Aftermath of the 4th of July

The last day of the 4th of July weekend ended as usual with about 1000 to 2000 young people ending up on the beach below the Surf Hotel and extending down to the Trustum Dodge monument. As usual there was an uncounted amount of under age drinking. It got to the point where there were in excess of 15 to 18 calls to that location for various problems. I don't know what they were so won't speculate as I'm sure to be called to account if I'm wrong. Suffice it to say that it was a trial for the Rescue Squad as they were called upon between 3 to 8 other times for other problems on other parts of the Island

The reason I write this today is to re-mention that for the last 3 years, after all these drinkers/revelers left the beach, it was a total and unmitigated disaster! Besides the deiterus of drinking, i.e. cans, bottles, beer boxes, wine bottles etc. there were many items of clothing. From sweatshirts, shoes, pants, shirts, underwear of both genders, and bathing suit tops and bottoms. This kind of leads me to believe that many of the young folk left the Island on the last ferries is somewhat a state of shall we say "dishevelment".

So as usual the beach was a mess and it had been arranged informally for the same folks who had cleaned it up for the last two years to again meet at the beach the next morning about 6 AM to again do the deed. Well imagine my surprise when we arrived to find that a dump truck had been left there over night and it was loaded to overflowing, and with just as much for a second load piled along side it.!

It seems that another 20 to 25 people who were just as pissed as we had been, had arrived shortly after all the despoilers had left and proceeded to completely restore the beach to its usual pristine, well almost, condition!

I have not been able to ascertain just who these folk were, or who the organizer was, but have been told it was a crew of the younger generations. SO, on behalf of all the Islanders who live here year round, I want to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I've lived here for 73 years, and absolutely love this Island and am tickled to death that there really are like minded souls among us!

So if someone would like to "spill the beans" as to who these folks are, I would be most happy to recognize them in this space!!! Thanks again Guys and Gals. TIFN

OBTW:My spell checker never heard of the word "deiterus" or similar so don't know if it is spelled right! SAT!


Old NFO said...

That is actually good news, maybe there IS hope for some of the younger generation! :-) And it's nice that you folks didn't have to do all the bending and stepping and fetching :-)

Everett said...

Thanks Boss, I was so relived when I saw it was all done. So I took my two girl crew and went to breakfast instead!!

Anonymous said...

We need to somehow make the group of off-Island rabble feel uninvited, unwanted and not come! Once they're here we're stuck with their sorry asses. Lets head 'em off at the pass!

Sam said...

We thank all those who clean up after the wild weekends and the thoughtless people who trash our island beaches. Well, thanks again.

One thing we did on our little island was to hire some temporary police and "code enforcement" officers. The cops love a nice vacation of they can get a deal out of it even for low pay, long as they're certified in RI. Code enforcement officers - not sure what you call them there but while they don't have the powers of arrest, they can write tickets for littering ... AND they have a radio to get some help if they need it.

I hate to do that, but putting a bunch of cops and compliance officers right in their face has a way of taming them pretty good.

Another thing we're doing on our own - and the Town doesn't really like this - is we got a local "Surfriders" group who all wear the same T-shirt to clean the beach and scold the brats and take pictures of them. I mean big guys like football players! The minute somebody wants to "mix it up" and fight, the cops got the handcuffs ready. Disturbing the peace, $500. Nice income if you can get it!

And ... you'll still have a mess even if you put out a dozen or more trash cans. I don't think one can really stop the brats from coming over but you can make it quite hard on them.