Those EVIL Bush tax cuts

I came across this info at a site called Human Events and thought everyone should have a look at it. I printed it out and carry a copy in my shirt pocket.

The next time some idiot liberal goes off on me about Bush's tax cuts, I'm going to hand them this, let them read it and then ask them to refute the numbers. I'll bet they either run away as usual or punch me in the nose. So here it is.

Seeing that the Democrats are reviving their favorite campaign talking point, let’s review the facts about “tax cuts for the rich.”

First off, what President Bush enacted into law cut taxes across the board on everyone, not just the upper echelon. The 15 percent rate dropped to 10 percent, 27 percent to 25 percent, 30 percent to 28 percent, 35 percent to 33 percent, and 39.6 percent to 35 percent. Now go ahead and ask a lib which income bracket received the highest cut. Oh, snap: That would be the lowest income threshold, which nosedived five percentage points.

The whole “tax cuts for the rich” is pure bunk, a lie that liberals shamelessly popularize. Not that this should surprise us one bit. Here we have a Democrat Party in America that couldn’t agree on a puny $1.2 trillion in spending reductions over a 10-year-period. That means that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s minions refused to slice off what amounts to $120 billion dollars a year of a federal budget nearly topping $4 trillion. Instead, they insisted that taxes be jacked up to pay for their statist programs.

Next up, we have the line that tax cuts blew the lid off of our deficit. That’s funny, because during the last year a Republican budget controlled Congress (fiscal year 2007), the deficit stood at a minuscule $161 billion dollars. $161 billion! {That’s at least five years into the tenure of those evil tax cuts.} Moreover, as HUMAN EVENTS has previously reported, federal tax receipts actually went up while the tax cuts were accelerating. In other words, the United States Treasury received more money not less because of the Bush tax cuts that we’re told ruined America’s economy.

See for yourself:

$1.88 trillion in 2004

$ 2.15 trillion in 2005

$ 2.4 trillion in 2006

$ 2.6 trillion in 2007

The last figure was actually the highest dollar amount brought into the Treasury Department… ever. That’s right, folks. While Democrats wail and whine about tax cuts as the main culprit for this country’s deficit woes, it turns out that we were bringing in bagfuls of money at historic proportions during that same time.


Then there are the politically-savvy, but totally fallacious, calls for "shared sacrifice." Naturally the Democrats don’t use that phrase to describe the nearly 50 percent of Americans who don’t pay any federal income taxes, but instead those who already pay the bulk of all federal, state, and local taxes. That aside, it’s the spending side of the lever that is completely out-of-whack, and has been so for a while. We’re now in our third straight year in a row with deficits exploding past $1 trillion dollars.

So when a lib is babbling to you about “shared sacrifice,” you can remind him that his great leader Messiah Obama shattered two spending records: Giving America her first-ever $1 trillion dollar deficit, and number two, extending that history-making deficit three consecutive years.

Heck, this guy has managed to increase the national debt by more than the first 41 presidents combined (George Washington to George Bush), and he’s managed to accomplish this feat in a mere 32 months.

You go, Barack!

And there you have it, the cutting evidence you need at your finger tips to eviscerate those unending lefty desires to slam us against the locker room and raid our wallets some more. Time to hit these Dems back with what they can’t get around -- a little something, something called: Facts.


Hauling Trash

Is anyone following what is going on with the Trash Hauling saga? Near as I can tell it has been re-bid two or three times since some folks didn't like the outcome the first two or three times.

Now I hear it has been awarded again after some of the rules were changed between bid requests!
Is that legal? Can you do that just because you didn't like the first three outcomes? Smacks of cronyism, or at least some other kind of "ism" that is not so savory to the olfactory senses.

And so I understand today that the other protagonist in the affair has filed , or is in the process of instituting another lawsuit, naming almost every one involved with the disaster.

For a change, I'm going to keep my big trap shut on this one as I have friends in both camps!

Although I will say that I just can't believe that much deep, nor far ranging thought went into the consequences of the actions taken was going to be! TIFN


Global Warming arrives on the East Coast

Hey everybody, look out your window and tell me what you see!

Is that the new form of anthropogenic climate change falling from the skies?

You know, all that oppressive heat stuff algore said we are heaping upon ourselves?

