Fruits on BI-

NO! Not that kind! This has no relation to the last post.

This time I'm talking about the kind that grow on trees. This has been one exceptional year for all kinds of fruit trees. I have two different kinds of plumb trees and they put out bumper crops this summer. Also the peach tree that usually only has a few small and diseased looking examples, has been loaded with peaches as big as any you could buy at the store! And they tasted even better.

After riding all over the Island on my little "Mope-a-dope" (moped)and partaking of at least one apple from all those hanging over the road, and some in peoples back yard, it has to be noted that they are generally, much larger than usual, sweeter, even the ones supposed to NOT be, and with far less surface blemishes than most other years!

So why is that happening this time? I haven't seen anyone out spraying or pruning them. I'm thinking it has to do with the dry summer we have had and not much else! Anybody else got an idea or two?