Cap and Trade

I can't believe that the people of this state keep on sending the four idiots we have an Reps. and Senators back to DC. I would hope that after the fiasco that is the Cap and Trade bill has time to sink into their brains and pocketbooks, they will finally come too their senses and realize just who it is those four turkeys are working for.It certainly is NOT US! Our Rep, Jim Langevin actually spoke on the floor about how happy he was to see this bill arrive on the floor for a vote and what a wonderful person the Nancy is for ramrodding up there. Doesn't he realize that Algore has gone underground? Probably to never be heard again on the subject of global warming? All of a sudden, every liberal person I know doesn't want to even talk about it, except for the rabid ones! What an ass! I hope he has other prospects for employment after the truth of this abomination sinks in. Reed, Whitehouse and Kennedy will, or already have fallen right in behind Jimmy L. The thing that really pisses me off is the fact that, NOT ONE SENATOR OR REP. has read this thing all the way through. They have no idea what it completely entails. They have speed readers to read it for them and give them a synopsis of its contents. Yeah, THAT really works! The ones, flunkies, who wrote the damned thing are telling the boss how to vote! How G.D. corrupt is that? And what a complete message of total disregard for the people of this state it sends! It is a total abrogation of the oath they swore too when they took office.

Well folks, besides the tea parties sweeping the country, there is another wave building momentum that we all need to join in on. It is called ABI and it means Anybody But the Incumbents!! It is a notion I fully and devoutly subscribe too and I would urge anyone who is fed up with this particular bunch of do nothing, care less, useless asses to adopt it also!

I think I will now go to bed and dream about thoughts of starvation and privation for all my grandkids as the reality of what these bums has wrought upon us ALL. TIFN


Anonymous said...

How can they read it Ev? Reed's busy counting his political contributions, Kennedy's in a rehab spa and Whitehouse is in a little office trying to come up with ways to bring the Bush administration to "justice". Besides they're RI reps/pols with our tradition of "LEMMING VOTING"! You know, vote and follow the leadership "over the cliff".....
The more we read about the sordid details of cap and trade the more we should be outraged and fearful of this beautiful, green new world they think they're creating.

Everett said...

Geez, you said it a lot better than I did! I just get all up tight and can only resort to four letter word name calling. If we really want to survive this we have to keep talking to our friends who don't pay attention to whats happening and make them open their eyes. When the pocket book is empty and their kids bellies are to, well maybe then the realization of just what has/is happened/ing will finally sink in and we can throw the bastards out!! Term Limits!!

Sam said...

Well Ev you're right, even those of in the center don't like the Cap 'n' Trade boondoggle. We had some Dems from Texas vote against it because the bill has to much pork and shifty mumbo-jumbo in it they could not push the "yes" button. I was proud of 'em.

Personally, I think we should be doing something abut increasing efficiency and using some of that God-given free energy like wind power. Hey, it saves money, right? Why did we get off that track. If you can reduce power consumption or use clean power, well, the CO2 should go down, you'd think.

Amazing how we get things so kaddy-whumpus and arse-backwards. -sam

Everett said...

All the 'green people' scream about using up all this fossil fuel, and they won't let a nuke plant be built, solar panels are an iffy thing up here for full dependence, but a windmill is a fairly viable alternative. So what is the very first thing they do when I and subsequent devotees tried to put up a WECS? VIEWSHEDS!! VIEWSHEDS!! YOU ARE GOING TO SCREW WITH MY VIEWSHED? Not in my back yard you're not!! So they passed ordinances that restrict the height, and then they decided to dictate the color you can have, one, gray! They threw up every possible obstacle they could come up with, all the while bemoaning the fact that we all, not them of course, are polluting the universe! What a bunch of hypocritical, many faced bastards they are!