Well I guess it is about time to get back to this blogging business. Going to try and keep the political stuff to a minimum. I know everyone including me is well and truly sick to death with it all.

So if you live here on BI and have gone by the house in the last 5 or 6 weeks, you have probably seen the clean up in progress around the east end of the property. This was to get rid of 80 -90 years of accumulated "leavings" to put it genteelly. The more red neck among us would just call it what it is, JUNK.

Anyway it was all in preparation for this years annual inhabitants. This year it is 4 little ladies of the genus Porkus Pigus. If they all grow up to the size of  the last ones, we just might have enough to get through a whole year of being able to have home grown pork dinners, bacon and sausage breakfast's and maybe a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch now and then.

The only problem is trying to turn a part of those piggies into a dessert of some kind. Ideas anyone? Feel free to comment. Strawberries and fresh whipped home made lard anyone?

We also acquired a Tom and two Hen Narragansett Turkeys from Chris B. They have turned out to be some profligate egg layers! They started out with 9 that I dutifully picked up and started the incubation process one to two eggs a day!  They then proceeded to lay another 26, in as many days as of yesterday. It takes 28 days to hatch a turkey and by this monday there should be the first 2 wobbling about in the brooder box! WE shall see!

OBTW, before I knew that I was getting these gifts, I had already ordered and paid for 20, day olds of the same breed to be delivered here on the 23 of July so that they would be ready about Thanksgiving or so. So with the possibility of about 50, 14 to 18 pound birds to dispatch to the freezer, I needed something a lot faster than a few hands plucking all those feathers.

Seeing as how they haven't yet shut down the Internet, I was able to find the directions for building from scratch, a feather picking machine. Having therefore rounded up all the necessary, belts, screw's, bolts, sticks, wheel's, pulley's, and motors, I am now industrially engaged in fastening them all together in hopes that the finished product will strip the birds of their feathers without dismembering them  into random hunks of turkey burger.

I'll try and keep you who are interested, posted. TIFN