Representatives Must Pledge to Represent the People ---A good Place to Start!!

I came across this post this AM on PJM and it looks to be a viable way for we the people to again gain control of the Congress and get rid of all the deceitful, dishonest,dumb and debilitated(mentally) deadwood, oh just say it, CROOKS that have the gall to tell us repeatedly how they are there to serve us. The author, a Mister Jeff Pope owns a manufacturing company in the mid-west somewhere. He has come up with this idea and I think it is a great one.

I would like to add some comments at the end of his piece. Just click on the link and read the story and then come back here. It will only take about five minutes of your time, but it could be a way for you to assure yourselves that your children/grandchildren will not become slaves or serfs to an elite group of people who care absolutely nothing about you!! Representatives Must Pledge to Represent the People

I sent a comment too him after reading the post and told him I was in total agreement with the article. But, I think it should be taken one step further in each in every city, town, burg, in the nation. When these people step forward to put their name on the pledge sheet, a video and still photo record should be implemented on the spot. Then let them know that these photos will be posted in very visible locations as well as here on the Internet and every interested political website that will do it. This just to assure them that there will ALWAYS be eyes on him/her!

I think it would be possible to locate at least one person in every city, town neighborhood who would be willing to keep track of the Representatives voting record on every bill that he does vote on and post it on their website on a monthly basis. If he/she strays from the straight and narrow, send the woman/man an email, letter whatever saying "that's one"!After the next one you will be gone!

And you know what? I'll volunteer to be the one to do it here on the Island, as it is very easy to find out the voting record of each of our present Disrepresentatives! It takes about 4/5 clicks of the mouse! And I would be most happy to turn this blog and its responsibility to some one of a like mind when I begin to drool to much on the keyboard! TIFN.


Things are getting Edgy?

I don't know how a lot of you folks out there are feeling about the status of this country and just where it is headed, but I continue to feel more and more apprehensive!

We have been sliding down a slippery slope since January and if you can't see the writing on the wall, I have no idea where you would have been for the last 9/10 months.

Everywhere you look there is one or more disasters in the making! The economy is still in the tank and well respected economists like Thomas Sowell are still saying we haven't hit bottom yet and when we do old Mr. inflation rears his ugly head. I do believe it was back in the Wiemar Republic that all the same indicators prevailed as are now showing themselves now in this country. Their inflation ran so high that you had to take a wheelbarrow full of cash to go buy just ONE loaf of bread! Don't believe that? Do a little googling!

It becomes more and more apparent to virtually anyone possessing at least one half of a brain that the "Idiot in the Whitehouse" does not have the inkling of a clue as to what in hell he is doing! I saw today in the news that his "job approval" ratings were up a couple of percent over last month. How in the hell can that possibly be true when the narcissistic ass has been EVERYWHERE ELSE but in Washington? He spends more time in the air than a migrating bird heading for Patagonia from the Alaskan tundra! But I guess that is really a good thing as he does less damage in the air than when he is home with michelle.

About all I can do to ameliorate the problem at this level is to keep on stocking up on those survival rations and trying to figure out who the ones are that will be pounding on my door demanding that I give up some of my "stuff" to them just because they say they are entitled to it! Hey man! It is just like those tax thingies I keep sending to the government, they take it and give it to some lazy bum who thinks is entitled to it just "because"!

Well folks, if I were you, I'd be out there with a rasp, roughing and dulling up the ski's so that long glide down the slippery slope will be somewhat slowed up! Remember, vote for NO INCUMBENT next two times around!! TIFN