We need some of that Jack Reed Porkulus!

Hey!!! If the congressional crooks from California, Georgia, and Florida can get hundreds of millions of dollars sent to their states from earmarks, to have the sand on their beaches replaced, only to have it disappear during the next storm, Then I can't understand why Jack Reed and S. Whitehouse can't grab a little money for, "one of the last greatest places on the Earth"! Why do we need it? Not to 'replace" the sand on our east beaches but to preserve it! How are we going to do that you may ask? Well just look at what appears off the starboard side of the ferry when pulling into Pt.Judith next time you go to the mainland. It is a great big long breakwater from here to there and it stops the Block Island Sound waves from obliterating the shore from the channel all the way over too the USCG Light house and station!

So if we were to get one placed from the end of the present breakwater to Clay Head, with a couple of gaps in it, It would be the salvation of our easterly facing beaches, which even the naysayers who used to read this cannot now deny the need for! That is if they have been down to the beach at high tide and with the wind blowing as it has been for quite a while. Check it out domani,(tomorrow) when the wind is supposed to be huffing at about 30-40 knots! It will probably do a fair job of covering your car with a nice crust of salt!

See? I can talk about something other than barry once in a while although he is still a lying two,err make that four faced,insufferable bore, and a low life thoroughly crooked Chicago thug, and a dyed in the wool SOB! Now all you Libs, in the inimitable words of "The One", don't go getting all "we-weed up" at my erudite ramblings!! TIFN


Jenny Girl said...

Obama, whatever. Digging a hole, losing points, seen it before. He'll be gone in a few years.

I hope the same cannot be said for the easterly facing beaches. I had never considered what a breakwall in that area could do for those (because I just don't happen to think that way...) but Ev, I think you may have stumbled onto a cause I can get behind. Even the surfer dudes won't be able to complain too much, they can hoof it over to the south side if it's that bad.
I like it.

Anonymous said...

One of the dumbest ideas, I've ever heard

Old NFO said...

Ev- That obviously makes too much sense, it'll never get funded... sigh...

Anonymous said...

everything was making sense up to the last paragraph.

Who was Barry ? ... and why did he leave you? What does he have to do with the breakwater?
... and more importantly does your wife know about him?

Everett said...

Just in case you haven't been out from under your rock in the last two years, "barry" was the name Barrack went by while in school in Indonesia and various other places.

Why did he leave me? You got me there! I didn't know I had him!

"barry has everything to do with the breakwater. He is the guy who signed the "stimulus" bill worth a couple TRILLION dollars that was stuffed with Billions of $$$ of payback earmarks. Which by the way he made a big deal about NEVER signing such bills when he became president! Remember that one? And all the other hopey/changy bullshit that he has thrown under the bus with Grandma and His buddy Van Jones. Don't know who he is?? You HAVE to get out from under that rock!

Yeah, I think she may know about him. Was this as I read it, a snide comment that barry and I were "in bed" doing some "unnatural" antics? Well I try my best not to lay down with communistic/socialistic thugs and crooks from Chi town or anywhere else for that matter!
Man, you must have had a real bad day on the dock huh? TIFN

Sam said...

Aw Everett, you don't want to learn how to get sand on Crescent and Mansion beaches, you just want to pull a boner on Obama.

Let's just say the breakwater idea is stupid and could make the erosion worse. I have considerable ammo in that department.

Plus, Obama has already issued a directive from the Office of Management & the Budget prohibiting whole scale beach projects unless they are funded by the traditional means by the Army Corps of Engineers and various coastal erosion programs.

OK, take another potshot at Obama now. Try another idea. Nobody is going to buy that crock of hooey.

Everett said...

Sam, I didn't say I wanted to replace the sand, I said "protect it from washing away!" A Breakwater would probably make the erosion worse? Don't see how with only two or maybe three small breaks for boats to pass thru. It would stop the waves that build up way offshore from inflicting their total energy onto the shore directly with no impediments! That my man is just common sense! The biggest wave you could generate inside the wall even in a cat 4 hurricane would only be about two to three feet high! No "reach" for them to build up their latent power! Only about two to three hundred yards.

Which particular crock of "hooey" are you talking about?The stimulus bill comment was an apparently lame attempt at political humor gone awry. But he DID MAKE that comment on numerous occassions, and he DID SIGN the porkie laden bill!! You cannot deny that no matter how you phrase or twist the the answers!

The beach erosion will get worse "hooey"? IT just might but for the life of me I cannot see how if the force of the currents that actually move the sand has been reduced to a mostly benign ebb and flow. I also have seen a lot of different works by different folks as to how beach erosion occurs and what you cannot do to stop it for the most part. If you picture the whole thing like this, it may help. I want to stop the guy, King Neptune, from using his gigantic excavator on the beach, and instead, hand a two year old kid a baby spoon and tell him to do the same job! He may eventually get it done but it is going to take one hell of a lot longer to do it!!

