Representatives Must Pledge to Represent the People ---A good Place to Start!!

I came across this post this AM on PJM and it looks to be a viable way for we the people to again gain control of the Congress and get rid of all the deceitful, dishonest,dumb and debilitated(mentally) deadwood, oh just say it, CROOKS that have the gall to tell us repeatedly how they are there to serve us. The author, a Mister Jeff Pope owns a manufacturing company in the mid-west somewhere. He has come up with this idea and I think it is a great one.

I would like to add some comments at the end of his piece. Just click on the link and read the story and then come back here. It will only take about five minutes of your time, but it could be a way for you to assure yourselves that your children/grandchildren will not become slaves or serfs to an elite group of people who care absolutely nothing about you!! Representatives Must Pledge to Represent the People

I sent a comment too him after reading the post and told him I was in total agreement with the article. But, I think it should be taken one step further in each in every city, town, burg, in the nation. When these people step forward to put their name on the pledge sheet, a video and still photo record should be implemented on the spot. Then let them know that these photos will be posted in very visible locations as well as here on the Internet and every interested political website that will do it. This just to assure them that there will ALWAYS be eyes on him/her!

I think it would be possible to locate at least one person in every city, town neighborhood who would be willing to keep track of the Representatives voting record on every bill that he does vote on and post it on their website on a monthly basis. If he/she strays from the straight and narrow, send the woman/man an email, letter whatever saying "that's one"!After the next one you will be gone!

And you know what? I'll volunteer to be the one to do it here on the Island, as it is very easy to find out the voting record of each of our present Disrepresentatives! It takes about 4/5 clicks of the mouse! And I would be most happy to turn this blog and its responsibility to some one of a like mind when I begin to drool to much on the keyboard! TIFN.


Sam said...

Gee, Ev, each time some politician gets into office they have to swear an oath and then recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Some good that does.

And don't be thinking that some politician really needs to represent his electorate. The Constitution doesn't require it. And who the heck knows what the electorate wants, anyway? If ex-President Bush had to run a poll to see what was the right thing to do for the electorate, we'd still be mired down in Iraq.

Not a very bright idea, although it has good intentions.

Anonymous said...


How bout' a posting on Chris Willi. Have you seen the hummel report. It's scathing and should make all of us very concerned.


Everett said...

What else can I say that wasn't in that report. Thanks for the link, hadn't heard of it before.
I won't have anything to say about that 'cause a lot of my friends are also good friends with CW and I do not need to get in a pissing match with them over an alleged ethics violation. All I do know is that the bringer of the suit and the receipient of the same, have been at odds with each other for quite some time. Other than saying that, I'm Out of this one.! Guess you'll have to color me chicken this time.! That ought to bring out the cyber sniper!

Anonymous said...


anuteranonymous said...

You could always go with:

Discretion is the better part of valor

Just a thought

Sam said...

You have to admit, CW is a lightning rod for these kinds of ethical issues, and I remember another one from 3-4 years ago.

Best to let the ethics review committees do their job, you are correct.

Old NFO said...

Only problem is making the assumption that any of them have any ethics to start with... From what I've seen, they would sign over their first born to get to DC...sigh...