Hauling Trash

Is anyone following what is going on with the Trash Hauling saga? Near as I can tell it has been re-bid two or three times since some folks didn't like the outcome the first two or three times.

Now I hear it has been awarded again after some of the rules were changed between bid requests!
Is that legal? Can you do that just because you didn't like the first three outcomes? Smacks of cronyism, or at least some other kind of "ism" that is not so savory to the olfactory senses.

And so I understand today that the other protagonist in the affair has filed , or is in the process of instituting another lawsuit, naming almost every one involved with the disaster.

For a change, I'm going to keep my big trap shut on this one as I have friends in both camps!

Although I will say that I just can't believe that much deep, nor far ranging thought went into the consequences of the actions taken was going to be! TIFN


Old NFO said...

Well Ev, you DO live in Rhode Island... Just sayin...

CDR Bob said...

Hey Buddy!! Kind of missed out on the latest on goings with the dump (enjoying the winter in Narragansett), but the last I saw was one smooth talker (or is that shamoose talker) and the other who has had enough of the monopoly. I can just see him now just going nuts on his farm right and getting his lawsuit ready.

Everett said...

Yeah Bob, It was in the mail the next day so I heard!