the shooting there.
First off he alleged that it would never have happened if BUSH, (AGAIN) hadn't let the extended magazine, assault weapon ban expire. He then goes on to tell us all that the guy had two 30 round clips and fired all of one and was changing them out when he was jumped on. He killed six I believe it is and wounded many others before fe could be stopped.

Now, put this scenario in front of all those people standing in line, what if:

Over the last thirty years, gun owners hadn't been demonized as crazed killers;

What if gun owners rights hadn't been so infringed on, that they can not carry a concealed weapon with out some apparachik saying it was okay?

What if everyone of those people waiting in line had a legally owned and carried weapon, was trained in its use and practiced with it regularly?

Do you really think that that asshole would have gotten off more than 4 or 5 rounds before someone would have taken him down?

Do you honestly think that it would have turned into chaos with all those trained and knowledgable gun toters turning it into a gunfight at the OK Corral?

So Mr Williams, I say to you that the screening process may need some serious tweaking, or at least certain gun shops might need some review of their business practices, who ever fills out the paperwork ascertaining that the buyer is mentally competent and physically capable of using a gun should be held accountable if all he does is look across a counter and says to himself, "well he looks okay too me", and sells him a firearm.

How should you be certified mentally able? I'm not sure without it falling too an officer of the law or worse, a shrink who would be two of the limiting factors in gun sales! How would you pick one that was neither, rabid pro or con in his deliberations and examination? I don't know.

But I know one thing for sure, there WOULD NOT have been near as many injured folks there or anywhere else!
Just think how the carjacking incidents would go down if every potential jacker thought that all those drivers had a gun in their hand pointed at THEM!! TIFN