Damn, it LOOKS like snow and if feels COLD! How can that be!

Well I guess a lot of folks up and down the east coast have white grass in their front yards, but we just got wet green and brown stuff in ours!

I just heard via the grapevine that the "poor" folks of Darien Ct. are going to be without power for a few days in some parts of town. Maybe some of their younger folks with the left leaning bent will be out there cleaning up the downed branches and unplugging storm drains.

Oh foolish me, I forgot, they are all down on Wall St. doing their "community service" to the "poor"?? folks down there. Wonder just how many of them hauled ass for Mommy's house when it started coming down really good? TIFN


End of the garden

This was a very good year for our garden. I had a bumper crop of all kinds of winter squash, so much so that I was peddling them on the side of the road. Made enough to buy about 30 pkgs. of seeds for next year.

Tomato's were coming out our ears and we froze about 40-50 quarts of tomato sauce and canned about the same. Didn't get one ear of corn though. The ears never formed. Green peppers were in abundance after the end of Sept.! We made four batches of hot pepper jelly. Warm, hot, hotter, and burn the end off your tongue! It goes well with a little cream cheese on a Ritz or a Wheat Thin.

Planted sweet potato's I got from Johnny's Seeds and there are some that are big as footballs!
Never have been ale to grow any bigger than golf balls before. Probably had something to do with the ton or 2 of seaweed we put on the whole plot.

Planted three rows of Kennebec potato's and got at least 2 bushels per row. Also put in some Red Pontiac for early eating. Couldn't measure them as they kept disappearing out of the rows when ever anyone needed some.

Put up about 25 pints of pickled beets which turned out fantastic! Just used the recipe out of the Balls canning book.

Ordered and got 35, day old RI Red chicks, the 27 of June and they are 18 weeks old, so should be commencing to put out some eggs real soon. Time to "retire to the freezer" the old soup chickens. They are down too between 3 and 6 a day. NOT cost effective to keep feeding them.

Bought 3, 12 to 15 pound pigs last spring and as of this date they are all very close to 300 lbs.! Lots of bacon, sausage, chops and roasts to fill out the freezers.

All in all, with what fruit we canned and all the rest, if the SHTF any time soon I think my extended family will make it at least till the spring. When we butcher the pigs, real soon, all the "spare meat and fat" goes into the freezer till deer season comes along and then we can make some pork/venison sausage! UUMM that stuff is good.

Hey look at that! An upbeat post for a change! TIFN


A Crook Now in the Open!

Well I have been wondering for a couple of years now when this local crook was going to get caught by someone not of the Island culture of forgive and forget, and Can't we all just get along ilk.

He has been ripping off local people for years and has been given a pass every time! Well not EVERY time. When he tried it on us we had him 'Put Upon' by the local and State police till we got our money out of him but he went right on bilking virtually every single person he came into contact with out of a good chunk of money. Starting with a lady we all know and who owns a few properties on the block. One of them is colored blue and named after a small local boat and lives on Dodge street but who shall remain nameless.

He has ripped off many people through con-man schemes, Used their credit cards that he got them to put his name on and then run up huge debts that the poor owner of the card never had any hope of paying off! This guy is an out and out first class scumbag who has been on the move from town to town for years, only one jump ahead of the law! I cannot for the life of me imagine how the hell he has escaped the clutches of law enforcement for so long!

Well that long arm has finally reached out and snared the no good son of a bitch! I don't think I'll be letting any cats out of any bags by naming this rectum orifice as it has been in the local and state papers the last couple of days.

David Chieffo is his name and if he has caused you any loss of money, from one of his crooked deals, I would hie myself to the local PD and pile on too this piece of shit!

He really needs to get what is coming too him, and I think that the folks at Enterprise car rental are going to finally get the job done!

Take warning out there all you other deadbeats and thieves, we are after you!


The DHS loves me!

By a strange coincidence, just as an article in the BIT shows up today talking about my model plane building fetish, a call from the grimy gropers of DHS, in the personage of one Agent Thomas Smith of the NYC office, arrived at my telephone today! Just 3-4 hours after the BIT hit the streets. Imagine that! That tells me they must have been monitoring me for some reason! Wonder what that could be?

