Where is the money?

I was talking to a couple members of the Town Council a few days ago and the emerging( for YEARS) problem of the Neck Road from the Beachead to Beach Avenue came up.

I asked what plans there were in the works to get something done to prevent the road becoming washed out in the next few good Noth'easta's or a hurricane?

One of the members said too me that back in 1992, money had been allocated to the town to fix the road up by the outfall pipe where it washed out in Hurricane Bob. He said that at that time, there was also a good dose of bucks allocated for shoring up the Neck Road as a preventative measure. Well as we can see there are no preventative measures in sight down there! There are now, by my count, 25 separate "cuts" to the beach along that same delineated stretch of road.


So the question is; Where is the money? Anybody got an answer? TIFN


Sam said...

It seems every year or so we talk about this and nothing happens. Now to know that money was appropriated in 1992 but not spent really seems wrong. Was it FEMA funds? Did the state DOT take back the money or does the Town of New Shoreham have it or what?

Chances are, Ev, the money has gone AWOL. Poof, vanished.

But you've had some serious erosion events this year and we're sending you up a happy package of of minor monsoon in short order, not to mention that the winter Northeasters haven't even happened yet this year.

Perhaps we should wait for the entire roadbed to fail, and wait to see what the powers that be can do. That usually gets their attention! -sam

Old NFO said...

It's in somebody's pocket Ev, you and I BOTH know that...