Does any one still read this thing?

Been quite a while since I've written anything. Garden is all done, Pigs have gone to piggy heaven, and half of the turkey's have all attended a Thanksgiving dinner. The last batch is waiting in the wings for the week before Xmas.

I keep waiting in vain for the people of this country to open their eyes to just what is going on and just how fast they are losing a lot of their rights. This administration continues to trample the Constitution on a daily basis.

I am very disheartened, and if the next election cycle goes the way of the last three or four, we can all put our heads between our knees and kiss our asses goodbye!  The people need to go to the polls and do away with every single person in both Houses of the Congress. All the old RINO'S need to be dispossessed as well as their counterparts on the other side of the aisle!

Oh by the way, just why is it that seven to eight percent of the people who are atheists, get to dictate to the other ninety three percent  about how we have to life our lives?  When are we finally going to stand up and tell them to just shut up, sit down, and be quiet? This PC crap is rapidly undermining the whole social structure of this country.  I'm not a religious person per se, more of the agnostic bent, but as I was growing up I was exposed to people who lived their lives according to the golden rules, and much of any morality that I do posses came to me through the interactions with these people. Friends, Neighbors, Family members all had a hand in shaping who I am today.

OBTW it really is OK to say "Merry Christmas"!!! So do it, a lot!! End of today's rant. TIFN


Update to the last post

Well the first of the thirteen eggs we set earlier this month has hatched out to a cute little turkey. There are five more of his/her brethren in the process of pecking themselves out of their Calcium Cottages. Hopefully the rest will finish in due time.

Made a new purchase last week and it got here just in time. The four females Narragansetts seem to have taken on the task of repopulating the Island all by themselves. Between them all we collected sixty (60) eggs from various nests and have started them in the  new incubator so that they will all hatch at approximately the same time. we will be up to our tushies in turkies as there are already 22 in the sliding cage. I accidentally  killed one of them when He got caught under the cross bar and I turned him into a turkey pancake. Won't make that same mistake twice! So with the 22 there, the 16 hatching on the kitchen table, and the 60 in the new incubator, that comes to 98 if I added it right.  But the good thing is that 12 of them are spoken for already.

The Cauliflower row is my first failure of this season. I guess I brought them outside a bit too early even though they were ensconced in hoop houses covered with Agribon. To stressful an as a result they all "bolted for the sky". I had just tied up the leaves over the heads to keep the blanched. NOT!  So I moved on down to my #2 raised bed and planted three more short rows and hopefully we will have some at the end of the summer to pickle and enjoy fresh.

All the tomatoes look like a mangrove jungle! I can't even walk between rows. They are covered in small tomatoes and tons of flowers. After the last hard rain I mixed up a batch of Enz-Rot, 2 tsps. to a gallon of water and sprayed them all till they dripped to try and get some calcium absorbed.

All the Golden Bantam corn, an heirloom variety, and another hybrid have all come up and are past the stage of being pulled by crows.That is if they survive the hail of #5 bird shot sure to engulf them! I also planted a bunch of northwestern Blue Hubbard squash. These are about 15 pound ones, NOT the 40 pound monsters we used to grow as kids.

Piggies are doing well and are now almost up to my size!  In another couple of months  they will be ready to be retired to the chest freezers in various basements. TIFN

OBTW, has anyone opened their eyes and seen just what it is our illustrious presidente has done and is doing to this country? Just wondering!!


What's happening down on the pseudo farm?

Here we are in the almost full bloom of summer and we are diligently trying to bring down the levels of frozen food in four different freezers. They still hold the remnants of two pigs who had been turned into various forms of sausage, breakfast, sweet and hot Italian, Cajun. Then there was also the home cured honey/maple syrup bacon that still needs to be savored. All the various cuts of meat that come from a piggy have all been slowly disappearing. We made in the vicinity  of 850-900 lbs of various types of sausage/keilbasa etc using a fifty/fifty mix of venison and pork fat and meat! It is absolutely delicious!

