New Ventures

Well my "three little piggies" are all getting bigger! One will be just about right when Labor Day arrives. He will then be off for a days rest and recreation while turning slowly on the newly prepared spit while suspended over a lovely bed of red hot coals! The other two guys are going to have to wait till late fall to become "stock" in the new freezer.

One of the "chllds" and myself are going to try our hand at making various types of sausages this winter. Venison and pork with the right spices makes for a very tasty breakfast sausage. We have lots of other ideas of what to put inside those casings. We finally have all the accoutrement's of the process on hand and are now just waiting for that tender young deer to jump on the table.

And then just to see if we can do It , I have located and accumulated all the tools necessary to make our own cheese. Going to start out with a nice hard cheddar, and then have a go at making a mascarpone. Then I won't feel so bad eating it knowing I didn't shell out most of a ten dollar bill for 8 ounces. Yeah Yeah I know, after buying the needed stuff that first one will probably be closer to $100 for the first 8 ounces. But then it gets cheaper and cheaper the more we use the tools!

I'll let you all know how things turn out,or not!

OBTW, only got 5 answers on the blog previous, but for the last 10/12 days of meeting folks on the street, in the store, walking/riding around, there have been close to 50 folks who have stopped me to thank me for putting that letter in the paper two weeks ago. One guy, facetiously I'm sure suggested I send copies to the NYT and the WSJ. Which I did but we all know what they did with 'em! Can we all say "asswipe" together now?

Guess I'll go cut up some baby calf 4th stomach and get one of my cheese ingredients to marinading!


Old NFO said...

Pork sausage is good! And I'm surprised that you didn't get more comments...

Sam said...

Well, most blogs have fallen way off unless they're political forums these days - I haven't had any comments in a coon's age. But now they have newspapers in print and online, that's a great way to get some traffic! Good letter Ev and many people are concerned about all the 'Bamacare and the rising cost of medical care and medical insurance.

My son and I, with some neighbors, will be back in the wild pig business this fall. It's OK to slaughter in the summer if you have good sanitation and cooling, but them wild pigs have ticks and fleas and all kinds of vermin in the summer! LOL, we took one to the car wash before we could even skin it.

Of course you probably got the cleanest purebred porkers in very clean conditions, not wild, and fed with the finest slops one could get. There was an old joke about the early Connecticut Yankees that their pigs lived better than the children! I guess we was swamp Yankees, lol.

I hope you and the boys can take off a bunch of deer this year, since I love a good breakfast or casing grind of what, maybe 30% fatty pork? My son has gotten awful good with the bow & arrow and I just help with the backup pistol and pickup truck.

Cheese? Man you're over the top, sailor, that is way cool. I like a very strong, aged cheddar better than about anything. Been experimenting with smoked cheeses as well but never made the stuff from scratch. Let us know how it turns out.

Been very dry here and the crops are failing in Texas. Went to the farmers market today and they gave us 50 pounds of veggies for 20 bucks at closing time, as they're going fallow until the fall rains. Take care and ...