Reality in the Mideast

I'm sure most folks are pretty well aware of just what is going on in the countries of the Mideast. Just look at all the different countries where people have finally had enough of the dictators that have been inflicted on them.

What was the First thing Hitler did to the Germans when he came to power? What did Mussolini do? How about Franco, and all the other petty dictators all over Europe and virtually the world?

Why, they took all the guns away!! Imagine that. And all the little sheeple just let them do it because they had become so enamoured of the bullshit that was driven down their throats. Then later it finally dawned on them as they were slowly being decimated for various reasons, ethnicity, color, political leanings, not enough matter between the ears!
So what could they do about it all? Not much, as they had given away all their means of self defense!

Just look what has been happening yesterday and today in Libya. People being bombed by their own military and shot down in the streets like mad dogs by their police using heavy machine guns. But sheer numbers and determination are likely to turn the tide there. Already some of the military are refusing to kill their own families, friends and countrymen! You have to be one hard hearted SOB to kill your own folks just because some syphilitic egomaniac says so.

I really am glad to see these folks rise up and try to get out from under a dictatorial regime. I just wish that they were able to use something other than machetes, pitchforks sticks and rocks to overcome their adversaries.

Now you can see folks for yourselves folks, just why all we right wing crazy gun nuts will do almost anything to hang on to our guns and ammo. This is why the so called "Gun Lobby" does all we can in Congress to stop the continual assault by the many socialist "anti gun" groups from disarming the general public!! They know that as it stands right now, that if they tried any of the methods of subjugation that have happened in these Mid-eastern countries that at least all we right wing crazies would have the means to rise up and PUT THEM IN THE GROUND!

I also don't think for one second that the US Military would stand for it to happen. Police Forces? That is a different story altogether.

OBTW, Did you know that according to the Constitution that the "Sheriffs Offices/Departments" are the ONLY legal officers of the law that we are supposed to have?

SO be not afraid folks, for as much as you have tried to disarm everyone of us, when and if the time comes when we have to come to your aid, rest assured we will be there!!! And we won't even ask what your views are on individual gun control! TIFN

Wisconsin Winners

It must be really tough when you have been on the receiving end of all the largess of other peoples money, brought to you through the good offices of your favorite labor union for all the years you have been a "public employee", only to finally face the fact that the good times are about over.

You all keep saying that you are willing to take cuts, albeit small ones, in your wages and will be willing to pay a percentage of your health care premiums. But that was brought to you in the beginning by the gross mis-use of the collective bargaining rules! So why would anyone with two grams of brain matter, believe that the very self same thing would not happen again if these onerous CB were not done away with. You keep screaming about subverting Democracy! And just what about the Democracy infringements you have inflicted on all the people who pay out of their pockets so that you get your mostly undeserved desserts?

I guess you all know that the 11th Amendment gives each of the States the sovereignty to run the matters of their state as the voters see fit. And in Wisconsin, the voters have spoken loud and clear! Each State DOES NOT have to have a Public Employees Union! So it is completely within the purview of the Governor to abolish that abomination as it IS the will of the people! Now all you lefties can rant and rave and call the Governor, The Midwest Mubarak, or Hitler, or Mussolini, but that does nothing more than show your complete ignorance. You guys are always trying to compare apples and oranges and they will never be homogeneous.

So hopefully you have all taken your ill-gotten gains and invested them in all of your messiah Obama's banks and Automobile manufacturing facilities. Or maybe there was a "Stimulus"program in your town that kept you in a few more bucks massaging, errr, managing the money till it was gone. It is probably time for most of you to join the unemployment lines and find out what real life is like when you are off the public tit, errr slop trough! TIFN