Global Warming arrives on the East Coast

Hey everybody, look out your window and tell me what you see!

Is that the new form of anthropogenic climate change falling from the skies?

You know, all that oppressive heat stuff algore said we are heaping upon ourselves?

Damn, it LOOKS like snow and if feels COLD! How can that be!

Well I guess a lot of folks up and down the east coast have white grass in their front yards, but we just got wet green and brown stuff in ours!

I just heard via the grapevine that the "poor" folks of Darien Ct. are going to be without power for a few days in some parts of town. Maybe some of their younger folks with the left leaning bent will be out there cleaning up the downed branches and unplugging storm drains.

Oh foolish me, I forgot, they are all down on Wall St. doing their "community service" to the "poor"?? folks down there. Wonder just how many of them hauled ass for Mommy's house when it started coming down really good? TIFN


Old NFO said...

Now Ev, you KNOW they hauled ass, they don't do any 'real' work, nor do they take any responsibility for anything... Glad y'all didn't get any snow!

Old NFO said...

Well, most of em probably NEEDED a bath by then... Just sayin...