Cold War to Resume?

Well I think we are going to again be involved in another cold war struggle. At least I hope it is a"cold" war and not a hot one. After all of Putin's political moves etc., of the last few months, I'll bet that if the NTSB, FBI, and other investigatory entities were to go to Poland and check out the remains of that aircraft, that they would find evidence of some sort of missile residue lodged in the junk pile!

How very convenient that the total top people civilian as well as military were summarily wiped from the face of the earth? In Russia yet! Where we know that when Comrade Putin gets through "personally" heading up the investigation (read that as cover up,whitewash etc), that it will have been a bad case of Pilot error, shoddy A/C maint., wind shear, or maybe just an act of God. The good people of Smolensk will be exonerated!

Is this not very reminiscent of back in the 40's when the then head of the Polish Nation, a General Sikorski (with an "i") was killed in an A/C crash? Wasn't that just before Russia jumped in there to save the Polish people from themselves?

When the President of the USA virtually tells all the little dictators to do what ever they wish because WE won't interfere, what should we expect them to do but to revert to their old ways of land acquisition! The poo is going to hit the rotating airfoil very soon! And with this communist thing sitting there in the Whitehouse telling, Putin, Dear Leader Kim, Am-a-dinner-jacket, and China's boss,Ping-Pong-Yang to come on over to take over the Oval Office, newly decorated with hammers and sickles and an all red decor, they will be more than happy to comply!

A new RED DAWN is about to break over the horizon! TIFN