Okay next potshot at Obama coming up: ACORN? His own favorite brand of corruption personified!!!! SEIU? Those are his enforcers! What's up with all those job performance numbers? He must be standing on a banana peel! Also heard that Occidental College/University has recently released 'The Ones' college records after being forced to do so by a Freedom of Information Act request from a "concerned" party. Betcha a $100 it was some right wing, Carl Rove/GHB, Terrorist, Ex-military, redneck, KKK,organization wanting to out Barry Soeterro of Indonesia huh! hang in there dude!

BTW my Plummies have about 20 times the leaves they have ever had before, but still no flowers! Are you sneaking up here at nite and peeing in my plummie pots?

Sam said...

LOL, Ev, I didn't mean to sound strong, flippant, and disrespectful. Gimme a break.

What happens is that the waves don't hit perfectly square to the beach, which is obvious. This sets up a current that moves along the shore, called the "long-shore current." This acts in combination with the waves and tidal currents. So sand is basically being pulled off the beach at like a 45 degree angle. This is natural.

Any kind of jetty can cause problems. One study showed that the maximum erosion was caused approximately 3 to 4 miles on either side of a harbor jetty that sticks out into the sea. Close to the jetty, sand accumulates in bigger and faster amounts.

Putting a breakwater parallel to the beach has been studied in the past, and they don't work near as well as an artificial reef. This is still experimental stuff but what you would do is build an artificial reef a couple hundred yards off the beach. The idea is to dissipate the waves and create some world-class surfing!

But so far, testing in Australia, New Zealand, and England don't look so good. No, I am not an expert of the ocean hydrology of Block Island. All that I understand is that when you disrupt the natural flow of the sand, some unusual things can happen. I have some report links if you want.

In two of those experiments with artificial reefs - submerged breakwaters if you will - the town beach erosion got WORSE. Project sponsors, ASR Incorporated, said it was "work in progress" and was "working on repairs." Cost over-runs at all three ASR projects are perhaps well over a cool million.

So, look at it from what I know, I've seen these cats in action before ... an Australian businessman ... there's a lady from Florida with a degree saying she can save beaches with huge "geo-tubes" ... down here on SPI they are were thick as thieves for a year or two, until we run them off.

Everett said...

Well by not doing anything we have over the last weekend managed to lose another good dose of sand along the beach in front of the Beachead resturant and on down the road toward the town beach. The beach now consists of rocks and large stones. A good part of them fill put in after the 1954 hurricane Carol. I too have seen what happens when you stick a jetty straight out from the shore. It has happened right here exactly as you described. When they put in the Sewer company outfall pipe, it completely changed the flow patterns. Before the outfall pipe there was never anymore than 10-20 feet from the back of Ballards to the water!The beach now extendsdirectly out from the building well over two hundred feet and the resulting sand buildup has infiltrated over 1/2 the length of the East Breakwater!! This filling in has come round the corner of the building and dumped huge amounts of sand in the INNER MOST harbor to the extent that 3 boat slips have been lost due to the shoal built up. Outside the inner harbor the sand has filled in the channel about 50-60 feet out from the breakwater and so now we have to dredge it almost annually in order for the ferry's to not hit bottom when the tide is low.

This parallel breakwater, that far offshore would not allow any sort of fast moving currents in tha close to the shore, No power to drive it! The one at Pt.Judith has worked for over 90 years and the shoreline has done nothing but recover AND build up.

The whole thing is moot anyway 'cause it will never happen in my life time till the current crop of assholes in PVD are completely changed. They, the dems, have spent us into finacial oblivion in the last 50 years or more of their control of the state house, and now they are trying to blame it all on the present Gov. The only one who has any balls and is not corrupt in that whole time period!!

Sam said...

Yeah I know, even if somebody could get you 20 million in breakwater money from the US Army Corps of Engineers, there's still a state and local match of about 25 cents on the dollar and I doubt Rhode Island has that.

By the way, the outer harbor at the entrance to Gallilee is a "harbor of refuge" in a storm, and completely surrounded by granite except for two openings for vessel traffic. Whoa, that's some money there. But you're right, built like that, all you have is some tidal flushing.

Strange you should mention the beaches are all rock now. I don't recall that happening until the start of the fall northeasters. I guess it's a good idea to have a bunch of rocks or the erosion would keep chewing away at the island there. But it's hard to sell Crescent Beach as a world class sandy beach with no sand on it.