They just called to tell me that it was against the law to fly a model plane within a mile and lower than 10,000' of an operating airport.
They also said that I will be fined 2k dollars if I do it again!

Well just to prove once again that they are not all as swift as they like to think they are, The actual rules adopted just two years ago says the distance must be 3 nautical miles, and not OVER 400'!

Those same rules say nothing about fines at all. They also say that with the permission of the controlling ATC, --"or"-- the local AIRPORT MANAGER who can rescind those restrictions for short periods, thereby permitting flights of said model planes. As in, you know, if there are no planes in sight, none within range of the facility, none broadcasting their intention to land forthwith at said spot, it must be assumed that the airport is in an unused situation.

Oh yeah, he said they will be coming out next week so they can threaten me some more in person.
This country is fast on it's way to the ash-heap of history.

OBTW, I DO HAVE the permission of the Airport Manager to use the side airspace when there are no planes in the vicinity. And if one does approach, with my brandy new $8k hearing aids plugged in I can hear him coming as he lifts off from his own FB.

If this guy says the wrong things too me, I may get all short fused and tell him what I really think of his place of employment and the people he works for! Especially his boss Janet! I may be trying to email everybody from inside an incarceratory! JAIL. TIFN


What's up with the "Gunwalker" Scandal?

What the hell is going on in good old DC? No not the debt ceiling farce or any of the other monetary bullshit that is paralyzing the place!

I want to know why in the hell there has been NO HUMONGOUS OUTCRY of outrage, over the grossly offensive, despicable, and reprehensible act of letting all those guns be sold to the Mexican Cartels during the "Fast and Furious"disaster?

WHERE are all the so-called non partisan, uber-correct journalists whose JOB it always was, was to inform the public of gross dereliction and malfeasance of our elected officials? Have they all died and gone to heaven and left us with the present bunch of ass kissing obama lovers?

Why isn't the WAPO or the NYT or any of the other big name papers all over this like stink on a pile of nitrogenous waste matter?

They were right there every time some Republican made a mis-step, or a toe touch in a bathroom stall to the point of hounding them out of office. They didn't have too much to say about mr.hotdog, err, wiener either!

This whole affair makes the Watergate affair look like a high school prank by a bunch of kids. At least Nixon didn't get anyone killed! The tally is up to about 150 Mexicans so far and at least three US CITIZENS!!! How many more are going to die with guns that made it into the hands of US criminals? How the hell can anyone turn their backs on this mess and let all those people at the top of the pile walk away unscathed?

How come there is not a special prosecutor going after Eric Holder and the rest of BATFE leaders and on up the ladder too obomanation. Holder screams that he knew nothing about it but he gave a speech some where back in '08 and specifically mentioned that there had been money directed too this operation! It is on tape! It is all over the web! Why has this bastard not been canned and arrested?

A lot of those Nixon "co-conspirators" went to jail for various terms, and it looks like all these obomadroids are going to get a free pass because the people who have the power to do something, and who SHOULD BE SCREAMING about this barbarous and contemptible act are doing nothing!

I'm pissed and so should every other citizen of this once great country be. If the powers that be let prosecution of this slide away, well then this country is done as any sort of a model to be held up to others as a role model. TIFN.


Aftermath of the 4th of July

The last day of the 4th of July weekend ended as usual with about 1000 to 2000 young people ending up on the beach below the Surf Hotel and extending down to the Trustum Dodge monument. As usual there was an uncounted amount of under age drinking. It got to the point where there were in excess of 15 to 18 calls to that location for various problems. I don't know what they were so won't speculate as I'm sure to be called to account if I'm wrong. Suffice it to say that it was a trial for the Rescue Squad as they were called upon between 3 to 8 other times for other problems on other parts of the Island

The reason I write this today is to re-mention that for the last 3 years, after all these drinkers/revelers left the beach, it was a total and unmitigated disaster! Besides the deiterus of drinking, i.e. cans, bottles, beer boxes, wine bottles etc. there were many items of clothing. From sweatshirts, shoes, pants, shirts, underwear of both genders, and bathing suit tops and bottoms. This kind of leads me to believe that many of the young folk left the Island on the last ferries is somewhat a state of shall we say "dishevelment".

