Windmills and other Hot Air emmissions

Well I am a huge proponent of windmills, and at first blush am all for the two wind farms off of our coastline. But now the "powers that be" (read: corrupt ass wipes) up state and also I assume the builders, Deepwind, of said farm are trying to saddle us with the cost of the transmission line to the Island and the mainland! They want us to pay $3.43 every month for the rest of eternity, all 1700 of us, while the main beneficiaries of the farm, all 538,000 of them will only have to pay. $.38 cents a month? Is there something drastically wrong with this picture? It appears to me that we are about to be screwed again by the wonderful legislators that you folks all elected the last few hundred times around! When are you all going to learn that neither the dems or the repubs, are in that business for the good OF THE PEOPLE? This is just one more glaring example. SO I would say to the town Council to just tell them to run their line right on past the Island and we will continue on our own as we have for the last 350 years. We don't need that kind of "help"! OBTW you folks up there in PVD, be sure and expunge that "plantation" word from our name 'cause I just feel so friggin guilty for having lived in this country that used slaves a 150 years ago! The white guilt is just about to drive me over the edge! I don't think of anything else but that 24/7/365! Oops! Just slipped over so look out for me!

Hey! How about the fact that Uncle Obama is going to give us some of that stimulus money to get Old Town Road repaved? AND WOW Senator Reed is getting us money to fix the dock! So they are going to give us a few hundred thousand dollars for some asphalt and a a few sticks and metal sheathing with one hand, and with the other hand deep in your pockets and/or squeezing the actual life out of you, they are going to completely dismantle the absolute best health care system in the free world so that we may have the wisdom of the mindless bureaucrats to tell us when we can be sick, who to see and when, or whether we even "qualify" to be seen by a doctor. If it wasn't for the fact that this is going to adversely affect my children and grandchildren, I'd say go ahead and get it in place! Then see how long before you would be SCREAMING to get the old "broken" system back in place!!

I'm trying to get my name on the presidents list of undesirable people! The son of a bitch is even exhorting my neighbors and friends to log on to the Whitehouse blog site and report me to his minions so that I can be put on a watch list! Does anybody out there who has lived through all the commie bullshit of the last 50 years see any parallels going on here? They want you to become an informer on your family and friends! What a guy you are!

Come on now, tell the truth everyone, how is that hope and change working out for you? DO you really like and encourage where that loser in the whitehouse is taking this country? Is this what the "Greatest Generation had in mind when they went to war in the 40's? How about all those guys out there putting their life on the line for all you folks during the years of the "Cold War"? They did this to sustain the way of life we have all become used to in the last 250+ years. And a lot of you are willing to sit back and let some communist oriented scumbag take it all away from you in four years! The republicans may have been and probably are just as bad as the dems, but they HAVE NOT been actively engaged in dismantling this country! You people need to open your eyes before it is too damned late for all of us! TIFN


Anonymous said...

I think you need to switch your meds .... otherwise your family might lock you up ( hopefully) before the law officers of this great nation do.

Everett said...

So the best you can do is complain about the "irrational" ravings of some old nut case?

Nothing to say about the windmill potential ripoff? Nothing about the roads, the dock? Do you EVER HAVE ANYTHING to contribute but bad mouthing? That's my job to chicken livered folks who are ashamed of their name or just being alive I guess.
There aren't too many people I dislike intensely more than someone who hides behind the curtain of anonomity. Sounds like a regular liberal retard rejoiner as usual.

Any comments about Obamalot and his call to the people of this country to become snitches, and spy on their neighbors? I'm going to find the web link and put it here in the comment section so that you can do your duty and call in with my name! Wouldn't want to miss out on my call from the Brown Shirt thugs he has deployed at all the town hall meetings all over the country. Oh! I'm sorry! They are not thugs, they are just members of ACORN, his private not so little policing group. You should join up! You'll fit right in!!! TIFN
OBTW, Are YOU contributing anything useful to this country?

Everett said...

Okay my man, here it is, it is an email so be careful what you send because they will then have YOUR address!
Have fun and vent your loaded spleen!

Sam said...

Now Everett, you need to watch them electric revenuers like a hawk, or they'll fleece you worse than whatcha got already with diesel power. I see no reason why BI residents should pay more than mainlanders in this case, especially since they would enjoy the resources more than you islanders would.

As to the "Crazy Uncle" talk, well you have changed over the last year. Must be the daytime radio stations and Old Timer's Disease! Hey you get to your age, you can call them as you see them.

But honestly, you don't send in death threats and bomb scares, do ya? LOL, are you are going "hippie" on me Everett? Be careful of the black helicopters and guys in suits talking to their shirt cuffs!

Hey, I was there when they caught Daniel Berrigan on Block Island in 1970, the famous protester of the Vietnam war who dumped chicken blood on military draft files. They were some mighty funny looking "birders" down by the Rose farm! I mean honestly do birders wear black suits?

Old NFO said...

Patently ridiculous Ev, but that's politics... People should have fair distribution of assets, but obviously that ain't happening in your neck of the woods.

Re health care, it's gonna get ugly... I think what is being seen now is just the tip of the iceburg so to speak.

I believe the silent majority is tired of the run arounds, BS, and flat out lies coming out of DC and politicians mouths!

Old NFO said...

Oh yeah, re the list, it's just one more for us to get on... We're already on the right wing one, since we're retired military and own guns, so they probably just added us straight across!

Everett said...

You know the thing that goes up my rear orifice the most is how now all the loudmouthed dems are doing the exact same things they claimed the repubs were doing under BushII! Listening in on the phones, remember that? Now obama wants all the neighbors, family, and friends to email him if anyone talks bad about his friggin' disaster!
Keep on stockpiling those beans and bullets guys! You're going to need 'em! I keep on hearing this from people lightyears smarter than I am, and from both sides of the supposed aisle!

Anonymous said...

I know the chickens were just a ruse to create enough ammonium nitrate for that bomb Ev .
now you just need a delivery system ? US mail ?

Everett said...

Hey Anon, JUst where did you get the idea that I'm in the bomb business? If you want to look at it like that, the 750 gas truck I drive around every day, possibly in your back yard,is nothing more than a rolling, mobile one in the wrong hands! If I had the inclination, I don't think I'd playing in the chicken poo! BTW, how does chicken poo turn into ammonium nitrate? You sure you've been reading the right books? SIGH

Sam said...

Gosh you comin' down that big hill and running that stop sign on the corner, Lawrd have mercy one gallon of propane is about ten sticks of dynamite. Heck you could have blowed up half the island to sea level but I hear it's still there and you're still there, right?

I think in the McIver show it was batshit, Everett. Dried batshit makes great bombs, somehow.

Try to make a batshit bomb out of chickenshit, well all ya get is a chickenshit batshit bomb that won't go off.

Trust me, people pay me to know these things!