After we had dispatched all the piggies we turned our attention to the approximately 25 Narragansett turkeys that we had been raising all summer and fall. They mostly went into the freezer with all their bodily parts still intact. Three or four were split in half before freezing and the remainder were put in our new 100 pound smoker and processed for almost 24 hours. Now there is some fine eating. I think they lasted a grand total of a week or so!

So about the 10th of April we had our next batch of piggies show up for a summer of leisure in the Taj     Mahal of pig sty's. There, they get to lie about in the sun working on their tan, all the while dining on the finest that the Depot, BIG, OPOBS, and  my pocket book can provide. They came as young and svelte piggies of about 30 pounds and have begun their middle age spread. They are about 130/150 right now but will probably be about 280/300 by the time they expire.

The four female Narragansett's have so far contributed about 25 live birds out of almost 80 laid. Thirteen were hatched just four days ago and then that heavy all night rain came and they all died from hypothermia from the water running right  through their nest! Bummer! Mom has commenced laying another brood. We also have another batch of 16 incubating on the kitchen table from one of the others who lays the eggs but disdains setting on them for 28 days! So we called TPS,(Turkey Protective Services) and they let us foster them. Well at least till November/December.

So the total garden is all in and doing well. Nothing to do now but keep after the weeds and bugs and other pests. Did get six high bush blueberry bushes planted this year. Also planted twelve Georgia Jet sweet potatoes, of which only nine survived the transplant ordeal. These are good winter keepers and should last throughout most of the winter in a nice cool environment.

Got the usual assortment of sauce and eating tomatoes coming along really well. The Pontiac Red potatoes should be ready by 4 July potato salad. The Kennebec's were started two weeks after the others and will be the fall/winter keepers as they will stay snuggled in their dirt beds till the tops have died and gone to veggie heaven.

All kinds of other stuff going well like, bush beans,  Pinto's, Red Kidney's for storing, cukes, winter and summer squash, peas, okra  carrots, beets, two kinds, and various other green eatables.

Well, it will soon be time to start canning and dehydrating another years worth of yummies to get us through the troubling times a coming! TIFN


obama gets the shaft instead of us for a change!

Well it looks like after five or six years of constant lying, cheating and trying to steal peoples rights, the chickens are coming home to roost for the crookedest president in the history of this country. We've had some pretty well bent ones, but none have been as nefarious in their actions as this useless turd!

The only thing this man does well is to board big old jet planes and fly all over the country still in campaign mode. He spends all his time perpetrating his idiotic ideas to a group of people who don't have two brain cells to rub together. If they did possess those cells, they would be distancing themselves from this lowlife as fast as they could.

It looks like that although the head of CBS has a sibling who works in the Whitehouse for obummer, and who has been in wholesale cover-up mode for the thug-in-charge, he has finally come to his senses and is letting his minions begin to report on some of the most disastrous shenannigans of this idiot. Although I did hear today that he is trying to fire Sheryl Atkinsson for doing it to well I guess.

For the first time in five+ years we are seeing reporters actually wondering if the obamamessiah has come to the end of his run, and that it may just be time to abandon this sinking, stinking, ship of fools!

I am sitting here every day, turning on the TV early in the morning, only to hear of some other scandal in this administration. "Scandal"is too soft an adjective for the egregious actions of many of these people who barry o. has put in positions of authority. "Treasonous" fits the deeds much better. Firing squad would be the correct  end if the charges all prove to be correct.

Already the first head has rolled as the head of the IRS has been fired, as he should rightly have been. Hopefully they will remove his oh so willing subordinates as well. The whole place needs a hoeing out and all the entrenched bureaucrats need to be put out on their asses! As is the case with all the long time government workers!