So as usual the beach was a mess and it had been arranged informally for the same folks who had cleaned it up for the last two years to again meet at the beach the next morning about 6 AM to again do the deed. Well imagine my surprise when we arrived to find that a dump truck had been left there over night and it was loaded to overflowing, and with just as much for a second load piled along side it.!

It seems that another 20 to 25 people who were just as pissed as we had been, had arrived shortly after all the despoilers had left and proceeded to completely restore the beach to its usual pristine, well almost, condition!

I have not been able to ascertain just who these folk were, or who the organizer was, but have been told it was a crew of the younger generations. SO, on behalf of all the Islanders who live here year round, I want to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I've lived here for 73 years, and absolutely love this Island and am tickled to death that there really are like minded souls among us!

So if someone would like to "spill the beans" as to who these folks are, I would be most happy to recognize them in this space!!! Thanks again Guys and Gals. TIFN

OBTW:My spell checker never heard of the word "deiterus" or similar so don't know if it is spelled right! SAT!


Invitation to Herr Spier

As is usually the case, nay, always the case, whenever a letter arrives in the paper that is at odds with the preconceived ideas of Mr. Spier, he takes it upon himself in his inimitable style to try and prove to his other admirer-er, that his view is the only correct one and all others are deeply flawed and suspect. It must be tough to live on such a small Island and not be able to find others of the same towering intellect to converse with in a rational and reasonable manner. So in the interim I guess the next best thing is to cast aspersions of mental deficiency on anyone who dares depart from the norm of the elitists among us.

So while we are using quotes from famous folks lets try and not let this one pass. It is also from Mr. Spiers first choice of mentors, Mr. Ghandi to wit;
- Many people imagine that they alone are right and everyone else wrong, and they do not consider that there is anything unworthy in forcing their point of view down other's throats. This error has to be rectified. If we are in the right, we must have infinite patience.

“August sources”? Although I am an agnostic, I'll give you Jesus and Buddha, but no way in hell will I give you Mohammed! And if you are not completely obtuse you will know why. While I was out there circumnavigating the oceans of the world, courtesy of Uncle Sam, I had hundreds of hours to read from cover to cover both the Bible and the Koran/Quran, plus a few hundred others as well.

You “suspect” very wrongly that my rhetoric is the product of Glen Becks TV program. I have seen about a total of 3-4 hours of his shows. So you are totally wrong on at least that one count, and who knows how many more. Oh I would love to hear your “moral and ethical rebuttals” of our positions. They will most likely have all been espoused before by all those sites listed below and your endeavors will be naught but a repeat and rehash of the same failed policies and ideas. You do so love to denigrate and demean other people in public arenas, witness your years on the Zoning board, and your most recent missive to this paper.

And I also could “fill the newspaper with facts, figures, and argument” to support my positions. From sources a lot more ethical than the NYT, the WashPo, Media Matters, The Huffington Post, The Daily Koz, Code Pink, and on and on ad nauseum. What is that old saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? That is why I read those idiots!

Do you really want to do this debate in a forum where quite a few people will see it? Well I will give you the opportunity to avail yourself of that forum which is already in place and has been for six and one half years. Seeing as you deem this newspapers “Letters to the Editor”column to be an inappropriate location for said conversation, hie yourself to this spot on the internet, www.islandvoice.blogspot.com and there you may vent till your heart is content! You bring your numbers and I'll bring mine. We'll keep this list of topics you enumerated by the computer so as not to miss any of the subjects of which you think Bob Zeringo and I are so totally deficient in.

And for your edification, as most people are not wont to write letters to the editor for fear of being the subject of one of your hurtful tirades against them, in the course of the last two to three weeks I have had quite a lot of people either call, drop a note in the mail, or approach me on the street/store/post office to tell me that they approved most heartily of what I had written!

See you in the ether, but please, don't come as, Anonymous! Everett R Littlefield

ED. Please feel free to cut out anything you deem necessary as I am going to post this on my blog also. Just put a note at the end that the full text can be found there. I am, as are so many others before me, sick and tired of being on the receiving end of that mans oh so subtle invective! Thanks, Everett.


New Ventures

Well my "three little piggies" are all getting bigger! One will be just about right when Labor Day arrives. He will then be off for a days rest and recreation while turning slowly on the newly prepared spit while suspended over a lovely bed of red hot coals! The other two guys are going to have to wait till late fall to become "stock" in the new freezer.

