Invitation to Herr Spier

As is usually the case, nay, always the case, whenever a letter arrives in the paper that is at odds with the preconceived ideas of Mr. Spier, he takes it upon himself in his inimitable style to try and prove to his other admirer-er, that his view is the only correct one and all others are deeply flawed and suspect. It must be tough to live on such a small Island and not be able to find others of the same towering intellect to converse with in a rational and reasonable manner. So in the interim I guess the next best thing is to cast aspersions of mental deficiency on anyone who dares depart from the norm of the elitists among us.

So while we are using quotes from famous folks lets try and not let this one pass. It is also from Mr. Spiers first choice of mentors, Mr. Ghandi to wit;
- Many people imagine that they alone are right and everyone else wrong, and they do not consider that there is anything unworthy in forcing their point of view down other's throats. This error has to be rectified. If we are in the right, we must have infinite patience.

“August sources”? Although I am an agnostic, I'll give you Jesus and Buddha, but no way in hell will I give you Mohammed! And if you are not completely obtuse you will know why. While I was out there circumnavigating the oceans of the world, courtesy of Uncle Sam, I had hundreds of hours to read from cover to cover both the Bible and the Koran/Quran, plus a few hundred others as well.

You “suspect” very wrongly that my rhetoric is the product of Glen Becks TV program. I have seen about a total of 3-4 hours of his shows. So you are totally wrong on at least that one count, and who knows how many more. Oh I would love to hear your “moral and ethical rebuttals” of our positions. They will most likely have all been espoused before by all those sites listed below and your endeavors will be naught but a repeat and rehash of the same failed policies and ideas. You do so love to denigrate and demean other people in public arenas, witness your years on the Zoning board, and your most recent missive to this paper.

And I also could “fill the newspaper with facts, figures, and argument” to support my positions. From sources a lot more ethical than the NYT, the WashPo, Media Matters, The Huffington Post, The Daily Koz, Code Pink, and on and on ad nauseum. What is that old saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? That is why I read those idiots!

Do you really want to do this debate in a forum where quite a few people will see it? Well I will give you the opportunity to avail yourself of that forum which is already in place and has been for six and one half years. Seeing as you deem this newspapers “Letters to the Editor”column to be an inappropriate location for said conversation, hie yourself to this spot on the internet, www.islandvoice.blogspot.com and there you may vent till your heart is content! You bring your numbers and I'll bring mine. We'll keep this list of topics you enumerated by the computer so as not to miss any of the subjects of which you think Bob Zeringo and I are so totally deficient in.

And for your edification, as most people are not wont to write letters to the editor for fear of being the subject of one of your hurtful tirades against them, in the course of the last two to three weeks I have had quite a lot of people either call, drop a note in the mail, or approach me on the street/store/post office to tell me that they approved most heartily of what I had written!

See you in the ether, but please, don't come as, Anonymous! Everett R Littlefield

ED. Please feel free to cut out anything you deem necessary as I am going to post this on my blog also. Just put a note at the end that the full text can be found there. I am, as are so many others before me, sick and tired of being on the receiving end of that mans oh so subtle invective! Thanks, Everett.


New Ventures

Well my "three little piggies" are all getting bigger! One will be just about right when Labor Day arrives. He will then be off for a days rest and recreation while turning slowly on the newly prepared spit while suspended over a lovely bed of red hot coals! The other two guys are going to have to wait till late fall to become "stock" in the new freezer.

One of the "chllds" and myself are going to try our hand at making various types of sausages this winter. Venison and pork with the right spices makes for a very tasty breakfast sausage. We have lots of other ideas of what to put inside those casings. We finally have all the accoutrement's of the process on hand and are now just waiting for that tender young deer to jump on the table.

And then just to see if we can do It , I have located and accumulated all the tools necessary to make our own cheese. Going to start out with a nice hard cheddar, and then have a go at making a mascarpone. Then I won't feel so bad eating it knowing I didn't shell out most of a ten dollar bill for 8 ounces. Yeah Yeah I know, after buying the needed stuff that first one will probably be closer to $100 for the first 8 ounces. But then it gets cheaper and cheaper the more we use the tools!

I'll let you all know how things turn out,or not!

OBTW, only got 5 answers on the blog previous, but for the last 10/12 days of meeting folks on the street, in the store, walking/riding around, there have been close to 50 folks who have stopped me to thank me for putting that letter in the paper two weeks ago. One guy, facetiously I'm sure suggested I send copies to the NYT and the WSJ. Which I did but we all know what they did with 'em! Can we all say "asswipe" together now?

Guess I'll go cut up some baby calf 4th stomach and get one of my cheese ingredients to marinading!