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Well it has been a month since the last post, and that particular turkey didn't garner much interest. Or if it was only those in education who read it, they knew when to keep quiet!

So in regards to the header, It was back in 1975 that I took the money that I had been putting into a retirement fund and got it put in a 401k account. The amount of dollars at the time was about $65K. That was a hell of a lot of money then as well as now. Over the intervening 34 years I have watched it go as high as $237k and I figured that my four kids would have a nice little nest egg to divide up after I had gone to the big "Hangar in the Sky". Well then along came the dot com bust and there went a little over one half of it. Over the last few years due to a lot of reasons that I'm not smart enough to figure out, it has finally dropped to a figure somewhat less than the amount I originally started with! Pretty soon as it finally gets to zero, I wonder if they, the Vanguard group, are going to have the balls to call and ask if I will be putting in the highest amount allowed this year. I think it is $3k. Well I'm pretty sure that I WILL BE getting a call from the big O telling me that I had better make my annual contribution or else! He needs the money I keep giving away so that he can hand it over too some lazy SOB hanging around on a street corner in Chi town or Detroit selling drugs to his "friends and relations"!

Oh did I say something politically incorrect? Silly me. Tough! I'm sick and tired of all the pussy footing around. The guy is a complete dip shit! I see now that he is telling everyone that ALL the problems were caused by GWB and he just inherited them. Well if he keeps on believing that his presidency is going to tank just about the same time as my non-existent "retirement fund". Does this ass KNOW ANYTHING about economics? I sure don't but all those people who do just keep right on saying this stimulus bullshit, err, make that "pelosi" instead of bull ****, is not going to work. As proof we all watched as the stock market fell below the 7k mark yesterday. Even me with my little pea brain has figured out that is not good. But The O thinks it is good as it will eventually be the death of the free market system and the beginning of the "Elites of America's" new order of Socialism that they have been so assiduously working towards for the last 50 years or more.

I think I'll go strangle a chicken and have it for dinner. Maybe I'll make believe it is a guinea hen and release some of my pent up emotions. TIFN



Anonymous said...

IT's clear obama knows very little about econ. He insists on flying in face of history and common sense. This is about grapping power and changing our country into I don't know what. When people are scared it's easy to mold them. LIberals always look for victims and someone to blame, to divert attention from their true agenda.

Everett said...

Just sitting here reading the comment when I heard on the TV that Teddy Kennedy is receiving a Knighthood from the Brit govt. or Queen not sure which! Is that the absolute depths of depravity? Honoring someone 'cause his daddy was an Irish drug Lord,(alcohol), and he is a chicken shit killer.Wow! That's just disgusting. He is now to be addressed as Sir Teddy, Lady Killer extraordinaire! The Brits have finally sunk as low as you can go. I winder how much it cost to buy that little title?

Sam said...

Gosh Everett, you used to sound so "just right of center" and I liked and respected that a lot as an Independent. Since the Election you got like a bunch of my redneck friends down here, dang near hard radical right. I'm being honest here.

Sure, Obama has much to be desired as a statesman and he hired a bunch of Yankee and Clinton hard-leftie Democrats, but I don't see impending Armageddon unless the economy falls apart soon, which would be hard to blame on an administration with less than a few months under its belt.

It's the same exact argument that GW Bush did not "cause" the recent recession all by himself - I don't see how Obama could do much worse when just out of the starting gate.

I guess you've changed but we'll always love ya. Like I said many times, I try to spend my energy on making LOCAL things better because I can't control what the big cheeses say at the federal and state levels. And by golly, some of what I helped get done locally really worked!

That's called fun, community involvement, and progress. Our local election code prohibits folks from running on a political party, which is even better. Just about anything that comes out of Washington is no good, Everett, so we do the best we can in our little spot of Earth. -sam

Anonymous said...

Well I think that you should stop reading, all the doomsday blogs, about the terrible state of our nation. At the rate you are going you are gonna blow a gasket, and what good will that do.. Try to think a little more positive. We all know you are a closet "O" fan... lol...
You should stick to local stuff, it is way more interesting. On this blog anyway.. We all know it's a big crap storm out there.. So come on be a big fish in our little pond. Rather than a krill in the big bad scary ocean....Now easy ......Yikes >;^)

Old NFO said...

Ev- Agree! My 401k is now a 101.25K I'm gonna be working when I'm 90! At this point, I'm just waiting to see which of the two dozen shoes is going to fall next...

Sam said...

Closet "O" fan, gee, you make me sound like a pervert with a basement closet full of dirty magazines, porn on the computer, and jars of Vaseline! LOL ...

As a true independent with a right-of-center libertarian streak, I call them as I see them. As as Everett himself said a bazillion times, the US Congress is what got us into this mess, both parties, and the current economy had its roots decades ago.

So I can see why Everett doesn't like Ted Kennedy, not only because he's a Boston Dem (as opposed to a moderate) but also because he's a major player in the universally hated Congress. Give him a medal and ask him to step aside, maybe.

So stop blaming "the liberals." About 30 percent of American voters are Democrats, about 30 percent are Republicans, and 40 PERCENT OF ALL AMERICANS ARE INDEPENDENTS.

