Pelosi's Peccadillio

"The Nancy" told us all during the last election process that she was going to "clean up" the congress and stop all these "earmarks" during the first 100 hours of her reign. Well that actually happened, but it only lasted for four months! Her fellow crooks in congress led by big John Murtha just had the word put out to the troops that it was ok to go back to "porking", just don't add it to the pending bills till just before they are to come up for debate in the House and Senate! Then there is only ONE HOUR allowed to discuss the bill before the vote! Not enough time to discredit the flagrant ones before the vote MUST be taken according to the house rules! So all her name calling of the folks on the other side of the isle is just that, blathering! She has shown her true colors AGAIN, by allowing this, nay encouraging this ability of her cohorts to stick their hands in your pockets and just TAKE whatever amount of money they feel entitled too on that particular day! Her "stripe" is no different that the rest of the crooks in Congress, R or D! So I say again, at the next election and the two following that, DO NOT RE-ELECT ANY INCUMBENT!! That place needs a through house cleaning. Right on down too the office personnel who run the place day to day. Comments anyone??