Whitehouses' Senate floor speech

I couldn't stand to watch this asswipe making speech's when he was running for office just because of the way he appeared to talk down to all we retards who live in this state. But after his despicable rant about all of us who don't approve of the OHC bill as being a bunch of rightwing zealots, Nazi's, birther's, Aryan nation adherents, and other assorted nasty types of people, this 'THING' has to be gotten rid of at the first opportunity! This outright socialistic SOB HAS TO GO! He NEEDS to be a one term senator. This guy is a no good scumbag of the first degree, and we certainly DO NOT need any more "leaders of his ilk" in office any more.

I can't believe that one of our Senators from what used to be a great little state would say such a thing! The idiot has a law degree! You'd think that would make him a little smarter than the average guy, but look at his apparent role model, BHO! The jerk that thinks we have 57 states in this Union! Well maybe we do if you count the "states of, confusion, corruption,elitism, spendthrift ism, sorry-assed-ism" and a few more that escapes right at the moment.

The people of this State really do need to get their heads out of their asses and check out just exactly what the last 50 years of dumocrats have done to this place. They will vote for ANY corrupt, crooked, thieving bastard that decides he needs his turn at the public money trough just because he has a big capital "D" in front of his name! What have they done FOR us in the last 50 years that did not also line their pockets to the tune of millions?

Take a good look at the infrastructure of this state and ask yourself why a bridge or an overpass or a piece of road gets built and then there is never a single damned bit of preventative maintenance done to it? Take a ride over the new Newport Bridge and take a good look at all the rust that is already apparent to anyone who would look. Guess the people whose job that is are all too busy up at the state house lobbying for higher wages instead of actually doing their jobs.

Governor Carceri tries to do something about reducing the out of control budget and all the mayors do is complain about their piece of the dole that is going to be taken away or reduced. They do nothing about it from down at their level. They and all the state senators and reps are the cause of the problem so let them fix it! Yeah right! Don't hold your breath or you'll die of suffocation!



Sam said...

Hey, you call them like you see them Ev, this turkey Whitehouse calls them like he sees them too!

I have to admit that Whitehouse certainly sounded like a drunk goofball when he uttered those hateful words ... but really that's the same effect of Limbaugh, Beck, Armey, and Palin, who drop more stink bombs than any other source I know.

And Sen. Whitehouse had a point until he blew it at the end, that the GOP has been relegated to a tattered party of "No" without any real leadership, vision, inclusiveness, or compromise. It's mostly hardliners battling about who can be the most extreme conservative, a fool's errand IMHO.

Hey, youse guys elected your liberal screwball, not me!

Happy New Year,

Everett said...

No! Not me! I did not vote for that turkey!

Sam said...

I didn't mean to say ya did, Ev. And I wasn't trying to advocate that Whitehouse creep.

It's tough being a moderate in between these "Tea Baggers" and screaming Obama commies.

Whatever happened to the middle of the road?

I dunno ... I'm getting sick and tired of all the extremists, of any kind. Enviro extremists, Muslim extremists, Tea Bag extremists, health care extremists, it is all sickening.

Fire them all - that's good advice, Ev!

Old NFO said...

Concur Ev... 2 cycles and we get a fresh start...