One of the "chllds" and myself are going to try our hand at making various types of sausages this winter. Venison and pork with the right spices makes for a very tasty breakfast sausage. We have lots of other ideas of what to put inside those casings. We finally have all the accoutrement's of the process on hand and are now just waiting for that tender young deer to jump on the table.

And then just to see if we can do It , I have located and accumulated all the tools necessary to make our own cheese. Going to start out with a nice hard cheddar, and then have a go at making a mascarpone. Then I won't feel so bad eating it knowing I didn't shell out most of a ten dollar bill for 8 ounces. Yeah Yeah I know, after buying the needed stuff that first one will probably be closer to $100 for the first 8 ounces. But then it gets cheaper and cheaper the more we use the tools!

I'll let you all know how things turn out,or not!

OBTW, only got 5 answers on the blog previous, but for the last 10/12 days of meeting folks on the street, in the store, walking/riding around, there have been close to 50 folks who have stopped me to thank me for putting that letter in the paper two weeks ago. One guy, facetiously I'm sure suggested I send copies to the NYT and the WSJ. Which I did but we all know what they did with 'em! Can we all say "asswipe" together now?

Guess I'll go cut up some baby calf 4th stomach and get one of my cheese ingredients to marinading!


Questions for Mr. Davidson of BI and elsewhere

Here is a copy of a letter I sent to the BI Times today. It is in reference to a story about Professor Stephen Davidson's new book where he tells us all about how good the "obamacare" health care law is for us.. He does say that there are a few small problems with it.

Yeah, I'll say there are a few problems. Anyway, here is the full text of the letter as I sent it. Spelling and grammar mistakes are all mine as I am only a graduate of the BI School System circa 1956.

28 May 2011

To the Editor,

I have a few questions that I would like to ask about the contents and subject matter of the article about Professor Stephen Davidson's book, “Still Broken:Understanding the U.S. Health Care System”.

Why is it that if this is such a “great system” for ALL the American people, are so many of its most vociferous and vocal proponents of this thing for all we “little people”, getting waivers from having to participate? Why is that? Is it not true that because of past laws enacted by these self same people, that they will never in their lifetime have to participate because they have legislated themselves out of it in perpetuity? Hmmm?

Does anyone know or care that, Nancy, “we have to pass this law in order to find out what is in it” Pelosi and her husband's company is now exempt from participation?

Does anyone know or care that, almost all of the Unions of this country who donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the obama campaign are now exempt from participation?

How about the fact that good old AARP who was oh so very much in favor of this “obomonation”, has now received its exemption from participation?

To date there are already well over a thousand businesses, companies, and various others too whom obama is beholden, who have received their exemptions for services rendered.

Why is it that whenever the subject of the broken health care system is brought up, the trial lawyers associations, groups, etc. are conspicuously absent from the agenda? Those are the people MOST responsible for the high cost of health care! Yet you will not hear of any serious calls for tort reform from politicians of any stripe. They the pols, are for the most part, deeply in bed with those same groups.

Oh by the way, how many of those 30 million new healthcare recipients are illegal aliens? NOT immigrants, ALIENS? And how many are going to actually be paying into the system? Yeah, that's what I thought. This is a perfect example of the Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy the capitalist system and slide in a Socialist one while nationalizing virtually every company in the country.

Why is it that thousands of doctors are refusing to take on new Medicare patients? Why are so many either quitting the profession, moving their operations offshore, can you say Costa Rica, or just retiring if they are able? A few of them that I know personally, see the end of health care in this country as we have known it for the last 50-60 years, rushing towards us like a runaway freight train. And what replaces it will not be good!

Faulting the Bush administration for all the ills of the country is the standard fallback position of the acolytes of the Cloward-Piven (may I also say Karl Marx) groups of Coastal Social Elites. Forty to fifty years of indoctrination of our youth by these professorial socialists, have put them very close to achieving their stated objectives of bringing down this country through manipulation of the economy and the politics of our governing body.

Go out on the street and ask anyone who is actually paying the taxes to fund all these entitlement programs, wether they think the governments role NEEDS to be limited, and wether its size has eroded the peoples confidence in said body. I really don't think that a single person would vote for bigger government after seeing where we are now fiscally, economically, employment wise and how our stock, (not stock market) has plummeted precipitously in the last 2 years since this incompetent president has been, “leading us from the rear”.

