What's up with the "Gunwalker" Scandal?

What the hell is going on in good old DC? No not the debt ceiling farce or any of the other monetary bullshit that is paralyzing the place!

I want to know why in the hell there has been NO HUMONGOUS OUTCRY of outrage, over the grossly offensive, despicable, and reprehensible act of letting all those guns be sold to the Mexican Cartels during the "Fast and Furious"disaster?

WHERE are all the so-called non partisan, uber-correct journalists whose JOB it always was, was to inform the public of gross dereliction and malfeasance of our elected officials? Have they all died and gone to heaven and left us with the present bunch of ass kissing obama lovers?

Why isn't the WAPO or the NYT or any of the other big name papers all over this like stink on a pile of nitrogenous waste matter?

They were right there every time some Republican made a mis-step, or a toe touch in a bathroom stall to the point of hounding them out of office. They didn't have too much to say about mr.hotdog, err, wiener either!

This whole affair makes the Watergate affair look like a high school prank by a bunch of kids. At least Nixon didn't get anyone killed! The tally is up to about 150 Mexicans so far and at least three US CITIZENS!!! How many more are going to die with guns that made it into the hands of US criminals? How the hell can anyone turn their backs on this mess and let all those people at the top of the pile walk away unscathed?

How come there is not a special prosecutor going after Eric Holder and the rest of BATFE leaders and on up the ladder too obomanation. Holder screams that he knew nothing about it but he gave a speech some where back in '08 and specifically mentioned that there had been money directed too this operation! It is on tape! It is all over the web! Why has this bastard not been canned and arrested?

A lot of those Nixon "co-conspirators" went to jail for various terms, and it looks like all these obomadroids are going to get a free pass because the people who have the power to do something, and who SHOULD BE SCREAMING about this barbarous and contemptible act are doing nothing!

I'm pissed and so should every other citizen of this once great country be. If the powers that be let prosecution of this slide away, well then this country is done as any sort of a model to be held up to others as a role model. TIFN.


Old NFO said...

Simple, the dems are in charge, and the media are their lapdogs...

Sam said...

Everett I think that investigations are still going, for example for the federal agent who as assassinated in Mexico and some of the guns were traced to a dealer in Texas and the ATF program.You might not hear anything for 6 to 9 months, possibly longer because there are no charges filed against the ATF yet. So I think you're over-reacting here. You can't jail somebody just because you think they're wrong in your opinion, or that they have bad politics in your opinion ... at least not in America. As it turns out, many of these offenses end up on charges of perjury, obstruction of justice, or lying to the authorities, rather than for the main offense.

Funny, when I talked to my extreme-right friends down here in Texas and told them that a bunch of guns from Texas were ending up in Mexico, they all said "let them kill each other, I don't care, sell them more guns!"


Everett said...

Sam, I just re-read the post 3 times and I'm damned if I can find the part where I said to throw people in jail just because I THINK they may be wrong or be guilty of "bad politics in my opinion!

I did say they should be indicted and arrested for their "crimes just like you or I would have been if it was either of us doing the selling or buying of these guns.

Why the hell does everybody keep screaming about the US selling them all these "automatic" "military grade" etc arms? They sure as hell didn't buy any such animal in a US gun store!

Sam said...

No problem, Everett, but there were some arrests of our boys from South Dallas.

"Three people suspected of smuggling guns to Mexico were arrested in the southern Dallas suburb of Lancaster today, officials said." (Daily Mail Reporter)

That was in early March in reference to the gang killing of ICE officer Jaime Zapata, who lived about 30 miles away from me.

Since then, as you know, several Congressional committees have hauled in various ATF superiors such as the Arizona Sector director who supervised Operation Fast and Furious, which actually allowed some guns into Mexico so as to trace them to high-level cartel members.

On July 6th, ATF Director Melson testified before a Congressional investigation that he was not aware of Fast & Furious, which seemed to placate some Congressmen and Eric Holder, the AG. However, many Congressmen were furious (as you are) that the AG is not pursuing the matter and appeared to be "stonewalling" because Melson was a "political appointee."

Congressional investigations continued as recently as July 12th, in which charges of a cover-up were laid out. However, nobody has ever been able to prove that "somebody in Washington" knew about Fast and Furious. That's as far as I know. I don't know if the Arizona ATF chief was ever brought up on charges or not.

Everett said...

After doing a lot more reading about this whole gunwalker mess, and the depth too which Rep. Darrell Issa is pursuing it, along with all the vilification of him by the NYT, you can almost bet your ass somebody will try to kill him very soon.

He is getting too close to taking down the whole corrupt obama administration.

Mr. Eric Holder has had his hand in this thing from the start. This whole affair is going to turn out to have been way worse than the Watergate affair.

PennyForYourThoughts said...

I totally agree...we are in the land of the Ass-Kissing, Genitalia-skum-sucking, spineless Fools!!