Well this one is sure to piss off a few people, but I'm going to tell it like I see it. The Governor of RI has begun a process that just MAY spread all across this country! But not if the ACLU and all the rest of very liberal and vociferous lefties have their way.

What I'm talking about is Governor Carceri's (sp)executive order telling all employers in the State to check the citizenship status of all their employees. If they are not ALL here legally, "they are going to be deported back to where they came from"! And it is about time someone started to show some guts and take some action! The federal government doesn't seem to really do anything about the problem except mouth platitudes and pander to the lobby groups while filling everyone full of crap!

So right off the bat, the leader of the Hispanic republicans in RI quit his post in protest! Well good for him! Go and get another real job and pay some taxes if you have been or are an ILLEGAL ALIEN!

Just exactly why is it that people can just come and sneak into this country, and then take advantage of all of our social services, fill up the hospitals and schools with more illegal kids, get free medical care, food stamps, pay no taxes, and send a lot of the money back home,and when someone protests, use their NON EXISTENT, so called "rights" under OUR constitution to claim that all these things are theirs and that they are "entitled to them" just by the fact that they are here? The fact of the matter is, THEY HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHTS! In most other countries of the world, they would get kicked right out on their asses with a big boot to the aforementioned anatomical location!

I am NOT focused on just Mexican, Guatemalan, or other Central American natives. If you don't have a problem with American Indian descendants, then you shouldn't have a problem with these people either. I say that because if they are not pure blooded N/C/S Americans, they have mixed blood, and those "donors" came from Spain, Portugal, Italy and other countries in Europe that were mostly white last time I looked.

I just say to send them ALL back to their point of origin and let them do it the legal way! If it is going to take them 10 to 15 years to do it, and they don't like the waiting period, gang together in your OWN COUNTRY, and get it straightened out instead of running away! Although I guess that's what most of us did way back in the beginning! I think one of my ancestors was trying to prove he didn't kill and eat one of the Kings deer when he decided to emigrate back in the very early 1600's!

So come on Governor, don't back down from all these loud mouths who talk a good game, but when it comes time to put up (THEIR money) or shut up, they seem to fade into the woodwork! And the next time that guy from the ACLU starts running his mouth, remind him of what the 4 letters of his organisation mean, AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union!! NOT ILLEGAL Alien Civil Liberties Union! Then kick his turncoat ass out the door to!! TIFN Okay Cyber man, it's your turn. I promise I'll leave your post up!