$7 Million+ Leaky Roof

After all the concern over there being a performance bond posted for the New Town Hall, I certainly hope there is one in force as regards the new school addition! I was up there today in the brand new gym with the nice hardwood floor and there, dripping from the netherlands of the ceiling were two seperate cascades of water onto the floor! Apparently the horizontally driven snow got inside the roof somehow, in sufficient quantities to cause some good sized puddles down below. How in the hell do we manage to spend that much money on a new construction building and have the damned roof leak? And how do you fix it in the middle of the winter? You can't strip it now I wouldn't think. When the wind blows NW or SW and it is raining, you can hear and FEEL the raindrops hitting the wall covering "inside" the tin covering on the outside of the building. How can THAT be possible? Someone needs to give someone else a good ass kicking and hold back a good sizeable chunk of money until this is all fixed!! TIFN

Happy Valentines Day

Roses and Chocolate
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Heard Any Good Rumors Lately?

Try this one on for size. The grapevines are beginning to sizzle with this one. It seems as if there is a leetle bit too much water in the Towns resevoir. Which by the way doesn't completely belong to the town. It seems, because the water has reached a certain level that the Town Manager, at the behest of a private property owner has requested that the town take on the responsibility and handle the cost of draining down the pond by quite a few gallons. Lets see now, the pond is approximately 7.2 acres as of this date and has an average depth of, (I forgot to ask), so that in the end, in order to bring down the depth of the pond by one foot, 5 million gallons of excess water has to be, evaporated? trucked off? dumped down the road? or, pumped to the south across about three to four pieces of private property and down the South East Bluffs! How much of the bluffs are going to eroded in a short period of time with that much water running down them? How much is it going to cost to buy the trespass rights from each of the land owners? Or is the town just "going to do it"?

It also will involve digging a couple of trenches across two town roads unless we are to undertake horizontal boring. It is also going to entail the installation of a pipe that doesn't come free and the use of some sort of a pump to do the job. And I expect this will be a 24/7 job till it is done. Who's paying the troops to do that? And finally, just why in the hell is the town going to take on this job when private landowners own MOST of the pond? To top it all off, the powers that be say that we cannot even use the pond for water anymore because it is "impaired"! I guess it doesn't hear very well or is somewhat blind.

So where are all the people who screamed so loud when Fresh Pond was being "killed" by the oh so obscene and destructive pumping that went on there in the 90's? Where is the Department of Environmental Mis-Management on this one? I think I've heard it said that they said," it is okay to do so, so have at it"! Wonderful folks up there in PVD. They worry themselves and property owners sick over inconsequensial(sp) tiny things but give the go ahead on this without batting an eye. I guess they don't really care what happens to the bluffs. Oh yeah I forgot, that jurisdiction belongs to that OTHER department that gives private land to developers and guards our natural resources with uncommonly zealous zeal! Oh yeah, they don't care either, 'cause they can't give that piece of ground to anybody. Sick of reading this rant? Thats all. TIFN