Time to raise hell here on BI

How long is it going to be before our education gets back to doing what it was originally set up to do? You know, teaching the kids how to read and write. I am talking here about penmanship. I can't read any of my grand children's writing! Well to be honest, mine is not so great either. But none of them use cursive. It is all printing! When the cursive looking letters are used, they are not connected together! It is a bunch of mostly unrelated letters marching across the page.

What ever happened to the the math programs where you learned the times tables, and how to do long division, subtraction et al? Now they teach them to use their fingers in various configurations as some kind of "digital" computers. After learning all these varied "new age" means of computation, they find it doesn't work so good in real life, and I am asked to help with a problem. Their reasoning process is so far removed from mine that I am useless as a tutor of this new crap, and I try to show them the way I was taught and which has served me well for 70+ years. Admittedly, I have to take my shoes off now and then when the numbers get above ten.

Most of the kids have no concept of money except on how to spend it to get more ipods and blueteeth and satellite radios. Where does money come from? Where can I get some other than Mom and Dad? You mean they have to GIVE money to someone for all this stuff we are eating and the clothes I've got? Damn, I thought it just appeared if I wigged and whined long and loud enough!

Science? What is that? Geography? Now there is an UNKNOWN AND FORGOTTEN subject! Kids 14 and 15 have NO IDEA where most countries are located in the world! Half of them are not really sure where Canada or Mexico is located!! Iraq? Iran? Isn't that over there in Europe some where close to Costa Rica or Brazil?

It is time for the teaching profession to go back to doing what they were supposedly trained to do, and lay off the self esteem classes and making sure the kids are "in touch" with themselves and their "peers". Peers? when I was a kid the only peers I knew anything about were spelled a little differently and had a lot of water all around them!

Teach the kids how to balance a check book instead of handing them a credit or debit card. Show them on a big-assed map just where they are located, and where other countries are located before you try to indoctrinate them in to trying to eradicate all the known problems of the known world at 8-18 years old! Let them discover and absorb all that esoteric information when they are really old enough to give a rats ass about it! Grade and High school is not the time for that stuff.

We fill our kids heads with a lot of crap that they really don't need to know, at way to young an age, and I really believe it gives many of them hang ups of all sorts!
Teach them how to survive day to day, and after they graduate you may send them off to a nice Liberal college where they will become totally brainwashed into the wonderful attributes of Socialism. Come to think of it, that may be just the thing to do to insure their well being as this country is well on its way to that form of government with the Obamamiester at the helm!

Oh hell, forget all that stuff I wrote above and just practice bending over and kissing your ass goodbye!! TIFN