Questions for Mr. Davidson of BI and elsewhere

Here is a copy of a letter I sent to the BI Times today. It is in reference to a story about Professor Stephen Davidson's new book where he tells us all about how good the "obamacare" health care law is for us.. He does say that there are a few small problems with it.

Yeah, I'll say there are a few problems. Anyway, here is the full text of the letter as I sent it. Spelling and grammar mistakes are all mine as I am only a graduate of the BI School System circa 1956.

28 May 2011

To the Editor,

I have a few questions that I would like to ask about the contents and subject matter of the article about Professor Stephen Davidson's book, “Still Broken:Understanding the U.S. Health Care System”.

Why is it that if this is such a “great system” for ALL the American people, are so many of its most vociferous and vocal proponents of this thing for all we “little people”, getting waivers from having to participate? Why is that? Is it not true that because of past laws enacted by these self same people, that they will never in their lifetime have to participate because they have legislated themselves out of it in perpetuity? Hmmm?

Does anyone know or care that, Nancy, “we have to pass this law in order to find out what is in it” Pelosi and her husband's company is now exempt from participation?

Does anyone know or care that, almost all of the Unions of this country who donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the obama campaign are now exempt from participation?

How about the fact that good old AARP who was oh so very much in favor of this “obomonation”, has now received its exemption from participation?

To date there are already well over a thousand businesses, companies, and various others too whom obama is beholden, who have received their exemptions for services rendered.

Why is it that whenever the subject of the broken health care system is brought up, the trial lawyers associations, groups, etc. are conspicuously absent from the agenda? Those are the people MOST responsible for the high cost of health care! Yet you will not hear of any serious calls for tort reform from politicians of any stripe. They the pols, are for the most part, deeply in bed with those same groups.

Oh by the way, how many of those 30 million new healthcare recipients are illegal aliens? NOT immigrants, ALIENS? And how many are going to actually be paying into the system? Yeah, that's what I thought. This is a perfect example of the Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy the capitalist system and slide in a Socialist one while nationalizing virtually every company in the country.

Why is it that thousands of doctors are refusing to take on new Medicare patients? Why are so many either quitting the profession, moving their operations offshore, can you say Costa Rica, or just retiring if they are able? A few of them that I know personally, see the end of health care in this country as we have known it for the last 50-60 years, rushing towards us like a runaway freight train. And what replaces it will not be good!

Faulting the Bush administration for all the ills of the country is the standard fallback position of the acolytes of the Cloward-Piven (may I also say Karl Marx) groups of Coastal Social Elites. Forty to fifty years of indoctrination of our youth by these professorial socialists, have put them very close to achieving their stated objectives of bringing down this country through manipulation of the economy and the politics of our governing body.

Go out on the street and ask anyone who is actually paying the taxes to fund all these entitlement programs, wether they think the governments role NEEDS to be limited, and wether its size has eroded the peoples confidence in said body. I really don't think that a single person would vote for bigger government after seeing where we are now fiscally, economically, employment wise and how our stock, (not stock market) has plummeted precipitously in the last 2 years since this incompetent president has been, “leading us from the rear”.

Wasn't Bush twos budget deficit around $1.5B? With out taking over the banking and Auto industry. Where is that deficit now after 2 years of obama? $1.2 to $1.5 trillion with a “T”! With a debt ceiling of around $14 something trillion? Please come back George!!

Quoting Mr. Davidson, “The underlying principle driving this agenda, is that 'everyone must have',(emphasis mine) financial access to the services they need.” Wether they can pay for it or not! If that is not pure socialism in action then I don't know what would qualify!

Regards, Everett R Littlefield USN Ret.


Sam said...

I don't know what the heck is in the 1,000 page "Obamacare" rule and it's in the hands of the Congress and the courts now.

But the idea is to (1) open up access so you can't get refused insurance if you have the money to pay, and (2) push back on the escalating costs of procedures and drugs.

Sounds simple to me!

But the problem is, our population is getting older, people are living longer, and the younger generation doesn't have any money so as to pay off us old geezers. We're going into serious debt because of it.

Mark my words though, Americans love Medicare and it is wildly popular with the older voters. Even the GOP budget writers found that out. It's a tough problem.

Everett said...

Dig into the guts of the obamacare fiasco and you will find that they, the dems are going to REMOVE 500 billion from Medicare to be used to set up and staff all the new bureaucrats and their minions to administer this mess. Look at the names of the different "Offices" that will be set up to dole out the bucks and you won't like wht you find!

Paul Ryans bill WILL NOT AFFECT ANYONE OVER 55! Everything stays as it is for them,(us)!

But somewhere down the line, and very soon I fear, the dems denial that anything is wrong is going to come home and bite them on the ass!!!
If these people can't add 13.5 million people out of work, continuing job losses to the tune of 400K plus every month, higher costs for every single damned thing you buy, food, gas, heating fuels, clothes you name it, it costs more, if they can't see the what the hell is bearing down on us, well they must absolutely be the biggest bunch of dumb asses in existence.!

Better make those gardens about ten times bigger than they are now!

Old NFO said...

They ARE going to cut/ration/whateverthehell you want to call it for the elderly...

Sam said...

I am afraid you are right, NFO. Even if the kick Obamacare down the road and get rid of it, there's no money for us old farts either.

Everett said...

Well I haven't been getting many comments on the blog here but the telephone rings and text messages keep pouring in, in response to the letter in the local rag! I have had more phoned in "hits" on this one letter than all the combined ones since I have been writing this thing.

I guess as far as this blog is concerned, it has become passe to post a comment. Most of the folks who have contacted me say they prefer to do it face to face. It also lets we two participants expand the conversation

Jeez, maybe these methods of talking will revive the art of conversation that was so absolutely killed by TV!!

But I guess I'll keep on blogging whenever something strikes my fancy.