One Year of the O-man

In 20 days we will have been infected for one solid year of The Great Black Hopes decidedly Marxist, Socialistic, COMMUNISTIC, agenda to destroy this country as we know it and have for the last 230 plus years! This narcissistic, totally self absorbed, idiot has brought us right to the brink of financial disaster that I'm not sure we can recover from.

Ever hear of a Nobel Prize winner, ( not that that means anything anymore) by the name of Milton Friedman? He died 3 years ago, but he wrote a book about what circumstances would bring this country to its knees and finally put it in its grave. It is called Money Mischief: Episodes in Monentary History. Well folks this book that he wrote in the 30's has become a fulfilling prophecy! All the markers and circumstances he enumerated have now all come into alignment and we are right on the verge of becoming the Zimbabwe of the western hemisphere. You know, the country in Africa where a loaf of bread yesterday sold for $10 billion Zimbabwe dollars, and tomorrow it will be $20 billion, if you can even find one to buy.

That is where we are headed when the inflation finally has reared its ugly head and taken a huge bite out of our asses! Your $100 bill may as well have the last two zeros crossed off it right now and it is only going to get worse. SO says the Oracle of BI? Me? Not likely! This all comes from people who are one hell of a lot smarter than me and Timothy Geithner! Every single economist of repute, who does not have his head firmly jammed up the ass of obama can see it coming! And yet our jet-setting president and all his," oh so smart Havard/Yale/Princeton etc.elitist advisers" cannot or rather WILL NOT recognize the indicators and do something about them. Mainly I think, because they don't have a frigging' clue! And besides Barry boy is TIRED from all his duties of playing golf, flying all around the world bowing and scraping too all the despots and other associated scumbags out there. Work? In the Oval office? What's that? I don't have time for that! I have to go to Peoria so that I can read another of my enlightened speeches off the teleprompter, to the great unwashed out there. I'll use my head swing from left to right and back with my oh so perfect chin raised "just so", so that they can admire my oh so perfect profile! God, I really do love myself!

Virtually every single promise that this ass-wipe made during the run-up to the last election has been negated or swept under the rug, or thrown under the bus! Remember the "partisan working together" one? That really happened during the Health Care thing didn't it"? How about the "I will veto ANY bill that come before me laden with pork"? The Defense Bill had only a minor amount of porky stuff in it, to the measly tune of $42 BILLION I believe it was! He signed that one so fast the pen flew out of his hand and stuck in Joe Bidens ass! BTW whatever happened to that dude? Looks like he got stowed under that same bus.

So finally back to the business at hand. Time to IMPEACH this turkey before he can do much more damage to this country.
What grounds to impeach you ask? How about a very basic premise that has yet to be resolved by ANYONE INCLUDING BARRY HIMSELF? HE still HAS NOT come up with a VALID birth certificate that says he was born on US SOIL!! The one touted to be the real one by all the non-birthers is nothing more than a real photo copy of real Hawaiian certificate that had been filled in sometime in the very recent past! This by the same people that determined that Dan Rather's witch hunt papers were fakes to!

Why has Barry boy spent over $900 million on lawyers etc. to keep people away from all his Education records from every school he has attended? What the hell is he hiding? Oh I know, during attendance taking he shouted out, "Present" then ran like hell out of the classroom and on down to Alinsky's pad, or over to Jeremiah Wright's House of God to listen to another diatribe against America!

Okay everybody, go out and join the local Tea Party or at least register as an Independent, and NOT one of either of the two parties of corruption!! Remember also, VOTE FOR NO INCUMBENT FOR THE NEXT THREE CYCLES!!! TIFN


Sam said...

Must be getting kinds nutty and coopy there on The Block! Treasonous impeachment????

As to inflation, or the likelihood of it when all this debt catches up with us, well you have a point. The Fed will jack up interest rates to cover their behinds, which will make the cost of bank notes, credit cards, and consumer goods much higher. I have no idea how long we can have ZERO interest rates for the prime rate. So I agree with that part, at least to a certain degree.

What scares me even more, though, are bubbles ... just like the mortgage bubble caused by these "smart boys" on Wall Street and the loan market. China, gold, or entire nation-states like Dubai or Greece could go FUBAR in a massive bubble.

Let's face, us humans are just that, a bunch of silly doofuses who think they're all so smart. Obviously, we're not up to the task. Heck look at the EU, the people who think they're the smartest in the world - ROFLMAO!

And thanks for backing us independents. There's no party to join ... we just avoid the overly left, right, and ultra-green. I ain't got no use for no potty, I mean political party...


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Deirdre said...

I normally don't give Marianne Williamson a lot of credit (because I think she's a little bit of a nut) but I thought this little blurb kind of mirrored your sentiment, or, at the very least sounds like something you'd appreciate.