Now it is Hands!

Off to the RI hospital domani to see the doc that did my carpel tunnel operation on both hands 13 years ago.

It has come back with a vengeance and very quickly. Two months ago it was itching of the palms right at the base of the fingers. Hell I was happy for a while! Itchy palms was an old wives tale that you were about to come into a bunch of money. I thought It was a sure thing that I was about to win the 230 million dollar lottery!

Not so! Now the tips of all fingers on the right hand are in the "numb" mode and I have to be careful what i am about to touch, As in HOT! This typing is an adventure also, as I go backwards fixing boo boo's as much as I go forward!

Oh well, we'll find out tomorrow just what is in the wind.

Then in 6 days, it is cataract removal in the left eye! Just recently bought a very expensive pair of hearing aids, (thank you Naval Aviation).

After all those acquisitions, all I need is a new and improved brain to keep it all together and running rightly!!

I'm all through whining for this time, but like the Terminator, "ah'll be bock"!! TIFN


Anonymous said...

When people ask you how you're doin' you'll be able to say " I feel like a new man, hey wait a minute, I am a new man"! Might as well get comfortable for the next thirty years Ev.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, we're getting old and falling apart... Get it ALL fixed before Obama care kicks in...

Sam said...

Let me know if they have a clearance discount price on the brains, Ev! I heard the prices were going way up after Obammie Care kicks in. I bought some new memory for my computer and it didn't do nothing for me, so I'm counting on you.

Hope your fingers are OK - I've mangled mine so bad it's a wonder they haven't fallen off yet. Heck they keep on sewing them back on, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Everett said...

wel as of today the second eye is all done and in great working order. Had lens implant yesterday and sight is 20/20 in the port ocular device. Right one is taking a little longer to the astigmatism being a lot worse in that one but still at 20/30.

Tomorrow it is off to the neuralogist for the electrical connection checkout and then too the hand guy for a date to get it done! TIFN

Anonymous said...

How's the tunnel coming Ev?

Everett said...

Well, I had it done on the 16th, and so far the same three affected fingers are still dead with no normal feel to them. Still a large dose of "pins and needles" running around and screwing things up
Off again tuesday for a followup, but have no idea what could be done from this point. I'll find out in a few days!