I'm Ba a c k!

Well I managed to survive the full on open heart surgery which consisted of a double bypass and an aortic valve replacement. Didn't I say all that in the previous post? oh well, old age do creepth up on me.

I'd like to thank all the folks who sent cards to me in the hospital and the rehab center as well as emails on my iPad and the dozens of phone calls to the old homestead on the Island wishing me well through my wife of 50 years. She wrote them all down!

She and Russell and Kirk have been tending to all the animals in my absence. I thought as soon as I got back here I would be able to take the jobs back, but have since found out that I have about as much tensile strength as a well cooked piece of spaghetti! Well past the al dente stage!

So I guess I'm relegated to the post of "watching it all happen while sitting on my ass" for another 5-6 weeks.

For those interested, all the baby chicks we hatched on the dining room table have since moved over to the chicken coop with their parents and I assume they will soon begin to lay eggs of their own. That is with the exception of their four brothers who have gone to chicken heaven,(my freezer).

The 16 raised from egg Narragansett turkeys, have joined their 10 brethren from the Murray McMurray hatchery in the turkey run and are gorging themselves on the delicious food supplied to them for free. They are growing well and should be well rounded just before Thanksgiving arrives. I hope we  have something to be thankful for, as in obama sent back to Kenya or Indonesia!!

DA Piggies. After the slow start of the spring and the scours they all had two or three times they are now putting on weight pretty fast. Could it be a weekly dose of bagels from an un-named source, and trash can after can  of veggies from two or three sources.  All contributing to their girth increases. Looks like there will be a nice dose of honey or maple cured bacon to sustain us through the winter.

And so sayth Gen McArthur,  I shall return!! To bad for you guys. TIFN