Got that? And we as independents think both extremes suck. Many independents voted for McCain, which is why the popular vote was relatively close. Many independents voted for Obama because McCain was seen as an old "crazy uncle" who abandoned the middle to appease the Hard Right.

Funny how now the Republicans are battling over what to do, with Steele and Rush Limbaugh duking it out to see who makes less sense. They don't seem to have a clue, other than Obama sucks. Helluva way to run a railroad, folks, and doesn't make any sense to the Silent Majority, that 40 percent in the middle.

I do feel sorry for the GOP but they don't get much sympathy for their pissy attitude. When Bush was elected after Clinton, Dems just seemed to quietly vanish into the woods. You folks want to biatch, moan, whine, scream, cry, rant, and throw tantrums like an autistic 8 year old kid.

Play with the big dogs you ask - and you shall receive.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, take a chill pill, Anon 10:56 was talking to Everett. But thanks for the good laugh. Dems not bitching about Bush? all I heard for 8 years was "selected not elected" and similar trash.

Everett said...

I think when I mail in my tax return this year I'm going to send a letter with it declining to pay any of those VOLUNTARY INCOME TAXES for the next year. I'll put it in an escrow account and if I feel the gov't did a good job at the end of the year I'll send it in all in a lump sum. That way maybe I can make a buck or two in interest on it before I have, err, volunteer to give it up. Think that will work or am I going to have a few visitors? I don't own anything except an old 94 car. So let them throw us all in jail and they can feed, house, and medically care for us! I won't have to pay a dime! Oh by the way, did you notice that the big O just doubled the foreign aid amount? They can't give the money to the poor in this country but they have no qualms about giving it to every one else. Yeah I must be a red neck if that means I get pissed that our tax dollars are given away to every body else. Seen any of those folks sending us a little stimulus money lately? Ever? A little help for Katrina vic's? Iowan's who were flooded out? Tornado vic's? I don't think so!
No I don't blame O for all the economic problems, but his minions who had control of the congress for the last two years did absolutely NOTHING to mitigate the problems, and EVERYTHING to obstruct any thing that would have maybe fixed the oncoming problems! But no, they were to damned busy trying to cut GWB off at the knees to do anything constructive. Destructive is their MO.
Well we will just sit back, raise three or four dozen chickens for eating and half a dozen piggies for some bacon and some "pork" of our own doing, and work in my half acre garden to feed me and mine and see what happens. In four years at the rate he is going Mr. O's hole is going to be so deep neither he nor us will be able to climb out of it for years!


Everett said...

No Sam I don't dislike Teddy because he is a Boston liberal or any other political reason.
I hate the son of a bitch because he is a MURDERING BASTARD who killed a girl and got clean away with it BECAUSE of his daddy's pol buddies and a truck load of money! Money really does talk and it let this scum sucking pig off the hook where he should be hanging! Think either you or I would have served some time if it had been one of us. He is just a perfect example of the "Monied Elite" who rule this country and will continue to do so till we get up off our knees and throw them the hell out! Something the Mass-asses just can't seem to do! They love their "Royalty"! He and Barney.

Sam said...

Well at least I'm good for a few chuckles and laughs around here, and Everett I think you proved my point although you tried to make it like it was only a Chappequidick thing, and anybody else would probably be up on murder charges.

The rules of the game are that we shouldn't talk family though. If old man Joe Kennedy cornered the Scotch and nickel markets like a thief, old man Bush gave millions to the Nazis prior to WWII to support companies like Opel, which were making Panzer tanks. And Willy Clinton's family ... folks let not go there, it ain't pretty!

OK, I'll tell a true story about Slick Willy Clinton because I'm an independent and hate them all. Willy was a trial lawyer involved in Superfund cases where hazardous waste trucks from Texas and Louisiana were dumping nasty chemicals in the virgin forests of Arkansas - empty them right on the ground. He defended the trucking companies and made a ton of money, many millions that spurred him to run for Governor of that state.

We all know the rest of the story. Willy ended up cheating on Hillary his girlfriend before the second date, they ended up buying that toxic land for a development known as "Whitewater," and then was elected President of the United States.

See, I can provide some amusement around here, right?

Sam said...

Hey Everett, cat got your tongue? You must be planting your Obama garden by now ... but I'm surprised you ain't been squawking lately.


Anonymous said...

Overseas Contingency Operation?!!!This is really getting ridiculous...Don't worry about providing the comic relief Sam, the administrations doing it for you!

Anonymous said...

Obama stands for "Oh Boy Another Mess Again!

Sam said...

Whoa I trolled up two Anon posts on that one, although no score on Everett. I love offshore fishing yes I do!

As to Obammy, hey it's refreshing to see something different from that jackass Junior Bush we had for 8 years, a national disgrace. There again, I don't know of many Republicans who supported him in his last years ... lawd that was pitiful.

Must be frustrating to have to wait 4 years for a Presidential election or maybe an impeachment. Deal with it. STFU. As to Obama making the moderates uneasy, people like me, yes he has, end of story. -sam