Wisconsin Winners

It must be really tough when you have been on the receiving end of all the largess of other peoples money, brought to you through the good offices of your favorite labor union for all the years you have been a "public employee", only to finally face the fact that the good times are about over.

You all keep saying that you are willing to take cuts, albeit small ones, in your wages and will be willing to pay a percentage of your health care premiums. But that was brought to you in the beginning by the gross mis-use of the collective bargaining rules! So why would anyone with two grams of brain matter, believe that the very self same thing would not happen again if these onerous CB were not done away with. You keep screaming about subverting Democracy! And just what about the Democracy infringements you have inflicted on all the people who pay out of their pockets so that you get your mostly undeserved desserts?

I guess you all know that the 11th Amendment gives each of the States the sovereignty to run the matters of their state as the voters see fit. And in Wisconsin, the voters have spoken loud and clear! Each State DOES NOT have to have a Public Employees Union! So it is completely within the purview of the Governor to abolish that abomination as it IS the will of the people! Now all you lefties can rant and rave and call the Governor, The Midwest Mubarak, or Hitler, or Mussolini, but that does nothing more than show your complete ignorance. You guys are always trying to compare apples and oranges and they will never be homogeneous.

So hopefully you have all taken your ill-gotten gains and invested them in all of your messiah Obama's banks and Automobile manufacturing facilities. Or maybe there was a "Stimulus"program in your town that kept you in a few more bucks massaging, errr, managing the money till it was gone. It is probably time for most of you to join the unemployment lines and find out what real life is like when you are off the public tit, errr slop trough! TIFN


Sam said...

We need to remember that it was not the firemen, police officers, EMS workers, highway workers, school teachers, or state workers that caused all the budget failures in Wisconsin, but a whole bunch of non-union politicians.

Further, the Governor knows that unions typically campaign for Democrats up for election, and he simply wants to stop that so his Republican buddies can cruise into office. It has NOTHING to do with money or "feeding at the public trough."

I too hate the nasty rhetoric on both sides of the issue. I agree with you there.

Old NFO said...

I find it interesting that the unions and Dems are holding an entire STATE hostage... Is this a prelude of things to come? Ohio? California? Illinois??? And doctors writing 'prescriptions' onsite to get people off work? What about the parents who had to stay home since their kids teachers were protesting and there were no classes? Who (if anyone) is going to pay their salary?

Everett said...

Well guys, I have to admit that I watch Fox News and this morning Meghyn (sp) Kelly had the president of the WI Teachers Union on and was asking him about one specific thing and he would not give a definitive answer. He kept on spouting the usual talking points and bullshit until she finally asked him if he was going to give her a straight answer. He just sat there and stared at her till she terminated the interview.

Typical runaround and runaway by another crook!

Sam, I can't for the life of me see how the Governor is going to stop people from campaigning for dems by enacting these laws!

The only way the repubs/teapartiers are going to "cruise into office" is if there are an abundance of like-minded people out there doing the voting. The Silent Majority has finally figured out WTF has been going on for all these years. And yes, it is our own damn fault for not paying attention to what was happening.

Jim, I cannot imagine the hue and cry and the vilification that the GOP guys would be enduring if they had been the ones to run away and hide like these bunch of losers!
It is time for the Governor to declare the seats vacant for lack of attendance and throw them open to the voters. I'll bet there would be less than1/2 of the present guys would get voted back in!! What a bunch of juevenial (sp) wimps and pussies! "I'm gonna take my ball and go home"!!!!

Sam said...

I'm not going to argue, except that things were fine when all those governors accept Obama Stimulus money, but now that is gone and the governors are all experiencing deficits. Texas Governor Perry, who wrote a book about how bad Obama and the stimulus was, accepted MORE money than any other governor. Instead of saving some stimulus and making cuts back then, they blew through that "free money" like shoe polish through a tin horn.

So NOW the same governors are blaming unions for this shortfall, which is totally ludicrous.

By the way, the idea of legislative leaders leaving the state to stop a quorum is old as the hills - Texas did if five times in the last few decades, such as when Tom Delay (a fool, liar, drunk, thief, and Republican) proposed redistricting in Texas.

Like most folks, you are just stating your political preferences without taking a look at what's happening behind the scenes. That's OK, but lots of heat and no light.