A Needful Organisation

Is there out here on our little Island a, "people friendly" group that is in need of a few bucks? I know there are lots of organisations that are always needing money for one thing or another. I am looking for one along the lines of the Mary D fund. One that will take what ever money they make and use it for the people that are in dire need. This could also include individuals who have the need. Now why do I ask this you may inquire? Well basically I, 'yam wot I yam, a HAM"! My wife and I, as well as a few others with a musical bent, have been talking for the last couple of years about getting together and putting on a strictly country /western show of songs no newer than 40 years old!! Hell I can't even figure out what these new guys are talking about! But them "ole fellers" knew what to talk about, you know, the guy that ran off with your girlfriend, wife, horse, truck, dog!! What ever!

So we thought it would be fun to do this, and to make some money for needy others at the same time. So if you have any ideas for recipients etc. post them here and if you are of the musical bent and would like to get up there in front of all your friends and make a fool/ass of yourselves like we do on regular occasions, just sign up. WE thought we would try to keep it to ten to twelve singers,or groups, so that each could give full voice to four or five songs in each of a couple of sets. If you don't care to leave your name here, you can email me at elittle@verizon.net, or use that other thing called a telephone. If we get enough interest, maybe we will try to do it this summer when there are lots of folks with deep pockets around. Ukelele's welcome! TIFN