Can hardly wait for the next treasonous act to be uncovered! TIFN


Response to Mr. Mellors ltr. to BI Times 1/11/13

The Editor,
Mr. Mellor 'Evidently" didn't read the short paragraph immediately above the one where the term 'warped outlook' was used. It contained a couple of computer links that he could have read. If he, or any other person, rational or irrational, thinks that a gun can leap up off the table and kill someone unassisted, then I'd say that person has a warped outlook. You must have heard this before, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people". Every single gun I have ever run across in my lifetime has been an inanimate object. They have just lain there until someone picked them up and manipulated their working parts!!
I, and most other “rational thinking” people would be all for a mental health background check to weed out all these 'mental cases' who have perpetrated virtually all of the mass murders. BUT, That would go against the liberal, elitist cognoscente's invasion of privacy that they “value” so highly, but are so incogitant in their daily infringement of same on other people. You know, we of the lower intelligence quotient.

Well, as usual the liberal mindset leaps to the fore and reformats what I said to fit their agenda. I said, “these two internet sites 'just may' be an inspiration for someone with an open mind and a rational thought process —— blah blah". I think you are taking the commentary from the TV talking heads who are known for their totally unbiased outlook and getting them confused with my own personal views.
You have to read the whole thing, and respond in the same context. A good journalist doesn't cherry pick comments and or utterances, and then re-context them to suit his own purposes.
I've read the sentence a dozen times and can find no rational interpretation of those words that only, "rational people think as I do".
If you are of the mindset that this country is doing just fine under the present administration of liars, cheats, tax evaders, thieves and outright crooks, then you are right about the universal suffrage, only it didn't work this time around and the 51% are finally beginning to figure that out albeit too late! Witness all those non taxes that are now hitting us.

I cannot for the life of me understand why you folks of the left keep trying to rush headlong into the very selfsame predicament and servitude that the Germans, Russian, Italians of WWII placed themselves in as well as the Chinese,and many of the far eastern nations of today and the last sixty years find themselves. Under the boot of tyrants and all because they willingly let themselves be disarmed and so have no means of fighting back. About the only reason I can come up with, is that you plan on being the ones holding the whips.

Oh by the way, I find it kind of hysterically incongruous that it is totally okay with you, of the

deer eradication folks, that we should be able to have all the guns we need or want to shoot

the absolutely defenseless deer, but a human being on Block Island and in the rest of the

USA should be prevented from owning guns of any kind, in order to protect them selves from

a predatory government, should one arise, or any member of the total inventory of the

common, vulturine, rapacious, two legged kind of homo-sapien-crookus! The really sad part of

the whole commentary is that every crook, 'bad guy' and politician will have all the guns they

want and YOU won't have ANY!! Everett R Littlefield USN Ret.


Who is it, that is in with the Soros United Nations Agenda 21 World Domination Fund?

Why folks  that would be Google, Coke, Bank of America, Exxon, Wally World as well as these Ex-notables. Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mussolini, and every other tin pot dictator that believed that disarming the populace was the only way to control them!

And it is true and it worked for a while in most cases. FOR A WHILE!  Now all these "elites" in their own minds anyway, have decided that we should  be the next country to succumb to their whims and be totally disarmed and at their mercy. After all they are the 'preferred people'! Again in their own estimation.

Actually each and every one of them certifiably insane. Why do I say that? Because one of the definitions  of insane is; "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result"! And they are so absolutely sure of their premise, they cannot stop themselves from engaging in it!!

Just read somewhere that the Bank of Amerika told a gun seller that they didn't like him selling gun parts on the Internet so they were going to hold up processing the companies deposits! I am glad to report that the company immediately withdrew every dime from them and put it in a locally run and operated bank. That is just what to do folks, bring your money back to the local economy.

I have bought my last Coke, didn't like it anyway, been in Walmart for the last time, buy only gasoline from Valero, and just switched my browser from google to Yahoo.  Oh yeah, and all you folks who are NOT in love with progressivism, Cloward -Piven and Keynesian economics, buy your car/truck insurance from the little green gecko guy and not the painted face geisha from PROGRESSIVE!  The owner derives great glee from telling folks that he just loves the fact that all those conservatives keeps giving him money so that he can help fund all the liberal agendas!

I think I am going to go back to drinking again and live in a funky haze for whatever time I have left TIFN   Need to go take a few deep breaths!