The DHS loves me!

By a strange coincidence, just as an article in the BIT shows up today talking about my model plane building fetish, a call from the grimy gropers of DHS, in the personage of one Agent Thomas Smith of the NYC office, arrived at my telephone today! Just 3-4 hours after the BIT hit the streets. Imagine that! That tells me they must have been monitoring me for some reason! Wonder what that could be?

They just called to tell me that it was against the law to fly a model plane within a mile and lower than 10,000' of an operating airport.
They also said that I will be fined 2k dollars if I do it again!

Well just to prove once again that they are not all as swift as they like to think they are, The actual rules adopted just two years ago says the distance must be 3 nautical miles, and not OVER 400'!

Those same rules say nothing about fines at all. They also say that with the permission of the controlling ATC, --"or"-- the local AIRPORT MANAGER who can rescind those restrictions for short periods, thereby permitting flights of said model planes. As in, you know, if there are no planes in sight, none within range of the facility, none broadcasting their intention to land forthwith at said spot, it must be assumed that the airport is in an unused situation.

Oh yeah, he said they will be coming out next week so they can threaten me some more in person.
This country is fast on it's way to the ash-heap of history.

OBTW, I DO HAVE the permission of the Airport Manager to use the side airspace when there are no planes in the vicinity. And if one does approach, with my brandy new $8k hearing aids plugged in I can hear him coming as he lifts off from his own FB.

If this guy says the wrong things too me, I may get all short fused and tell him what I really think of his place of employment and the people he works for! Especially his boss Janet! I may be trying to email everybody from inside an incarceratory! JAIL. TIFN


Everett said...

I just figured out why they are watching me. I'm a Conservative, Tea Bagging, Veteran, right wing, racist, Domestic Terrorist! SO designated by the self same outfit, DHS!! Ain't life grand?

Old NFO said...

Yeah Ev, you might 'bomb' the airport or something... Obviously you can't be trusted... sigh

I'll be interested to hear how THIS comes out! Do I need to start collecting bail money??? :-)

Sam said...

Somebody ratted you out, Ev. The DHS could care less about some little podunk fishing village with a part-time airport and some bloke with a model airplane! But if they get a call from a credible source, they sometimes feel they have to investigate.

I think you might have ruffled a few feathers on your little pork chop of an island, lol. How about Herr Spier?

Don't worry but I have to way you have one heckuva story there. It ain't going to be like that Berrigan thing in 1970 when we were there at the old Rose Cottage.


Everett said...

Well here it is friday night and they haven't shown up yet! Must have got lost on the way. Tsk Tsk Tsk!

Old NFO said...

Hope y'all are battened down and ready for the blow that is on the way... Stay safe Ev!

Everett said...

Yeah, after all the tourists left to go home and battened down the island came up 6-8 feet and we didn't get drowned.

Old NFO said...


Sammie said...