And People thought Nixon was a Crook!

Here I go again! It seems that every single day there is a new revelation of some sort of skulduggery going on in the wonderful Hope and Change halls of the obamanation administration! There are just too many to list here one after the other but they are out there to see and find if you only go looking. Geithner,This guy is so deep in all the dirty deals that went on with AIG, that if he was anyone else but an obama flunky he would be buried in the basement of the worst jail in the country! Holder? If Ashcroft had had the temerity to bring some of the 9/11 terrorists to NY for trial, he'd have been run out of town on a rail by all those wonderful libtards that infest DC and NY.

I have no idea how we will ever recover from all the bullshit that that these treasonous bastards in the Whorehouse have put in place. Just what EXACTLY, is the real name that these people who have been illegally installed as policy makers called? Czars? Wonderful connotation there don't you think? They were put in place without ever having been confirmed by the Senate! These Socialistic, Communistic,(read, Van Jones), Maoists,(read Anita Dunn)SOB's are dragging this country down the drain on an Express train bound for hell.

Fort Hood! All the libtards all have their panties in a wad trying to decide what kind of an act it was that was perpetrated out there, ALLEGEDLY,(my dieing ass)by Major Asswipe Hasan. Should it have been called a criminal act they ponder? Should it be called an act of, horrors, terrorism? Geez what can we do to make this sound oh so politically correct without using that banned "T" word? Ah yes,obama has replaced the "T" word with,"OVERSEAS CONTINGENCIES OPERATIONS!!! Overseas? In Texas? What an ass!! Oh yeah they have finally settled on something to call it. It shall be henceforth know as "the manifestation of the conflict of his inner soul and religious beliefs with the actual facts of his life"!IT IS NOT HIS FAULT! IT IS OURS!!!

Well let me put it to you in the light that I perceive it. He is a natural born United States citizen serving in the Military of his country. He took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States. He did that wearing the uniform of the US. He then picked up a couple of guns,went to a place where he knew there would be lots of undefended people,climbed up on a table and began killing as many of these folks as he could! About ten minutes of uninterrupted murder!

There is NO PROBLEM naming his actions, it was purely and simply and act of premeditated TREASON!! That was easy huh? Now the penalty for treason when this country is at war is DEATH!! NO EQUIVOCATION!!! DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD! That's after his Military Tribunal. And tell you what, I'll supply the bullet, the gun, and the person to pull the trigger on the low life, no good Son Of A Bitch! TIFN