Wasn't Bush twos budget deficit around $1.5B? With out taking over the banking and Auto industry. Where is that deficit now after 2 years of obama? $1.2 to $1.5 trillion with a “T”! With a debt ceiling of around $14 something trillion? Please come back George!!

Quoting Mr. Davidson, “The underlying principle driving this agenda, is that 'everyone must have',(emphasis mine) financial access to the services they need.” Wether they can pay for it or not! If that is not pure socialism in action then I don't know what would qualify!

Regards, Everett R Littlefield USN Ret.


Now it is Hands!

Off to the RI hospital domani to see the doc that did my carpel tunnel operation on both hands 13 years ago.

It has come back with a vengeance and very quickly. Two months ago it was itching of the palms right at the base of the fingers. Hell I was happy for a while! Itchy palms was an old wives tale that you were about to come into a bunch of money. I thought It was a sure thing that I was about to win the 230 million dollar lottery!

Not so! Now the tips of all fingers on the right hand are in the "numb" mode and I have to be careful what i am about to touch, As in HOT! This typing is an adventure also, as I go backwards fixing boo boo's as much as I go forward!

Oh well, we'll find out tomorrow just what is in the wind.

Then in 6 days, it is cataract removal in the left eye! Just recently bought a very expensive pair of hearing aids, (thank you Naval Aviation).

After all those acquisitions, all I need is a new and improved brain to keep it all together and running rightly!!

I'm all through whining for this time, but like the Terminator, "ah'll be bock"!! TIFN



Well it has been over a month since last post, but all there is to bitch about is obamaroid and I think everyone knows how I feel about that turd and what he is doing to this country. So I'll skip ragging on him and go somewhere else.

Lets see, I went off Island a week ago today and had a cataract removed from the right eye last Monday. When I finally got into the operating room and watched the beginning of the process, I disappeared down this long tunnel lit with green, red, and blue lights. By the time I reached the end of it and became aware of where I was, a total of 14 minutes had elapsed!!!

The old fuzzy cataract was gone and in its place was a brandy new lens implanted in the eye, and with which, one week later I can see for distance like when I was a Kid! I think! I've been wearing glasses since I was ten years old!!

I go back this coming thursday for a checkup and to schedule the same operation on the left ocular device.

So while I am here, are any of you folks who read this irregular post, doing anything in the way of making you and your family ready for when TSHTF? Just wondering as a lot of things are already becoming hard to find. Checked out the escalation of the food prices lately? Been off a few times in the last two months and have noticed that in Shaws and S&S that the shelves have big empty spaces where they never were before. The food right on the front edge of the shelves were backed up with reserve stuff right to the back of the shelf. Not so with a lot of things now. A couple of cans/bottles deep and nothing behind. Hope all have been putting a few things by. Am I a crazy right wing, Tea (bagger) party believing, gun toting, 2nd Amendment, ,pack-ratting, nutcase? So Sarah would say,"You Betcha"! TIFN


Reality in the Mideast

I'm sure most folks are pretty well aware of just what is going on in the countries of the Mideast. Just look at all the different countries where people have finally had enough of the dictators that have been inflicted on them.

What was the First thing Hitler did to the Germans when he came to power? What did Mussolini do? How about Franco, and all the other petty dictators all over Europe and virtually the world?

Why, they took all the guns away!! Imagine that. And all the little sheeple just let them do it because they had become so enamoured of the bullshit that was driven down their throats. Then later it finally dawned on them as they were slowly being decimated for various reasons, ethnicity, color, political leanings, not enough matter between the ears!
So what could they do about it all? Not much, as they had given away all their means of self defense!

Just look what has been happening yesterday and today in Libya. People being bombed by their own military and shot down in the streets like mad dogs by their police using heavy machine guns. But sheer numbers and determination are likely to turn the tide there. Already some of the military are refusing to kill their own families, friends and countrymen! You have to be one hard hearted SOB to kill your own folks just because some syphilitic egomaniac says so.

I really am glad to see these folks rise up and try to get out from under a dictatorial regime. I just wish that they were able to use something other than machetes, pitchforks sticks and rocks to overcome their adversaries.

