What Now?

So the Obomamessiah is now installed in office and holds all of our lives, dreams, and hopes for our kids in his and the Pelosi/Reid/Dodd/Frank/Schumer cabals hands. So what's the outlook for all of we little Joe the Plumber types? I have no idea what the hell is going to happen to us all here on BI. The way everyone talks, the economy is going to deteriorate even more over the next year or more. So what are we who live on an Island whose sole reason to exist is predicated on the premise of catering to people who have lots of cash they want to spend? Or at least that is my perception of what has been going on for the last 30 years! My business, the ferry, every shop owner and restaurant, every single construction worker/owner,we are all here for one reason. Does anyone in their right mind think that we could sustain the annual budget we have incurred based solely on the income that would be generated by our people if there were no "tourists" to come and feed our coffers? What industry of any sort is there here on BI that could generate that sort of taxable income? The answer is ZERO! Fishing is dead and gone for the foreseeable future, and "Forward looking" entities in power want to limit even more so that only the large corporations would be able to field a fleet of boats. Farming? Who has the land to do that anymore on a viable basis? Who is going to buy the produce of that farm? Where are they going to get the money?

Maybe by the end of this coming summer there will be some telling indications of just how bad it is going to be. But I tell you I am NOT optimistic about the future of this Island as a viable community! It seems to me that one whole hell of a lot of these McMansions that have been built, or are being built on the money all those 'smart' banking investors made are going to start defaulting on their loans unless they were all paid for with cash right from the beginning! I just can't seem to swallow the fact that only the well monied folks who chose to buy and built out here will be exempt from all the problems now being incurred. I just can't believe that ONLY these folks who came here, were astute enough not to be embroiled with these loser banks!

I asked a real estate broker the other day, facetiously, how the rentals for the coming summer were progressing? What he said kind of astounded me! He told me, I know not whether truthfully or not, that his firm only had a couple of places that were not totally rented for the entire summer! I just found that hard to swallow, and didn't know what to say except that I hoped that the same was true of all his peers rentals. I just kind of find it really hard to believe that the people are still going to be coming in the numbers of the previous years when all around us hundreds and thousands of workers are losing their jobs as big name companies are closing their doors and going out of business!! All these folks with NO JOBS are going to have the disposable income to come over here on the boat and buy $5 hot dogs and $8 dollar hamburgers? NOT!

I continue to see only slowly increasing gloom and doom until all these wonderful leaders and officials who got us into this mess turn the tide and reverse the trend. And THAT is not going to happen! It was these Idiots, Frank and Dodd, who had oversight of the two committees that were supposed to keep a tight rein on the banking community, instead completely released their hold on them and in fact encouraged and demanded that they go ahead with their ruinous plans to let every person who wanted a house could have one, even those with NO ABILITY to pay for the damned thing! All so that they, the Idiots could stand there and say, "look at us, we are doing great things for the 'little guy'! Well thanks a lot assholes! We all notice that you ran and hid under a rock when the shit hit the fan, and there you cower to this day, denying any culpability in the mess we are in! Yes we know your mantra by heart, "BUSH DID IT"!

So here we are on our little rock, up to our necks in poo while we wait for the Pink Unicorns farting stacks of cash to arrive from the Obama cabal! (I stole that line). Well I'm waiting but not holding my breath. In the meantime, I'm planting a big arsed garden and sharpening up my shooting skills in anticipation of depleting the deer herd next winter to feed my family! We are not going to see the end of this disaster for years I do believe. Hows it going with all you folks out there? TIFN