Now you can see folks for yourselves folks, just why all we right wing crazy gun nuts will do almost anything to hang on to our guns and ammo. This is why the so called "Gun Lobby" does all we can in Congress to stop the continual assault by the many socialist "anti gun" groups from disarming the general public!! They know that as it stands right now, that if they tried any of the methods of subjugation that have happened in these Mid-eastern countries that at least all we right wing crazies would have the means to rise up and PUT THEM IN THE GROUND!

I also don't think for one second that the US Military would stand for it to happen. Police Forces? That is a different story altogether.

OBTW, Did you know that according to the Constitution that the "Sheriffs Offices/Departments" are the ONLY legal officers of the law that we are supposed to have?

SO be not afraid folks, for as much as you have tried to disarm everyone of us, when and if the time comes when we have to come to your aid, rest assured we will be there!!! And we won't even ask what your views are on individual gun control! TIFN

Wisconsin Winners

It must be really tough when you have been on the receiving end of all the largess of other peoples money, brought to you through the good offices of your favorite labor union for all the years you have been a "public employee", only to finally face the fact that the good times are about over.

You all keep saying that you are willing to take cuts, albeit small ones, in your wages and will be willing to pay a percentage of your health care premiums. But that was brought to you in the beginning by the gross mis-use of the collective bargaining rules! So why would anyone with two grams of brain matter, believe that the very self same thing would not happen again if these onerous CB were not done away with. You keep screaming about subverting Democracy! And just what about the Democracy infringements you have inflicted on all the people who pay out of their pockets so that you get your mostly undeserved desserts?

I guess you all know that the 11th Amendment gives each of the States the sovereignty to run the matters of their state as the voters see fit. And in Wisconsin, the voters have spoken loud and clear! Each State DOES NOT have to have a Public Employees Union! So it is completely within the purview of the Governor to abolish that abomination as it IS the will of the people! Now all you lefties can rant and rave and call the Governor, The Midwest Mubarak, or Hitler, or Mussolini, but that does nothing more than show your complete ignorance. You guys are always trying to compare apples and oranges and they will never be homogeneous.

So hopefully you have all taken your ill-gotten gains and invested them in all of your messiah Obama's banks and Automobile manufacturing facilities. Or maybe there was a "Stimulus"program in your town that kept you in a few more bucks massaging, errr, managing the money till it was gone. It is probably time for most of you to join the unemployment lines and find out what real life is like when you are off the public tit, errr slop trough! TIFN


Gun Grabbers at work again

Well I listened to Brian WIlliams on NBC news last night ranting about AZ having to re-think their gun laws after the shooting there.
First off he alleged that it would never have happened if BUSH, (AGAIN) hadn't let the extended magazine, assault weapon ban expire. He then goes on to tell us all that the guy had two 30 round clips and fired all of one and was changing them out when he was jumped on. He killed six I believe it is and wounded many others before fe could be stopped.

Now, put this scenario in front of all those people standing in line, what if:

Over the last thirty years, gun owners hadn't been demonized as crazed killers;

What if gun owners rights hadn't been so infringed on, that they can not carry a concealed weapon with out some apparachik saying it was okay?

What if everyone of those people waiting in line had a legally owned and carried weapon, was trained in its use and practiced with it regularly?

Do you really think that that asshole would have gotten off more than 4 or 5 rounds before someone would have taken him down?

Do you honestly think that it would have turned into chaos with all those trained and knowledgable gun toters turning it into a gunfight at the OK Corral?

So Mr Williams, I say to you that the screening process may need some serious tweaking, or at least certain gun shops might need some review of their business practices, who ever fills out the paperwork ascertaining that the buyer is mentally competent and physically capable of using a gun should be held accountable if all he does is look across a counter and says to himself, "well he looks okay too me", and sells him a firearm.

How should you be certified mentally able? I'm not sure without it falling too an officer of the law or worse, a shrink who would be two of the limiting factors in gun sales! How would you pick one that was neither, rabid pro or con in his deliberations and examination? I don't know.

But I know one thing for sure, there WOULD NOT have been near as many injured folks there or anywhere else!
Just think how the carjacking incidents would go down if every potential jacker thought that all those drivers had a gun in their hand pointed at THEM!! TIFN